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  1. We should allow due process to occurr for Jake. It appears he has already been convicted guilty when the police investigation is not even complete. I believer we should let the justice system do its' work before we make judgment that Jake is a predator.
  2. If either Lindor Gadjovich is picked up by Seattle, I am curious if they are subject to waivers? I just don't see the both of them making the roster immediately due to the players Seattle can pick from. But don't get me wrong, they are good prospects. I am certain if they are placed on waivers, the Canucks would be waiting to pounce.
  3. Scott Stevens, Scott Neidermeyer, Ray Bouquet, Denis Potvin, Paul Coffey, Nickolas Lidstrom, Chara
  4. Stop stroking each other's c$#$. You sirs are media hacks. The public will lose interest in your bs.
  5. Because he is either Drance or one of his cronies Johnston or Sekeres.
  6. Surprising this thread has been hijacked again by a bunch of media troll click weasels. Blah blah Benning sucks Bla blah blah other teams are better blah blah .... All the while setting up their new narratives for their next story.
  7. All I can do is laugh at Sellout Sekeres and PJ McGee writes based on bullsh8 sources. Lol I hope you get more clicks you weasels.
  8. The Petersson accidentally not on purpose take down that caused Elias' injury. Kids a weasel. Buuutttt I get he needs to play like that for his two way game. He has to realize the code will be honoured.
  9. Lol now I know you are a no mind to believe media in Vancouver report things accurately. Go back under your bridge.
  10. Disagree. Media is a strong factor driving this cancel the Canucks GM and coach initiative. Most likely to sell more clicks and make more money. The media is about driving propaganda to make a few dollars. Unfortunately, a lot of sheep out there that are blind.
  11. I'm not sure if some on these people are skipping their therapist appointments or just weak minded whiners. There is a process in building a winning team. The path of any successful team is never going to be perfect. Just stay calm people and support the Canucks.
  12. Virtanen played great tonite. He is playing great defense and winning the puck battles. I hope he he keeps it up.
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