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  1. Brayden Point! Wow what a crazily brilliant third round pick in 2014! I guess our pick will never be able to transform into the MAN the team wants him to be
  2. Canucks’ fourth attempt finally scored a EN goal. Just because team’s EN specialist LE was a scratch. Coach Green should’ve dressed him up last night
  3. Out of the dark hole of Covid and play some real meaningful games. Go boys Go! Go anucks Go
  4. David the game host exhausted every Single drop of effort to defend the leaves wow
  5. Oh boy. Who In the League saw this coming ? I can not wait to see what Steve Dangle is going to make out of tonight’s leaves game after Canucks beat the leaves out of them right out of the black hole of Covid Go anucks Go
  6. Wow, Hrudey really didn’t want Canucks to win this game at all. Suck it Hrudey with Leaves!
  7. As always our number 3 Mr Kevin Bieksa defends our team well Salutations
  8. The goal brought tears to my eyes. Thank you Captain my Captain
  9. Canucks Captain is 3000 times more powerful than Leafs Captain... just saying
  10. Petty has already beaten Binnington once in Vegas. Petty can still beat him and his team out of the bubble this time Go Canucks Go
  11. I sat at my dinner table and it was 3-1 Nucks. I didn’t even finish my dinner and it became 4-3 unacceptible!
  12. Our JT is the only NHLer who can talk as fast as Brendan Batchelor lol
  13. We all didn’t anticipate that WE ARE ALL CANUCKS are a Team Like That Beat up the Bruins and win the Cup! Go Canucks Go
  14. Keep up the good work boys! Let’s bring the Cup to Vancouver! Happy New Year!
  15. EP40 score a goal or two, the team wins. EP40 keeps passing the puck around and does not hit the net at all, the team is not gonna win. Just shoot the net and the puck will take care of the goal!
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