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  1. How glad am I to be wrong about the Miller trade. My initial reaction was dumb, as I thought it was an overpayment for a 2nd/3rd line player when we gave up a first round pick for him (if being this wrong means I should "eat crow" then this is the tastiest crow I have ever eaten). Then he got here, absolutely lighting it up last season on the ice, and is a leader in the locker-room. Him reading the starting line up video is one of my all-time behind the scenes videos the Canucks released. With this happening, and the league basically put together a schedule to say "screw you we don't car about
  2. If I were seattle, I will target contracts close to or at league minimum, and among those contracts, pick the player I believe will have the best shot at being a full time NHLer. If it doesn't work, it doesn't hurt my team's cap. I will not pick Braydon Holtby, as the goalie I would go after if I were Seattle is Jake Allen from Montreal.
  3. Sometimes draft position does matter when it comes to trade value. I do believe Bennett would fetch more in the market, but Gaudette's return should definitely be better than Highmore.
  4. Did Benning ran out of time again? We shall wait and see.
  5. For Motte atleast we sold an expiring asset for a younger player who can play the bottom 6. This time we sold a player of similar age with higher upside. It makes 0 sense. And McCann was later reveal to have a bad attitude in the room. I have not heard anything regards to this aspect for Adam Gaudette, guys seems to like Gaudette from what I can see.
  6. Edit: Sorry you may have answered my question, but I just thought you were attacking me. Sorry my applogies.
  7. Yes there could be behind the scene issues we are unaware of. Regardless, if is simply he has not mastered the PK, then we trade him for a guy with much lower ceiling, then this is dumb on management. I will never forgive this trade if Gauds go on to become one of the more higher scoring 3rd line centers (40+ points) with the Hawks and Highmore is nothing more than a 4th line penalty killer. I no longer believe the vision/team Benning is trying to build, and I want a change in management.
  8. The difference between Shinkaruk and Granlund trade was you can atleast make the argument that Shinkaruk has a higher ceiling but lower floor (top 6 or bust) and Granlund has a higher floor but lower ceiling (at the time he can play bottom 6 at the NHL level). Gaudette has already shown what he can and capable of doing at the NHL level last season. This year he is also one of the unluckiest players by metric of Expected Goals/60. I just dont understand this trade at all. It is not like we traded Gaud for a young RHD (which a position we need to acquire). We traded him for a player who is older
  9. He got 33 points in 59 Games last year playing primarily on the 3rd line. This year, he is also listed as one of the players witht he highest expected goals/60 but he has just been unlucky and the puck wasn't going in for him. I see this year as a great opportunity for the team to keep him at a lower caphit for atleast another year, but no they decided to sell low on a player. Gauds value is at absolute low, and that's when the team decides to move him. Atleast, if you were to trade him, trade him after his 33 points in 59 GP season or give him a chance to pad some stats next season before mov
  10. Fire Benning. He traded Gauds who is similar age, with more upside for Highmore who is basically just a 4th line tweener. Benning needs to go.
  11. And the fact that both players end up in the KHL is just the most CDC thing. A huge reaction to something that mean so little in the end.
  12. He probably has a mask on and few can spot him out on scooter with a mask on.
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