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  1. Was it Heisinger who brought us Mr Rypien. RIP
  2. He was slow out of the gates at first with London, He's a thinker, once he processes the game in the NHL completely he will apply his skills accordingly. There wont be a sophmore year slump for OJ,he will just keep getting better.
  3. All those scouts had no idea OJ couldn't pivot or he'd be ranked way way lower...I watched him play a lot for the knights, the kids got skills . By mid season of next year you'll hear the naysayers making up excuses as to why they made these rushed statements.
  4. When Petey is back Rathbone will be the quaterback for the 2nd PP unit, not on the wing of the PP1 either. Oj will do his job and do it well. Putting up solid minutes against top lines and PK duties. Both are much needed gifts to the canucks blueline.
  5. IM not a big fan of pearson on the PP ,unless hes screening the keeps.
  6. I can see that alf. Eddy deserves the respect he gets also. I bet theres that 1 goal needed to reach 100 that we would all like to see him acheive this year that plays into his toi also.
  7. Edler hasn"t played like a T4 D man this year. How many goals has he got? He's a minus player that takes way to many needless penalties. Hes to slow and his gap control is non existant, and hes supposed to move players from in front of our goalie, not screen them himself. Time and to many on ice minutes have worn this man down. Its his hockey IQ and experience i believe is whats keeping the man in this game right now .We have 2 young D-men that are ready to take that step on our back end. Just need a stay at home, insulator type d-man for the beginning of next year until these 2 get into the
  8. From the games hes played so far ,hes ready. by far better then benn was and will be Eddys replacement which he should have no problems with once hes a regular.
  9. Both are ready for the NHL. Juolevi's calm, steady, passing and can take and dish out hits, Jacks got a little hughes game in him, speed skating shot passing . Both will be in Vans lineup next year depending on how jacks summer goes.
  10. Ok so warrented suspension here. Not really an intent to injury , 1 game .....fine. Does the DOPS investigate video of players attempting to injure but seem to evade any on ice officials eyes? Mcdavid has attempted/connected with how many elbows to the heads of varied players over the last month alone. 2 attempts to injure habs players in 2 games. We all see him look around after he does it to see if he got caught, that to me says , intent . Video of this type of abuse should be examined and the guilty punished accordingly.
  11. I hope we keep hamonic and upgrade on Eddy . Love what he's done for this team, but he cant play those minutes effectively anymore. I think we can find a suitable defensive defenceman for around the 2 mil mark and then defend as a committee. Juolevi and or jack will get it nailed down within half of next seasons games. With better results.
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