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  1. Thankfully, he was taken before the 36th selection. If we drafted this guy instead of Demko, that would be a huge mistake.
  2. Management should talk Edler into waiving his NMC. Reason is his contract is up at the end of the season and if Seattle picks up he can just sign with the Canucks in 2 weeks time when he becomes a UFA. Edler should understand that if he waives, we can protect another young player and he can just relax knowing that the Canucks can sign him basically in the off season if he wish to keep on playing. I don't think Seattle will pick a pending UFA with an expiring contract anyways.
  3. Whatever the case, I hope JV and Gaudette's deal is more than a year, because we don't want them expiring at the same time when we have to resign Pettersson, Hughes and Demko
  4. Canucks didn't want to give them term. It was never an AAV problem, it was more of a term problem.
  5. Barrie will be better offensively, but would be a downgrade defensively. Broberg and Bouchard are going to have to step up for the Oilers.
  6. Completely agree. Could've signed 1 of Beagle/Roussel, definitely not both. Baertchi in the minors does hurt. LE is just . Ferland is actually not bad, if he is healthy, that's 15-20 goals right there, if he isn't it goes to LTIR so it doesn't really hurt the team cap wise. Sutter was overpaid the moment we resigned him after he was acquired. JB could've waited a year and then negotiate. What's done is done, I don't even want to imagine how much this team could improve if we didn't have moneys tied up in these players. It is just the "what if" that I don't want to think of. Because if the Canucks have all the cap-space with the current market and Hughes/EP in their ELC, this season could really be the year. What's done is done, can't duel on that.
  7. Markstrom was a bonified top starter in Vancouver last year, he finished 4th OA in Vezina voting. And his play really picked up since November of 2018. Ian Clark completely revamped his game and he really took of and took it to another level. You make it sound like he only improved after he left the Canucks.
  8. This is actually a tough Division. Toronto is a good regular season team, like it or not, they will win some games and rack up some points. Calgary added Markstrom and we know Markstrom alone could steal a few more wins for them. They shouldn't be bad as well. Edmonton has a good powerplay and anytime there are McDavid and Draisiatl, they would drag some wins for them. Plus their PP should still be very deadly. Winnipeg has arguably the most complete top-6 in this Canadian Division now that they've added Statsny, their blueline could add another minute muncher, but Helleybuck will steal a lot of games for them and they should still be good. Montreal should improve with their additions. If Kotkaniemi and Suzuki continues their upward trajectory and now they actually have quality NHL caliber back-up goaltender for Price, this team can really be that dark horse to surprise people. Ottawa is likely the weakest team but they are not a push-over to play against. They should have Stuezele in the line up and a much of young guys making the jump to league, there is sure going to be some excitement for this team. On top of the fact their coach instilled them to compete night in and night out and if you take them lightly, you will lose to them. It will be a difficult division for the Canucks to play in. We have a horrible record against the Canadiens and Jets for the last few seasons. We seem to split our games against the Alberta teams evenly for the last couple of years. Toronto, hate those guys, but unfortunately, we no longer own them like we did from 2005-2013 (we won 11 straight against them in that time span). It will be a difficult division to compete in. I count 6/7 teams actually have a decent shot at making the playoffs if they remain in their respective divisions for next season, but now there are at most 5 teams will make the playoffs, so atleast 1 good team will be left behind the playoffs line.
  9. Would've just rather signing TT to his current contract instead of this imo. It will be difficult to trade for Gallagher. Montreal doesn't have their hands tied, and there is definitely other teams interested. If they can't move him, they will just let him play out the rest of his contract and let him walk next year.
  10. I could see the team trade for Gallagher if we are once again the midst of a playoff hunt by next year's deadline. We will likely be trading for rentals this year and next year for playoff push. And when Hoglander/Podkolzin is ready, they take up that spot eventually.
  11. JB got a fined for tampering a few years ago. They probably get something similar or nothing as the league could always say there isn't "clear and conclusive evidence" to this accusation.
  12. One thing to note about Ian Clark is he is born and raised in Vancouver. He only left the Canucks organization the first time because he went to Europe for a year. When he returned, we already had Rolie Melanson so he went to Columbus. Once his contract is up and Melanson leaves the Canucks, he came back again. So fingers crossed that he will stay here for a while.
  13. I $&!# on the Gillis era drafting a lot but it isn’t fair to criticize a specific pick in the 5th round. At that point of the draft, it is going to be a crapshoot.