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  1. "significant PP time"? he's part of the 2nd PP unit and if i recall the second PP maybe got 30-50 secs max on any PP. The first unit ate up the majority of any PP time alotted.
  2. If pods doesn't score in his first game, on his first shift then out come the torches .LOL. Then when he scores 6 in the next 6 games (2 of them OT winners) there will be awkward silence followed by "well ,what about that Jake pick".
  3. LOL facts vs opinions. I don"t recall the games i watched that Pearson was REGULARLY beat by such players.
  4. Let's see what happens before next season? Or maybe keep going off half assed like typical then just take your words back sheepishly in time. The Miller trade ring a bell?
  5. With a successful shoulder surgery now, does it normally come with problems in the future?
  6. He was a great draft pick and we be a fantastic Dman for Van very soon.
  7. So how is it that every other player off with injuries ,media eventually finds out with what . At least saying upper body, lower body . Elias being one of hockey's up and coming or elite player and nothing is mentioned or even asked about. He's been off for how long now? Why is he out? All i hear is crickets.
  8. Hmmm just a thought. I think there is a Sutter to leafs trade in the works. We cant keep him and the Leafs could really use his skills. Great 3line C , very nice FO #'s , great on PK and can score a goal or 2. Exactly what the leafs need. this be why Benning is actually sniping leafs players off waivers? Not sure i can remember the last time there was a waiver wire pickup let alone 2 from the same team.
  9. If this is true then what can Benning do? If he's not signed now then Benning dropped the ball. If Benning signs him and we loose Nikita to Seattle , again he dropped the ball. Is Tryamkin able to sign with any other NHL team? Is he a Canucks prospect still? I am 1 who would really love to see him in a Canucks jersey. I also believe Benning would really like to see Nikita here also. He offers us exactly what Van needs at the moment especially now with Quinn's insurgence and OJ next year. I honestly think (pray) there is a deal already done with Tryamkin and he's wearing a Orca In training cam
  10. If he is signed now but cant play till next year would his cap be applied to this or next year?
  11. I think a lot of teams were scared off with podz being signed for 3 yrs beyond his draft year.
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