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  1. I love that team so much. So much heart and the goalies absolutely stood on their head. It was a line up that left it all out there on the ice.
  2. This is an off season filled with big moves and significant changes to the line up. The general concencus coming out of the 2020 off-season (before the season even started) was not very positive as the team lost more quality players than they gain. This sentiment was proven to be right after a disastrous shorten season in 2021. The 2021 off season, the Canucks made significant changes to their roster coming off of a disappointing season. The team on paper should definitely be a much better team than the 2021 team. It shows clear sign on management improving and looking
  3. I am generally very optimistic about OEL. I think a fresh start is exactly what he needs. He is only 30, exact same age as Hedman. I hope he can atleast bounce back to a reliable top 4 defenseman who can put up points from the back end.
  4. I don't see this as a downgrade from Grubauer. Kuemper put up bery good numbers on a bad team for 2 straight season, his stats took a hit last year but it could be due to the fact that he had to face the Avalanche and Golden Knights way too many times. Kuemper with Colorado in front of him could bounce back to his 2019-20 form easily.
  5. We should be as long as we are not decimated with injures especially on the blueline. Not gonna lie, this blue line scares me.
  6. Beagle, Roussel and Eriksson combined for 10 points total last season. They also lost their leading scorer in Garland. This is extremely unlikely to happen.
  7. No wonder why Eddie Lack chose to be a realestate agent at Phoenix as his post hockey career.
  8. He could probably sell that and buy a 1 bedroom condo in DT Vancouver. Housing market here is nuts.
  9. We had no problems scoring goals in 2019-20, we did struggle with offense last season due to lack of depth in the forward lines. Virtanen and Gaudette took a big step back and Beagle, Roussel and Eriksson were blackholes offensively. Bringing in Conor Garland solidifies our top 6. Hoglander should be better next season and we also get the addition of Podkolzin. I think this team can really do some damage offensively next year. Preferably would want another decent scoring center for between Podkolzin and Pearson to add some depth scoring. Ideally: Millter - Pettersson -
  10. Similar age as Shea Weber when he arrived in Montreal, so I think OEL will be fine here. Keep in mind that this is a player who waived his NMC and willing to list Vancouver as one of the teams. I have a good feeling about OEL will rebound once he put on a Canucks jersey. He doesn't have to be OEL of 4-5 years ago, all he has to be is a dependable 2 way defenseman that can relieve the pressure of Quinn Hughes, that would be huge. I look forward to watch OEL.
  11. Unless Burrows brings the cup to Vancouver, it won't feel like the Canucks have won it.
  12. The more I watch the more I am convinced that Vegas is just NHL's team, a product they want to sell and they do whatever they can to get Vegas the Ws. Rigged league.
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