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  1. The dime-a-dozen waiver fodder types that don’t move the needle much in either direction
  2. This sounds like a plot line from Arrested Development or something
  3. I think there's other options that JB would've explored if he was interested in filling that 4C spot via the waiver wire. Players like Gambrell would have been better fits/more interesting, at least IMO. I remember Gauthier being a lot like a Brendan Gaunce. I don't necessarily mean that as a bad thing, but it's not really a good thing either.
  4. From what I've seen of Gauthier, his hands make Beagle's look like Patrick Kane's.
  5. Thinking about the season opener on Wednesday has got me all sorts of horny

  6. From what I've seen of him he looks entirely unspectacular but relatively steady. Won't do much of anything with the puck on his stick but won't really hurt you without it either.
  7. The success rate of second round picks is something like 10-15%- wouldn't it be fair to say that all second round picks are gambles? Guys that aren't risks tend to go very high in the draft.
  8. *camera pans to a section of people seemingly entirely maskless* *camera cuts to a shot of two people, both wearing a mask* Garrett: “everybody masked up”
  9. That’s the top 9 I’ve been envisioning since Garland and Dickinson were acquired for the same reasons you listed. I guess it’s contingent on Podz being able to play that role, but his play in the K and in international play is encouraging.
  10. His numbers are garbage in 3 of the last 4 nhl seasons, and they’re merely solid but unspectacular in that other season. IMO it’s a gamble to take a guy just for what he might do in a high stakes game. The Americans have Hellebuyck, Demko, and Gibson- it’s debatable that Price would crack that trio, though he probably would simply for his wealth of international experience. His body of work in the NHL these past couple years doesn’t stack up to those 3. Russians have the undebatable best goalie in the world plus backup options like Varlamov, Shestyorkin, and Sorokin.
  11. Goaltending ain’t the best. I don’t think any of our 3 would crack the American roster, maybe not the Russian roster either (off the top of my head).
  12. Canada’s best all around D man, highly decorated and experienced on the international stage, and the Canadian D man most capable of playing 5v5 or PK against the world’s best. Gets it done all over the ice and seems to elevate his play at the right time. He was a beast for STL in their cup run and for Vegas in the playoffs this past year.
  13. I figured I was probably giving the dumbed down, simplified answer and somebody smart like you or Sid would be by to elaborate further. Thanks for the new info.
  14. If you tap into LTIR, any players you recall will have their performance bonuses factored into their cap hit upon recall. If the team was not accessing LTIR with the Ferland contract then any player they recalled (namely Podz or Rathbone as I imagine they’d be the players with Schedule A [bigger] bonuses) would have their cap hit factored simply as the salary, exclusive of bonuses
  15. That’s a fair point, but I still feel like they waited too long to address the issue. The bullpen was a glaring problem in May and June, and the additions that were made at the deadline proved to be too little, too late. If the bullpen was anything better than a complete dumpster fire for the first couple months of the season the Jays would’ve made the playoffs easily.
  16. I'm on Sportsnet Now and it's just showing me the post-game for the Jays- how can I watch the game? Sorry if this has already been asked/answered
  17. Is Dallas officially a good team?
  18. *who was also Francophone himself
  19. I was all set to go watch the Canucks and Oilers season opener in Edmonton on the 13th followed by the BoA on the 16th- beyond excited, really it was gonna be my first “event” since covid hit last year (I guess my last event was the Flames/Canucks in Vancouver February ~10ish of last year) plus I was gonna get to see one of my best buddies whom I rarely see, on account of him living in Edmonton. He texted me today saying that they’re expecting a stay at home order to be announced on Friday, effective October 4th. If these stupid anti-vax pricks ruin my trip I’m gonna be so god dam mad. Beyond mad. Beyond comprehension. Alberta will be set ablaze with fire and fury the likes of which the world has never seen.
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