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  1. saying Rathbone is better than Juolevi isn't knocking him down, it's just stating an opinion. I hope Juolevi becomes a great player.
  2. Rafferty is like 27 so you cant compare him to Rathbone, who's 1 of only 10 players in the last decade to score a point a game in college. edit: ok so he's 25. still too old to compare though.
  3. He's only played 15 out of 28 games, I don't need to "prove" anything. He's playing sheltered games let alone ice-time
  4. This isn't an Ollie thread. Funny how even on Rathbones own Thread it's like pulling teeth to even talk about the possibility that he might be better than Ollie. Rathbone doesn't get much respect.
  5. "Since 2010, only 10 U21 defencemen have scored at a point per game rate" And the Canuck have 2 of them.
  6. Really good read. Puts things into perspective. https://canucksarmy.com/2020/07/18/75726/
  7. dude it says 2020-2021, or are my eyes deceiving me?
  8. no, just looking at the overall skill level of both players. You can twist your reality to fit what you want however you like. I won't judge. edit: and we're not just looking at point potentials, we're looking at their production thus far in their careers. Rathbone is a year younger and doing better in underlying analytical metrics
  9. Merely pointing this out makes Juolevi fanboys go Reeeee! Hearing "he not flashy" doesn't tell the rest of the story.
  10. I said it before and I'll say it again. It's a hill I'm willing to die on but Jack Rathbone should be playing instead of Juolevi. I got shredded when I said this in training camp but in my opinion Rathbone is better. Better speed, poise, awareness and better overall offensive talent. Juolevi even in his sheltered minutes has been subpar. Anyway, whats up with Taxi Squad stats? It's like they've been completely deleted, erased from reality. They're not on the roster, not in the team stats, not anywhere. you have to manually enter in Juolevi to find him. I thought the Canucks had traded D
  11. Iv'e been saying since training camp Rathbone should be on the team. We need his mobility back there. I's consider having 7 defencemen and 11 forwards just to have him in the lineup. We don't need both Sutter and Beagle. Pick 1 Green.
  12. the last 2 games the special teams have been the difference. The urgency hasn't been there. PP 0/9 PK 5/10 The PP is bad but it's not the most alarming special teams statistic. Our PK is dreadful. Maybe it's just a case of too many new faces over the course of a very short period of time.
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