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  1. Great game vs the Kracken last night. Both of them game tying goals to get us back in the game. That's what a true captain does.
  2. I thought brock looked good, winning board battles quick and making passes happen. Petey is not having a great start. Can’t Win face offs, stripped of the puck try’s to play physically when he should be playing his slick , slippery style, passing and receiving pucks look laboured and most of all why isn’t he shooting the puck. Miller isn’t playing any where near the way he needs to be. Coughing up the puck more then making those passes, no movement during the PP. This won’t be the norm for this line but they got to figure it out soon.
  3. He’s been a turn over machine lately and on the PP try’s to make the dumbest passes that always gets intercepted. The lotto line as a whole is having a tough go of it. Worst line of the game last night vs the hawks but they have way to much skill to have this going on to long.
  4. This might be the game that pushes Jim into giving hamonic next week to decide then getting a proper D replacement. He must be feeling some pressure.
  5. Absolutely love the way Mr. Garland has played thus far. Canucks need the bite this dog brings . A couple more games to gel….
  6. We need to establish a net front presence . That’s something we hadn’t had in years. Bertuzzi in my opinion was the last player in my memory. All these wasted shots from the blue line when the keeper has eyes on it drives me insane. This is what’s missing on the pp,plan and simple . Not stand off to the side( Pearson) and hope to tip but actually SCREEN until after the shot is sent then look for rebounds.
  7. Why did that get called interference.. hogs was outside the blue paint, that’s griess sliding out to meet hogs not the other way around. Am I missing something?
  8. HMMM, the Moscow Mule? I think it might grow on me. That reminds me i'm out of ginger beer.
  9. Lammiko is a great add to the team and as mentioned above, once he gets to know the boys hell just be getting better. Looks to be a great bottom 6 with boys that can jump in from Abbotsford. a couple of those bottom 6 could definitely jump up to fill a 2nd line need incase of in game injuries and not look out of place.
  10. Yikes .... that was ugly. Fingers crossed the 2nd looks better
  11. Very excited to hear what these young guys felt about sitting out and wanting to get back to the team as soon as possible. Quinn seems like he's chomping at the bit to get going with this new def partners and systems. Im so happy their back. BTW Quinn will have a stellar year this year, absolutely no doubts.
  12. Self entitled know it all's pushing a narrative until proven wrong . then think its all good to contract their said bull$%@# without realizing that's part of the problem. Media feeds of these people and they feed off crap media. the never ending circle.
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