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  1. Curious, how do you think the dating scene and hook up scene work? You act like it’s not normal for guys, even girls, to take back the person they just met to their residence, usually a one night stand or a hook up. Sure as a guy, sex is the end goal but most normal people know that that’s not always the outcome. What’s not normal is to bring someone back to your residence and forcibly ask them to preform sexual acts just because they made the effort to come home with you.
  2. She really had it coming... it’s just natural selection! According to @Drakrami
  3. What I’m getting from this post is that she deserved to be assaulted because she was stupid enough to go to his hotel. This is a sad sad post, please take the time to educate yourself. It’s absurd when you use the evolutionary phrase “Survival of the Fittest” in a topic of sexual assault/rape.
  4. Just can the season. Don't wanna see us get blown out every game.
  5. Just &^@#ing go to the bench Myers... wtf. Not on him though... Hamonic man
  6. Compltely forgot Ben $&!#ariot broke his hand on Miller's visor
  7. Not really. Other than our usual slow start and the crappy reffing job, I like our forecheck.
  8. 100 pts in 100gp. Just turned 18 years old as well. Miller's only just entering his prime.
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