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  1. I think mine was such a dramatic drop because I hit the 10 years of driving but it’s worth checking out. I came out walking out of the insurance broker happy as can be.
  2. $295 on the rebate and my insurance dropped from $3100 per year to a little over $2K. I’ll take it.
  3. I guess so. I can’t say for sure that he followed him before. Who knows. I only looked after I saw it mentioned in this thread. I might go see if other players have unfollowed too.
  4. Absolutely. I think Chevy was in the same boat. For different reasons than Benning but maybe we’ll end up seeing the same thing.
  5. Yep, I believe that contract was signed when Sakic had assumed full GM responsibilities. He’s definitely had a strong recovery arc though.
  6. I could be wrong but wasn’t he catching a whole lot of flak up until he made the Duchene trade ? Public opinion seemed to improve from then on.
  7. Nah, TM had a different vernacular. I think he’s still around here under that same name but doesn’t venture into Canucks Talk, TRS, etc. There was a guy around here a couple years ago who popped up under a couple different names. One of his accounts had an eraser for a profile picture I think. I can’t remember the names he used at the moment but he was pretty funny. @Convincing John isn’t as sharp tongued though, IMO.
  8. Seems like a big ol W for the Isles as it currently stands.
  9. Do you think if our government had taken protective measures earlier on, say when reports of the virus first broke out similar to how Taiwan did it, that people would’ve been happy with it? I don’t think so. I think they started to respond to it at the right time, they just didn’t respond heavily enough.
  10. Harv’s era was peak insanity in this thread. A true crap-flinging fight for the most part.
  11. @SNuck can we bring back the old

    mobile format?

    1. SNuck


      @Sean Monahan Can't bring it back wholesale, but if you post suggestions in the feedback thread I can do my best to work them into the current theme (if I agree with you ;) ). 

    2. Sean Monahan

      Sean Monahan

      Thanks Stealth. 

      It’s overall fine but I don’t see an option to return straight to the home page from within a thread? I have to back out one page at a time- thread to topic to homepage. 

    3. SNuck


      It might be worth switching to the Canucks (default) theme. With that you can click on 'Canucks Community' at the top to return to the home page. 

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