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  1. Not sure I’ve seen any people underrating Rathbone at all. Many believe he could really benefit mastering the Canucks systems and putting up huge minutes in Abbotsford. This definitely will do no harm to his progression at all. Juolevi playing the 3rd pair over rathbone is not slight against rathbone but just shows what the Canucks have in their system as of now and asset management. Joulevi is believed to have the stronger defensive game and is not waiver exempt, therefore with a injury free offseason they can see what joulevi has with no risk. Rathbone will grow leaps and bounds and can be f
  2. Wow, you got all of that out of that interview? Yikes
  3. I think it is OJ's to loose. We have two offensively gifted LD in our line up now with OEL and Quinn. Jack can be sent to the minors without risk of have to be put on waivers. Oj will start the year on the canucks . Hes a big strong defensively minded LHD that we lack. We need these types of players just as much as Hugh's and Jack and well to a degree myers whos playing a more defensive game then he did on the Jets. OJ doesn't get enough respect because he plays a good low key game no flash, just quietly about his job and does it well. Jack will start in abbotsford putting up huge TOI with
  4. I'm totally baffled as to why people don't see this.This is why bleach has to have labels on it telling people not to drink.
  5. I think in Schmits Canucks signing video, he made a statement about how happy he was not having to worry about petey deeking him out of his jockstrap any more like in Vegas/ Canucks play off bubble. I think he will be very sad the next Jets/ canucks game.
  6. I liked in the video of the goals he scored that he wasn't just standing waiting for something to happen. Follows the play tucks in and out coasting until until he see's the play unfolding then sneaks into that spot and scores. Toffoli (just an example) gets all his goals in that exact same way. Very smart, impossible to defend. Shows this kids IQ right there.
  7. I agree, funny thing is the majority of CDC thought differently. Injury prone... lol 2 years now . the van Bubble playoff year and his first in Calgary. He ne ver should have left.
  8. Honestly... i was a little scared right after reading this.
  9. Theres a couple of Dmen the canucks where hoping would sign with them. Seattle will trade them at a steep price. Where will benning be looking to get this RHD that we desperately need?
  10. If Seattle take Gio ,you can add another team desperately looking for Dmen to the list. Yikes, benning is going to have a tough go of it. Its going to cost. Larsson stays with the oilers.
  11. Ya not sure about what he makes financially but he's pretty familiar with dallas players .
  12. Isn't it also heavily rumored seattle is interested in holtby with a bit of cap kept?. Maybe there is a deal in place there where lind or gadge aren't even a part of the conversation. To early to jump the gun on guesses on who seattle picks or not.
  13. I wonder what the Hockey guys take is on this, hes admittingly cheering for Dallas but a big Nucks fan
  14. It wont be under 2 mill so no point in setting yourself up for some disappointment. At 3mill would be great.
  15. "Lucky teammate" Lucky how ,weird question.
  16. This is very encouraging, wrist seems to look just fine.
  17. He wont get any minutes reduced, He does not have the footspeed which is why he backs up so much on the rush with horrible gap control. Or they'll close in on him to fast and its a penalty every time, pick 1 a trip or holding. The knee on hymen type stuff is the result on bad decision making, went for the hit got beat so he stuck out the leg. Cant make a breakout pass without icing it or it getting intercepted. Offensively....... nothing. Management needs to focus on get bigger RH D to allow our young LHD stars to show what they have not have old LHD take up prime minutes with predictable re
  18. Wait, an $8mil defenceman for 7 more year that cant defend. A career minus player. Isn't that the exact opposite of what we need? We have young puck moving defencemen that will serve us better for way less. Need big strong RHD with grit. Why even entertain these thoughts even if they take loui!!!! 1 more year, let the youth show what they got and evaluate what we have then with just the Luongo recap to sort out. Hitching up with OEL is just the next ball and chain for van but for way longer. Terrrible idea.
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