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  1. That’s being “forward thinking” though. Our GM can’t do that lol
  2. What’s does that mean? you don’t like Seeing Mcdavid, Drisital, marner and matthews play? Good puck possession smart hockey. It was a good game.
  3. I thought that both teams were smart on how the handled the puck in both zones. created some nice odd man rushes on both ends.
  4. This oilers vs leafs game is way better than any Canucks game I’ve watched this year holy
  5. The good news is Demko is in net and that we have a chance to win the game
  6. Is Aqualini running the show and is Benning the assistant?. Maybe I’m reading to much into it here but if Benning talks to Aqua on a “daily basis” then how much control does Benning have? Does Benning have to run everything by the owner when he is thinking about making a move?. I feel as though maybe nothing has changed since the Gillis era with the GM/owner relationship. Also the fact that Benning decided to come out publicly when he didn’t need too, and make excuses on the schedule and some other things and prior to that a couple weeks ago Aqua tweeting out that it’s all good w
  7. I think I actually may have symptoms of dumbazzisiuous myself; going to the doctor tomorrow to get my diagnosis
  8. No that was just elder being a dumb4$$ actually yeah I’ll add to that you’re right also
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