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  1. Lapierre
  2. Leivo would need to be signed, as he's currently a UFA. Gotta feel for him. That kneecap injury has sidelined him for 10 months and he's still not even cleared yet.
  3. Also was part of that gong show on the bench with Reaves and among other players taunting us real good. Glad we got a player with some cockiness on the ice.
  4. I think the term is perfect. Schmidt is entering his prime, and his contract will expire when he's 35. Him and Hughes together could be money together.
  5. Watching Schmidt in Vegas, always got Giordano vibes. Very similar defenseman in playstyle. Both also went undrafted. Guy is a legit 2nd defenseman.
  6. Great trade. Schmidt > OEL at his cap > Tanev, and only cost us a 3rd. Contract ends around the time he's 35. Solid term, and will be playing here for a long time.
  7. I mean if Toffoli was asking for 5.5M+ I can see us not re-signing him. BUT 4 years at 4.3 only? For 20+ goals and at least 50+ points playing with the likes of Petey, Miller, Horvat, heck even Pearson? A moveable and tradeable contract that we could offload for some assets in 2 years if need to be? Disastrous.
  8. There has to be a plan, right? This team feels so directionless. We need some transparency from management and what they're planning to do. You don't just let a Vezina caliber goalie, a top 4 defenseman, a top 6 RW, a solid 3rd pairing defenseman go for free. There HAS to be something going on. I'll reserve judgement for another couple of weeks, but we've regressed big time. and I mean, big time.
  9. I just can't see Vatanen being here for more than a year. If we're signing Vatanen, this leads me to believe Benning will be signing him as a stop gap for a year, therefore allowing us to have some extra cap space and not having to spend extra cash and term, which could handcuff us in the upcoming years. It's important Benning doesn't go after anybody who's looking for term and money with the current cap situation we are in, without moving Sutter, Loui, among other cap players in return. Although way too early to tell, I think getting Vatanen may indicate that Canucks don't really have any plans to add another RD via trade currently. The only way it would make sense to me to sign Vatanen is if Benning wants to stand pat and let Rafferty or Rathbone challenge for a spot with Vatanen being that 2nd RD stopgap. One way or another, our defense is going to be quite the weak spot unless we can acquire a RD, and with teams not willing to accept cash, it's going to be a hard and long process.
  10. He's gonna look good in that red wings jersey. One of my favourite Canuck players in recent years. His commitment and dedication to our franchise both on and off the ice hasn't and won't ever go unnoticed. Best of luck in Detroit.
  11. Gonna have fun watching Petey lit up Markstrom for the next 6 years