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  1. That was great! Sure that first goal on Holtby looked pretty soft but he kept them in it and the guys played well. Huge win for the group Suck it Leafs
  2. In what world would a young top 9 forward make a difference at this point.
  3. change.org petitions are a joke, nothing will come of it. You need to engage with your government officials and get a real petition sponsored so they can do something about the subsidy.
  4. So Bell pockets big from us all, and is laying people off like mad?
  5. Leading all Defence in Points Tied for 5th in the League overall in Points. Pretty sure that answers that, and a debate isn't even necessary.
  6. I haven't been a big fan of the Assistant coaches for a while now, but I seriously think it's time to move on from the Green as well. I think they have reached that point in the rebuild where you bring in someone fresh to continue the positive trend the team had last season. I don't think this coaching staff has what it takes to push the team over the top to be a contending team.
  7. First game Ive been able to watch so far this season. Hoglander looks pretty dang good.
  8. Would never fly, too much white on the top one.
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