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  1. I have a rec league dodgeball game after the Canucks game tonight. My opponents would be the first to know if the Canucks played a good/bad game.
  2. My note to the team: 1). Score first. 2). Add onto the lead 3). Hold onto the lead 4). Win the game in regulation LET'S GO!!
  3. When the goalie is pulled, Garland should've been on the ice. For the game he is having, he should be out there 6 on 5. I don't understand why Green loves Chiasson so much.
  4. Hope he gets the 100th point and serve thema reminder that they could've drafted him in 2018.
  5. Demko kept us in the game. 1-0 deficit can be overcome, let's come out strong for the rest of the 40 minutes.
  6. Especially Beagle and Roussel, those guys eat up so much cap space that hampered the team from actually icing a competitive roster. Glad they are gone.
  7. This game is crucial. Gotta win this one as we have a back to back on Saturday agains the Red Wings. The Red Wings would be pissed after tonight's loss and could come out firing all cyclinders on Saturday. We will be off our 2nd half of back to back, which is a game that would be very difficult to win. If we lose tomorrow night, we risk potentially starting the season 0-3, gotta win one right there get some confidence and take our chances on Saturday agains the Red Wings.
  8. To be fair, without Demko, Oilers could've had atleast a couple more. I would say the goaltending cancels one another out for the most part tonight.
  9. Between 2015-2020, we went 5-1 in season openers. The 5 times we won, we end up missing the playoffs. The 1 year we lost the opener, we made the playoffs. We are on the right track!
  10. I was at the pre season game when he dropped the gloves with Bo late in the 3rd, I chirped at him saying "his little brother would always be better player than him."
  11. For whateve reason, the Canucks are just a very weak team along the boards and we lose 80% of our puck battles along the walls. This leads to difficulty in gaining possession, which either leads to us getting trapped in our own zone for an extended period of time or unable to maintain zone pressure when we are in the o-zone. It is a similar trend that I have noticed for the last 3 seasons and throughout the pre-season. Is this coaching or personnel issues?
  12. 4-2 Edmonton Draisaitl GWG Canucks First Goal: Pearson
  13. I really hope the teams can have a good start. Another bad start is going to kill the confidence of the team. It is getting more difficult due to a huge hole in the RHD position.
  14. My biggest beef with Green this pre-season is his deployment of Garland. He should've been given more time with better quality line mates. He should've been out there late in the game to tie the game up. No idea why Chiasson was out there so much and get so many key situations. I can only think of this as it is a Brock Boeser place holder. But with just over a minute left the tie the game, I would've rather Garland, Hoglander or Pearson out there instead.
  15. I like his game. I really hope he can be a solid 3rd pairing D man for us going forward. He fits with the age group as well.
  16. Expecting you to have a good night in front of the home fans tonight Petey. No pressure though, if you don't score don't worry because we rather you score when the games matter.
  17. I dare McDavid to drop the gloves with Bo. It came close a few times but he never actually did. I would love to see Bo beat him up in a fight.
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