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  1. Gotta be 2 million retained and I’d be happy with OEL
  2. Edler if he signs without a NMC will want 4 m roughly. I just hope he walks. I’d be very surprised if he signs under 3.5. Hope I’m wrong. If he signs a cheap contract for what some people want here, Canucks just move that contract next deadline. Which is exactly what he doesn’t want. I say if he is to stay A 1yr for 2.75, with a Full NTC. Or let him walk
  3. No he can go to his after career now, this tank will do just fine without him
  4. And thank Jesus for that. I never thought he’d be this bad. But glad it’s almost over. No point in picking the scab this far in lol
  5. Wow does this make sense to you? I know it’s st patty’s day maybe switch to coolers bro.
  6. Not all year though B.....U......D easy to jump in and say I told yah so when they’re winning. The PP did strugggle a lot and the overall play of the team sucked for the first 20 games. So off you high horse there Pete the Cat.
  7. I think Green did an executive class job organizing that shoot out list, hence the victory. Jolly good
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