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  1. A savvy businessman indeed. “They spent their money on unnecessary overhead, lifestyles-of-the-rich-and-famous activity by the campaign staff and vanity ads,” said Mike Murphy, a veteran Republican consultant who advised John McCain and Jeb Bush and is an outspoken Trump critic. “You could literally have 10 monkeys with flamethrowers go after the money, and they wouldn’t have burned through it as stupidly.”
  2. Problem is every basic girl on Instagram “hikes” now, I.e.: they do the chief and take a picture at the top. Him and his date might have different ideas of what constitutes a hike.
  3. Kennedy Falls is a nice quick day hike. Very little elevation gain so not an overly hard hike. Mount Fromme is my favourite local day hike. It’s a steep climb that takes maybe two hours but the views up top are great. Eagle Bluffs is a relatively easy hike on Seymour too. Nice views at the end.
  4. because the average voter gives a flying f*** about the size of their windows when their country finds itself in the midst of a pandemic and economic crisis.
  5. His opening answer on that first question was the exact same crap he's been saying for months. Nothing has changed.
  6. I'm only hoping that he was talking out of his rear and thought claiming he was a parent would somehow lend him credibility. I'm not a parent and I think being that reckless re: COVID and your child is not only stupid but downright reprehensible.
  7. Point being that we don't really know the long-term effects of Covid but it's believed that there may be long-lasting (permanent or semi-permanent) consequences of infection. There's seemingly more and more research about COVID and MIS-C, that doesn't concern you?
  8. Also worth mentioning that people in close contact with Biden and Harris have tested positive, yet thus far there doesn’t seem to be an outbreak. Funny how that works. (this story is from last Thursday but I don’t recall seeing much about it here) Joe Biden and Kamala Harris both travelled on flights that carried someone who subsequently tested positive for the coronavirus, it emerged on Thursday. Harris, the Democratic vice-presidential nominee, abruptly canceled her travel for the coming few days after two people associated with the Biden-Harris election campaign tested positive for coronavirus.
  9. Your last sentence is what makes it tough to say. He’s come more than a little unhinged. From what I took from the article, Rudy was of the belief she was 15 until Borat runs in and says “She’s fifteen! She’s too old for you!”
  10. I was just thinking how I felt like we glossed over this a bit a couple pages back. This is incredible stuff. If I’m not mistaken, he believed her to be FIFTEEN years old! When’s Q-Anon outing Rudy?
  11. “Dope” was meant as a compliment in this context, Rupe. Time to brush up on your Gen Z/Millenial vernacular.
  12. No, he used the massive exposure of broadcasting on the internet at a time when many people were at home sitting on the internet. Pulled back on tv ads and public appearances. There’s a reason one campaign has money and the other doesn’t. The campaign that doesn’t spent $10 million on Super Bowl ads a full ten months before an election in which he was an incumbent.
  13. You don’t think state media Fox News would be all over it if they thought it had even a shred of credibility? The station that’s thrown any sense of objectivity and almost all sense of journalistic integrity out the window over the last 4+ years refuses to pick up a story that would have massive, dramatic positive consequences for the guy they’ve hitched their wagon to. Just mull that over for a bit.