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  1. Going to need more of what Bailey can offer than little things louis can against Calgary.
  2. Whats the news with JT? Why isn't he playing tommorrow ? I missed something ...
  3. I think Motte is skilled enough and smart enough to move up the line up hands down, problem is ....is there anyone who could ill in for what Motte does if he does get the opportunity. The man is a beast forechecking machine ,constant pressure and has pretty damn good mitts . He creates half his shots on net himself from just that so yes i could definitely see what he can offer a second line. Both responsible for goals and shutdown. I have also wondered what more motte could offer with faster more offensively skilled forwards. Would be happy to see it.
  4. Is there a video option available or just the radio?
  5. I wonder if loui's already had the talk? Khow's he,s on his way to Utica ? So figures screw it and is just mailing camp in..
  6. Brock was banged up really for the past 2 seasons. The playoffs showed hes getting back to himself again with a grittier, defensive edge to him. This extended time off would have nothing but good things for brock. I bet his points go up dramatically this year. Goals ,Goals and more Goals.
  7. Hammonic should be paired with Quinn. Look what that pairing did for both Hughes and Tanev . Hughes got to played to his strengths and tanev played to his, both polar opposites which is why it worked so well. If Hammonic plays a similiar style to Tanev then i don't see why they wouldn't pair up . The Quinn/Tanev pairing kept Tanev healthy with the puck actually getting over the blueline not being bobbled back and forth like the defenseman he had to play with in the past. The same will happen for Hammonic. The myers /Hughs pairing was terrible. I hope i never see that this year.
  8. I'm curious as to why Calgary would let Hamanic walk to sign Tanev? Tanev is an elite shutdown defenceman but other than last year is usually healing for 20 plus games. Obviously Calgary liked Tanev over Hammonic but why are canucks fans so excited about this pto? Is it he'll probably sign for less money and term? If so Calgary took a big chance on Tanev with his contract to let a potentially lower contract slip away, when some are saying hammonics basically the same guy as tanev.
  9. That's the biggest of all the littles things.
  10. Thats my concern also.Ido know the we played Toronto pretty much back to back with boes,petey out of the line up. there might have been another significant player out . Not an excuse but...
  11. My concern this year with the Canadian division is our record last year against each team. Did we do enough to win against this division ?
  12. Hogs doesn't seem like that much of a slouch. have you seen his workout clips?
  13. So what are the odds tryamkin plays for the canucks this season? and if he does does he have to be protected?