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  1. Thinking that more laws will stop crime is Delusional. There are many uses for Handguns. Guess who aren't the ones committing the crimes? Legal gun owners
  2. Total BS. Gun control does nothing to stop criminals. We already have some of the strictest gun control measures.
  3. Exactly. Brady isn't a stud, sub 50 points in his 3 seasons i'm not sure he is going to end up performing any better. His brother is the better player for sure. I think Bo is the better player, but that's just me
  4. What happened at the end with Bo? Missed it, my poor sick toddler woke up.
  5. I had hoped they could have gotten Halak last year, I think he will be a great backup for Demko and will be a good mentor. Like Miller for Markstrom
  6. That list at this point I think Kesler is the clear winner Boeser and Hughes still have a ways to go. Ryan Miller had a pretty good career considering where he spent a big chunk of it.
  7. I heard some of the radio ads today for a few of the parties. Had a pretty good chuckle at the Bloc's ad.
  8. I am very excited to see him play for the Canucks this season. More of that gritty, hardworking play that can help win playoff games. Just an addition that they needed moving forward.
  9. Liked Richardson during his time here. Great depth guy
  10. Not a surprise at all. I know a lot of nurses and they are getting pretty burnt out caring for Unvaccinated patients who are now hospitalized due to Covid. What is the common thing patients say after? I wish I wasn't stupid and had gotten the Vaccination
  11. Quinn was a favorite Burke pulled off a move that shaped the Franchise Gillis helped form a super deep team Benning.... well he has had some interesting moves but good drafting that is going to set the team up for a few more years I couldn't decide
  12. Who on earth is going to play D for Vancouver if they did this haha. They don't need another offensively minded d man.
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