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  1. You're a fool if you think they weren't trying or didn't put in the effort tonight. We got beat by a superior team. Heart and team closeness can only take you so far. Be proud man, you absolute nipples.
  2. I think Vegas is so used to being dominant that when there's a little crack in the armour they start to flounder.
  3. I know it's not good to look back into the past too much but my god, those days were amazing.. can't wait for them to be back
  4. Demko is really reminding me of the old Marky who constantly let in muffins. He will one day be a really good goalie, but it’s frustrating that right now, when we need it most, he isn’t stepping up.
  5. Proud of how we've been able to dig ourselves out of a hole and get back in the mix. Don't think anyone here underestimates how important this game is. Going in against a Flames team that has really picked it up over the last month, so it will be a big test tonight.
  6. Man, we need to do a lot better than that repetitive stock rock riff intro. It’s brutal. Why not play an actual Rock Song?
  7. While it'll likely take a while before rooster becomes truly effective, I'm sure he will be hauling ass every minute of every shift, and probably inspiring the heck out of the guys because of it. Sometimes you just need that spark-plug, y'know?
  8. You know what, It's horrendous but it's kind of awesome. There's beauty in the bizarre, and luckily for them it's just for a one-off game. Fair play.
  9. To now know what Markstrom has been dealing with.. to be playing through those thoughts. Man, that's rough. RIP Mr. Markstrom.
  10. Such a crummy way to lose, but guys, that was a game where we were the better team for the majority of the game. We managed to show a ton of heart, and we were right there with one of the best, heaviest, teams around. Let's take the point and move on. & Honestly as pissed as I was, I legitimately laughed at what happened. Life goes on, lads
  11. Since they have them made and numbered, I don't see why they wouldn't opt to wear those jerseys for this one game, given it's 70's night.
  12. Can't say enough how awesome it is to have such strong characters on our team. Even though I loved our 2011 team, part of me was always annoyed at certain antics some of our guys would partake in. I've heard from a lot of fans of other teams that our team is really likable and hard working, which warms my cockles.
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