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  1. Hopefully everyone’s drinking TEQUILA tonight. Gonna need a big game from Tequila Tanev
  2. In contrast, Laine on the jets lost weight before the start of last season as he was criticized by the fans for being slow and sluggish and was in his best physical shape so far in his career. He wound up having his worst year so far.
  3. As a jets/nucks fan, hope this means that the jets are close to nailing down laine and Connor, then hopefully making a move for a D man or clearing some space to make room for gardener. the teams far too good up front to not go all in the for the cup every year.
  4. If any of you guys actually watched Trouba this season, you’d know that he was a huge defensive liability and single hand-idly cost the jets game 5 vs the blues (and essentially the series) overpayed
  5. Always wondered why no ones snatched this one. St. Louis used Sandman, Winnipeg uses for whom the bell tolls. Pittsburgh uses seek and destroy.
  6. We should have a nerds section.
  7. Ahl is the best developmental league there is imo. Keeping him farther away just keeps his focus on winning where he is and not cracking the NHL.. again, just my opinion, but for development I say get him with the big leagues.
  8. Just my opinion but imo get him in Utica, get him with the Canucks diet and training staff, he'll easily put on 20 lbs in a year and not lose his speed and agility.
  9. So how's it work? I know Peterson is a bit young, is he gonna play overseas this year? Or is he Utica eligible? (I'm also assuming he doesn't crack our roster, which is still a slight possibility)
  10. I've been gone for a few weeks guys! Did we win!!
  11. I do agree that virtanen will likely surprise people next year. How much he surprises us depends entirely on him though
  12. Trumps nonsense vacations aside- is it strange that I kind of like this new "don't sit around and wait untill something terrible happens, THEN do something" additude the states is taking?
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