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  1. Order out. I just upgraded my McDonalds side from fries to poutine. It is far from the best. If I want good poutine, I would be ordering from elsewhere.
  2. Markstrom, Tanev and Stecher were all very popular players in the locker room. It will take time for the team to get over with them no longer being here and get familiarize with their new teammates. Schmidt, Holtby and Hammonic are all great people as well, but it will take time for them to mix in with the group of guys. And for those of you who said Markstrom and Tanev mixed in well with the Flames. The Flames didn't lose 3 popular teammates in one off season; they lost Brodie and Hamonic, which aren't as big part to their lockerroom as Tanev, Markstrom and Stecher were to us. Their core is still there and they just added players. Similar to us last season, we have our core guys in the room and added Miller. Myers, Ferland and Benn. The team is going through some identity change right now. We will soon see the enthusiasm once they get to know their new teammates more.
  3. Rumbling was that Marky would go as low as 5 million times 5 to stay in Vancouver (same with what Lehner got in Vegas), however, he requested to have a NMC to protect him for the expansion draft. Seattle is the real reason why we lost Marky, If there isn't an expansion, we would have resigned Marky at $5 Million x 5 and kick the can down the road a little bit further to decide whether to keep him long term or go with Demko long term. It is a tough decision, but I support the Canucks management with this decision wholeheartedly. I also like the acquisition this summer in bringing in Schmidt and Hamonic to solidify the blueline However, I am absolutely upset at how lack of creativity JB was with the cap. He got us into this mess by overspending in the past summer. He should atleast move out 1 of Beagle, Roussel or Sutter to bring back Toffoli. There were rumour that in the morning that Toffoli signed with Montreal, JB was in the midst of working a trade to move Sutter and use his money to sign Toffoli. Rumour has it that he was close to a deal, but it was too late by then Toffoli signed a deal with Montreal. Then he didn't proceed with the trade anymore! Even an extra $4.375 million in cap could do wonders for this team as we can pick up more depth forward/defense to add depth to the team. We could have use this money to bring in a Mikael Granlund on a one year contract to solidify the top 6. This shown lack of foresight and lack of planning on his part. He should make moving salaries the #1 priority since we got eliminated. Meanwhile, I don't doubt him making phone calls to other GMs every day, but he needs to be able to move those salaries. For example, the Rangers was able to move Staal and the Coyotes were able to get rid-off Stepan. Both were on arguably worse contracts than any one of Beagle, Sutter and Roussel. He also lack the creativity to cheat like other teams. E.g. Toronto did with Robidas and Lupul. I just wish he would've done more to get rid off our deadweights and give us better depth this season.
  4. Tenacity in their forechecks is what I would like to see on the 3rd and 4th lines. A speedier and gritter 3rd and 4th line. Players who are strong on the forecheck, turn pucks over and make the opposing team player work for every inch of ice. E.g. more Tyler Motte kind of players in the 3rd and 4th line. Right now, our 3rd and 4th line doesn't score enough goals, and they are also not very fast. All they do is get the puck to the middle and dump it in.
  5. 5 games if McCann is still on the Canucks. But merely just a fine if he is a Penguin.
  6. McDavid also played 26 min last night. In shorten season with lots of back to backs, I am not sure how sustainable this is.
  7. Never thought the Canadian Division would be easy, in fact I had the exact opposite thought. Canucks record last season vs. Canadian Teams: 5-10-0 (on pace for 55 points if we play all 82 games against Canadian teams) Canucks record last season vs. American Teams: 31-17-6 (on pace for 103 points if we play all 82 games against American teams) If you look at this, the Canucks would be a solid playoff team with 103 points if they only play against American team; On contrast the Canucks would be on their way to last in the league if they only play against Canadian teams. Now, obviously that's last season and there are ebs and flows throughout the season and if the Canucks were to actually play a fuil season against Canadian teams only, things can balance out. However, looking at this and knowing we are in an all Canadian division does worry me. The fact that we won't have one of our best (if not our best) forward for atleast 10% of the season is a big blow. We will see if this team can adapt and take that next step, if not, we could end up missing the playoffs as there are so little to choose from between #1-#6 in the Canadian Division.
  8. Light up Marky with 5+ goals with a W and everything happened last game will be forgiven!