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  1. True, OJ will likely be sub 1M I think I had too long of a day and should have gone to sleep before posting at midnight. Completely forgot about minors salary/two way deals
  2. Not sure what's going to happen Vancouver currently has 14M left to sign Petey, Hughes, Juolevi and Dickinson. Who gets traded?
  3. Super happy with this deal, Halak is a great backup
  4. Internet issues, first post didn't seem to go through. Barrie had 48points in 58 games? Sure it doesn't help them win every game but that'll help a little bit Is Hughes any better in his own end than Barrie? Vancouver only has two proven NHL dmen signed to contracts. Rathbone, Juolevi are still unproven. Hughes still has to sign his deal, and plenty of people were complaining about the play in his own zone.
  5. He was a huge part of their team last season, not surprised at all. They are going to suck without any real defensive minded D though. But their D core isn't much different from Vancouvers right now.
  6. Alrighty So who plays D now? until QH is signed, they have 2 NHL Caliber Dmen on contract. Going to be a busy week for Canucks brass
  7. don't know enough about the guy to comment on $ or term but from some videos i've seen he has some good dangles, i'm excited to see him play.
  8. It's been pretty tough. Lytton is my home town, but I've been away for some time.
  9. Quinn was excited at first for Luke, and then it looked like the realization that his two brothers get to play together sunk in. Does he ask for a trade?
  10. I mean, the Canucks would have a pretty dang good top 6 with that addition. But the D would have a huge hole left in it, and I would feel bad for Demko. But it would cost them more than that. Jerk or not, guy is a damn good hockey player.
  11. After they just had Giordano there in person I doubt that will be the case, would seem silly to go through all that trouble.
  12. Great deal for the Kraken. Probably gave him a hint as to who they were selecting. Probably helped their case
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