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  1. I know this is a small thing to be happy about but I’m really glad to see the Canucks have their Canucks logo on our helmets
  2. Thats a really good signing. I knew that they were going to get around 8 and i am even happier they got less (from a salary cap perspective, I am a team guy). Im actually really impressed and feel a lot less stressed now haha
  3. I would imagine the Canucks management are the ones not moving now. It’s just their agents dragging it out
  4. So weird without an announcer lol I’d even take the Seattle announcer
  5. https://www.nhl.com/canucks/video/pre-season--canucks-vs-flames/t-277437438/c-61022303
  6. I agree it makes sense to have an ambition to win the Stanley cup when you are kind of running out of time with age I understand that and I agree. With Kesler though specifically, I felt that his negative attitude and rumours of him being a “cancer” to the team left a bad taste in my mouth with him. Elder on the other hand left on better terms IMO.
  7. Nope, not even Roh. He was a honourable Canuck for sure. I loved Kessler He was huge in that Nashville series back in the day. He demanded a trade though and put his Career ahead of the team.
  8. Regardless, they are still the canuck’s property being RFA’s. Watching football games in Michigan isn’t what I would be doing. I’d probably be at least watching the training camp. Things like that go a long way in life, even that’s sacrificing
  9. Dude they aren’t in highschool. They aren’t kids they are professional athletes who are in their 20’s. Showing up to work everyday and sacrificing and trying to gain a good reputation is what adults do.
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