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  1. Either fire him or hire him. The fact that this is being dragged out isn’t a good look in my opinion. They either have no real options or reason to hire a coach for the remainder of the season. Or Aqua plans on firing the GM and Benning isn’t allowed to press on with coach contracts?
  2. That’s awesome. Led Zeppelin has always been my favourite band! I’m 25 years old . The chemistry between Bonham and page in that band is absolutely insane!
  3. Squeeze my lemon and let the juice run down my leg.. whoops different song
  4. Not to be that guy but in the past the Canucks have won against good teams and then have lost against bad ones
  5. It’s not about our entertainment it’s about money
  6. Good for him; No BS just telling it like it is. Money makes the world go round unfortunately the league sets by example. Nobody should have any expectations from the Canucks tonight. In my view this is just a chance to give the younger guys a shot.
  7. The fact that the Canucks have to play this schedule is a total joke. I have sympathy for them
  8. I think there is more that goes into a trade like this then people realize. AG didn’t meet expectations this year; we have this new guy on D now. Seemed liked a preety even trade to me because I don’t think AG was gonna pan out and it’s nice to fill a spot on defence.
  9. That’s being “forward thinking” though. Our GM can’t do that lol
  10. What’s does that mean? you don’t like Seeing Mcdavid, Drisital, marner and matthews play? Good puck possession smart hockey. It was a good game.
  11. I thought that both teams were smart on how the handled the puck in both zones. created some nice odd man rushes on both ends.
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