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  1. The AHL plays most of its games Friday to Sunday so the Canucks should have quite a few chances to bank that cap space Monday to Thursday. It’s calculated daily so every little bit can count and maybe be utilized at the deadline. I know for myself, living closer to Abbotsford snd not having the money to go to more than a few Canucks games, I’ll be going to Abbotsford more.
  2. I could be wrong here (don’t think I’ve seen him pitch much since he was last in KC) but if I remember correctly he’s mostly a fastball/cutter/slider guy. I think his fastball used to be decent , like up to 95 (which I guess isn’t all that much by today’s standards), but he’s pretty long in the tooth now so he might’ve lost some MPH’s. He’s had some good years in the big leagues for sure though.
  3. They can run with a reduced roster on home stands to bank more cap space too.
  4. Turner would’ve been a good fit at the top of the lineup and although Scherzer would be a rental, at least you know you’re getting a legitimate high end arm with him. Berrios is young enough that maybe he can take another step with them and become a legitimate #2 with the Jays. That would help make this trade more palatable to me.
  5. Yeah, the club control for two years adds on to the value but I don’t think Berrios is a quality enough arm to justify what they’ve given away.
  6. Well he’s got two years of club control beyond this, doesn’t he? I like that aspect of the trade. I just think they sold off two very high end prospects for a somewhat middling arm.
  7. I just think they could’ve spent those assets on something better than a #2/3 arm, especially at this point in the season. The pitching should’ve been addressed two months ago. At this point I’d bet that they don’t even make playoffs.
  8. I’ve decided I don’t like this trade for the Jays.
  9. Berrios is a pretty long way from David Price though.
  10. Two more years, no? Free agent at the conclusion of the 2023 season. Still not sure I like this deal. But with Berrios still being a couple years from free agency maybe they’re looking at as more of a move for next year as well.
  11. I think you’re overrating Graves a considerable bit, and that’s a huge gamble to be banking on landing one of those guys as FA. It’s not even a certainty they’ll get there. You could swap Hughes for Rathbone and I’d still be hesitant to make this deal but I think it would be more in the ballpark
  12. It’s a pretty short list of players/picks that you should trade Quinn for. None of these are one of them.
  13. ^^^should’ve gone something like Message to everyone impacted by our decision: He’s got a Francophone name. Sincerely, Geoff Molson
  14. Good to see the Canucks get a legitimate top end centre for their AHL club
  15. Not uncommon at all. I imagine most AHL teams have at least one or two one way deals on their roster, you just hope the guys on those deals are impact players for you.
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