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  1. I like how you incorporated "back end" into the diarrhea bit. Well played
  2. It's almost like a race to see who in the media can ask the most dumbass question(s)
  3. Quinn was also on the worse team and didn't have many if any team ates that seemed that could take or give a pass unless it was super easy. I'd give him a mulligan as well.
  4. Amen to that.I'll be waiting for the day when we can draft hughs-son
  5. Walking to school in the winter was not fun, and I grew up b4 that in Northern Ontario. I hated the wind!
  6. I spent 64-65 in Steinbach which was grade 9. Got a crapload of cousins still there. Reimers and Barkmans plus the usual other mennonite names. Not sure if I have any relatives in Altona unless they're further removed.
  7. In 5 years we might look back and be calling this Bennings best draft ever Some serious talent and upside here.
  8. And he won't this stature when he is in the NHL
  9. Jim Sandlak comes to mind
  10. Petterson Juolevi Demko Hughes Dahlen Gaudette Woo Lind Gadjovich Rathbone
  11. shrimp koolaid sounds kinda gross.
  12. My great Grandfather has a good mennonite name as well and was mayor of Steinbach between 1884 and 1912 with a 3 year break in there somewhere. Johann G. Barkman
  13. If he goes to training camp he loses his college eligibility, no?
  14. Mennonite kid from the same town where my dad was born. Go Matt!
  15. All that matters is stopping the puck.
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