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  1. Canucks forwards had 5 blocked shots, Buffalo had 2. Canucks forwards had 5 hits, Buffalo forwards had 4 hits. This wasn’t why you lost Green.
  2. I like Hoglander too, but Miller is a no show on the 3rd line. Disappointing lack of compete from him. Hoglander has always looked good with Horvat. Pearson has always been pegged with Horvat because Green for the last few years hasn’t had any better options. Garland is a better player than Pearson in every way. We’re deep at the forward position this year “relatively” compared to previous years but the Canucks still have a lot to prove and a long way to go to show they’re a deep team on forwards.
  3. Pearson with Dickinson on the third line. Garland with Horvat and Hoglander on the 2nd line. Reunite Miller, Petey and Boeser. Tonight showed how valuable Hughes is. If players like Miller are already tuning out Green and it’s only game 4, That’s a bad sign
  4. Hardest working player out there is Garland. The Canucks as a whole look like they’re still in the preseason. Pettersson, Boeser and Miller need to be reunited. Miller on the 3rd line was a failed experiment.
  5. I know it’s early but dang does Klimovich look like a steal. He’s playing like a high first round pick. Not just his shot but his speed and physicality. And scouts were so sour on him. If they were any good at scouting they’d be working for the Canucks or some other organization instead of criticizing from the side lines. I’m talking about Cam Robinson and Scouch. Leave the drafting to the Canucks scouting team. Thanks.
  6. Betting is big business. And honestly, nobody asked for your 2 cents. Imagine if you put in a $500 or $5000 bet. You’d probably never bet on an NHL game ever again. And who could blame you? The Canucks were the better team by miles.
  7. I think the refs thought he got an elbow in there when they called the 5 min major but should have buried their heads in shame after they saw the replay. 2 mins was the lowest they could go without looking like complete beer league armatures. Instead of reffing the game they overextended themselves in their efforts to “manage” the game. Or fix the game to the desired outcome. It was blatant, shameless and obvious. Nakedly transparent. Call a penalty on Garlands hit and completely ignore all of the Redwings infractions for the rest of the game. I can’t see why anyone would put their money into betting on a sport that is transparently corrupt.
  8. The Redwings announcers did a good job breaking this hit down. Even they were confused.
  9. Even if the Garland hit was a penalty it was the non calls that preceded that hit that were the bigger issue. Usually refs at least try to hide the fact they’re trying to fix the game but tonight they didn’t seem to care how nakedly blatant and obvious they were. If I were a betting man I’d have zero confidence, ZERO, in the integrity of the reffing.
  10. Had a feeling after the Garland call in a desperate attempt to even things up you just knew the refs would do everything humanly possible to secure the win for the Wings.
  11. Boeser scores in debut Pettersson scores in Debut. Hoglander scores in debut Podz only scored in his second game. Bust confirmed.
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