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  1. Not right place for this but man would I love to see the Leafs get bounced first round after signing Foligno and chuckin picks!
  2. Fire Benning and trade a top player. We have too many softies; we're not going anywhere
  3. Time to trade Bo He aint taking us to a cup He is a nice guy but he is too soft And so agree with posters saying that no kne is untouchable
  4. Time to do something Jimbo Don't let his loser mentality set in. Trade someone!
  5. Bo needs to get some heat here. He has to show some serious heart or I don't think he is the guy gonna take us on a cup run in the future. Buck up and throw the weight around Bo!
  6. I think JT Miller is creating the bad chem on the top line Seems like a moody guy; great player but I'll bet he's moodin out a lot Lets see Hogz, Pettersson, Boes Miller, Horvat, Pearson
  7. Chatfield a breath of fresh air on defence He jumps right into the play and knows when to pinch
  8. I must say I feel that Roussel has been invisible and doesn't provide much energy for our team.
  9. Gonna be a longggg season... Of great hockey! I'm calling Canucks storm out of the gate for period 2
  10. Where'd all the Benning haters go? You really have to be stuck of you still think Jim is a bad GM. Our team is so nicely balanced and an incredible amount of skill.
  11. Hoping Aquilini digs up something on the talks the organization had with bands of BC in development of the orca logo so this conversation can be put to rest. I think people are too cooped up after this funky year and are looking for problems.
  12. Gotta say I am a huge Horvat fan but don't know if he has what it takes. Doesn't have that extra fight or finish. What to do..
  13. Thankful for Don Cherry keeping me mindful over the years of the sacrifices past and present troops have made for us and others. Will miss that a ton.
  14. Lifelong Nuck fan. In it through thick and thin.



      I'm with you brother or sister,

      through thick and thin.

    2. smithers joe

      smithers joe

      that is good. there are some on here that are great on thick but when thin rolls around (after a loss) then want people fired and players traded. welcome to what some people call the mindless fan’s section. 

    3. canuktravella


      ya good times ahead i want cup soon

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