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  1. Different people do mature at different times. I am only a few months older than Jake myself. I don't consider myself mature (far from that), but I know I would not have done some of the thing Jake did.
  2. Jake turned 24 in August but some of the stuff Jake does off the ice is not quite mature, especially compare to others who are around his age like Bo (25) and Brock (23). E.g. filming himself driving which clearly violates BC's traffic laws. That being said, different people mature at different age, and everyone is different.
  3. I love Jake as well. I think the problem management have with Jake isn't his on ice play, it is his off-ice issues that drives GM and coaches insane. I really hope Jake would get it together both on and off the ice. I think on the ice, he is really improving year after year. Off the ice though, it just seems like he took one step forward and two steps back. Regardless Jake remains as a Canuck or not, I would root for him. I just hope he realizes how much potential he has and how well he could be if he is completely dedicated to being a professional hockey player.
  4. Because they aren't the Canucks. Leafsnet are lowkey jealous at the Canucks making it further than the Leafs so they put on a counter to embarrass us.
  5. In terms of making a trade with the Flames for Eichel, Buffalo would ask for: Gaudreau + Tkachuk + 2021 unprotected first or Monahan + Tkachuk + 2021 unprotected first + 2020/2021 second round pick/One of Calgary's top prospects
  6. Buffalo laughs and hangs up the phone. Why trade a bonafide franchise level centerman for a player who wears an Invisibility Cloak in the playoffs + defenseman with injury history + and first round pick (which isn't likely a top 3 pick) + a 3rd line checking forward?
  7. If Canucks acquires Eichel without giving up EP40, I could see EP move to the wing, Eichel in the middle between Miller and EP. That would be a deadly line, puts up a ton of point and also with basically 3 centers and can take face-off when anyone gets waived out. That being said, there is no way the Canucks can acquire Eichel without giving up EP/QH and I would not do it.
  8. Buffalo hangs up the phone. Startng point for Eichel would be one of Petey/Hughes, I would DEFINITELY NOT do it.
  9. Interesting spot the Rangers are in. If you are the GM of the Rangers, would you trade the 1st OA pick + other assets for Jack Eichel?
  10. Part of me wants it to end tonight so JB can talk to TB for acquiring Cernak. The other part of me wants a game 7 as I don't know when I could watch the next NHL game if it ends tonight.
  11. List of top 5 least favourite games from this season (Regular Season + Playoffs): 1). Qualifying Round, Game 1: 3-0 Loss vs. Minnesota. Not going to lie, this game was deflating, and that's after months of build up and the team came up flat and laid an egg. This one is ranked ahead of the Game 7 loss vs Vegas because it is more deflating. Losing that game puts the team in a huge hole and historically 87% of the teams who lost game 1 in a best of 5 series end up losing the series (in fact the Canucks were the only team out of the 8 teams who lost game 1 in the qualifying series to come back and win this year, every other team end up losing their series). I would hate it if the Canucks lose to Minnesota (a team the Canucks are more than capable of beating) in the play-in round. That round to me was the only must-win round in this years playoffs. Once we won that round, the rest of the playoffs are gravy for me. I am so glad they came back and won the series and then went on this good run. 2). Round 2, Game 7: 3-0 Loss vs. Vegas. Eliminated, season is over. The fact that the league scheduled game 6 and 7 back to back is stupid, if there is even 1 day of rest between games 6 and 7 we probably would've won the series. 3). 8-6 Loss vs. Pittsburgh: That game to me was the most embarrassing lost in the entire regular season. It was 6-3 with less than a period of hockey left and we blew it and lost 8-6. 4). 6-5 SOL vs. Washington: We led the game 5-1 at one point and head into the third period with a 5-2 lead. This game was just as embarrassing as the Penguins game. The reason this game ranks lower than the Pittsburgh game was we atleast picked up a point by losing in the shootout where that Pittsburgh game we lost in regulation. 5). 9-2 Loss vs. Tampa Bay: plain and simple, the score is saids it all.