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  1. And thank Jesus for that. I never thought he’d be this bad. But glad it’s almost over. No point in picking the scab this far in lol
  2. Wow does this make sense to you? I know it’s st patty’s day maybe switch to coolers bro.
  3. Not all year though B.....U......D easy to jump in and say I told yah so when they’re winning. The PP did strugggle a lot and the overall play of the team sucked for the first 20 games. So off you high horse there Pete the Cat.
  4. I think Green did an executive class job organizing that shoot out list, hence the victory. Jolly good
  5. Didn’t even notice that Jimmy Vessey guy. Christ almighty. Lord jebis. What a slacker. Waste of a pick.
  6. Demko = the tits Bo = old Sedin “whoops” shoot out attemp Gaudette = deserved a break “squeaker” through the legs Canucks are catching up on their “easy wins” better start playing better or the next one might be a blow oit
  7. Or an STD “shouldn’t have slept with _____, ____ gave me stuetzle! nowadays friendly version jokes.
  8. Canucks game on St pattys day, decent Jake scores tonight! Motte too if he’s in!
  9. Benning with the PR answers as usual but what do expect “ yeah Greens gone in eight weeks” lol can’t do that nowadays
  10. I think so, his facial expressions say it all he’s not fretting on anything right now and it shows. Some handle the pressure well some don’t. Just hope he can continue to show up
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