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  1. I’m going to the season opener in Edmonton. I’m hoping and praying that Petey and Hughes are in the lineup for the game. The combination of new pieces (Garland, OEL, Podz, etc), the current stars we have, being part of a crowd for the first time in ages (one that should be pretty lively), and my first time watching a Canucks game in another rival’s building- I’ve never been so pumped for a game in my life. I was looking at the Gametime app, and if you’re willing to go on a weeknight you can get some decent games for <$70. I saw Flyers and Avs for about $65.
  2. Has there been a thread created or a note made in an existing thread for Chia’s new role with the Blues? I thought CDC would be all over that.
  3. Yeah, not sure how it’s “alleged” at this point. The proof is in the pudding, I.e.: look at the radio of vaxxed to unvaxxed in the deaths and hospitalization numbers.
  4. This has some serious long term implications affecting his quality of life. Some people can put a price on that, others can’t.
  5. I have one, maybe two people in my life I can talk hardcore Canucks with, and maybe a handful of others that are fans of other teams I can talk more in depth about hockey in general with. I can come to CDC and interact with thousands (maybe more like hundreds in terms of really active users? No idea) and hear all sorts of different opinions. There’s some really smart people around here who offer good arguments to both sides of just about any debate you can find on these boards- then there’s some arguments that are more like monkeys flinging their own crap, but that’s what keeps this place fun.
  6. And 6 years into his career, Jack has every right to expect more of the franchise. They’ve actually somehow gotten worse during his career. He can and should be looking out for himself.
  7. He’s a 25 year old marginal NHL player. Nobody’s going to touch him as long as those allegations are looming. Even if he is cleared he may not find himself another NHL job unless he really finds his groove in Russia.
  8. I think it’s definitely gotta be Bo. The captain and the young man who’s seen this rebuild from ground zero up. Works hard, leads by example, can play on any line in any situation. He’s a true lunch pale kind of guy. I do think there’s a chance Hogs or Podz could overtake him though.
  9. And that’s with Gurriel having a bad start to the year. He’s been absolutely on fire the last month or two.
  10. But he didn’t. He waived only for Boston and Vancouver. You and @RWMc1 really need to drop this one. It’s baseless speculation at best and easily refuted.
  11. Man, for those of us who had so much hope for him as a Canuck there’s gonna be some serious egg on the face when he’s a middle 6 player in Russia
  12. If that’s all they’d want for Chychrun I think you throw them those two firsts and run, lottery protection be damned. Not surprised that this rumour’s been squashed because that seems like a shockingly low price for a player of his age, position, and caliber.
  13. Khoklachev, Shirokov, and Petey’s brother are all far superior players in that league I would imagine. Can’t say I’m terribly familiar with the rest of their roster.
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