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  1. Oh F$&@ off man get off you high horse there are many states nearing 60% vax rate down there! and the overall is over 50% same place we were at not that long ago. New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Washington, Maryland. All near 60% did that research with YouTube to boot. Asshole
  2. Prob due to a few states in regards to lowering the numbers no?
  3. Yet their vaccinated campaign is doing quite well no?
  4. With the level of vaccinated people I think that to be very unlikely since when 100% of the population wasn’t vaccinated and we made it through. Try again. Comments like that only install fear and use no factual information
  5. Total cases in Canada 1,450,000 total deaths 26,689 mortality rate 1.84 % not 3-4 % How about people be honest with numbers instead of pushing it in their favour either way. If people didn’t have such a point to prove instead of focusing on facts there would be so much misleading info out there.
  6. Sure that’s the rules but happens in Seattle stays in Seattle
  7. Yeah if this team doesn’t pull together a little bit more there’re a lot of important contracts coming up soon good point
  8. Ah it’s more like how do they play around Xmas and mainly leading up to! That’s when they S@&$ the bed. If they don’t buckle for a month straight around then I’ll be on the “we’re gonna go far” band wagon. But they almost always start hot, the problem is always staying up! Seems this team is always close to out of it during the stretch. Doesn’t exactly mean the sky is falling just they can’t stay consistent. A lot of near prime at best and improving players still on the young side.
  9. So take what he signed for and add 17% and we couldn’t offer that? If OEL was here? Because that’s what I was insinuating
  10. The finest women and whiskey. Sir that’s how. A simple phone call off the record and bam. Done deal.
  11. I really doubt the Kraken were on the top of his list and a deal could have been made
  12. Canucks should have gone all in on Larson instead of swapping the poop deck for the sticky cheese man with Arizona. Then Hughes would have his partner for the next six years or whatever. Wouldn’t have Garland but wouldn’t have another Anchor of a contract in four years. Which yeah we can buy out but I think I’d rather lock Larson up for six years
  13. Agreed, Miller or Boeser get traded for a 1st plus before they re sign. But I also lean towards Miller and re up Boeser next year!
  14. I’m thinking Petey and Hughes will always need those complementary pieces being on the smaller size
  15. Oli is calm cool dude, he’s gonna be a rock back there for years to come. He played well hope he gets some steady play now!
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