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  1. Game story: are the Nucks attempting a play-off push or are they content to treat last year as luck.
  2. Indeed, it was so obvious the window for the Nucks closed after the 2013 season, yet our fear to rebuild set us back a good 4 years. It's unfortunate because the resurgence and talent pool would look different today. We can only change forward and I think the future is bright. Draft Powers, get better on special teams, stop being so predicable (coaching?), manage the cap wisely, and the next window will open soon. Hopefully before Dad passes he's been following since the beginning of time.
  3. The team only has systems and they are predictable and borind as f. I'm back on the tank. Still way too soft.
  4. Jets getting away with heaps of hooking and holding in their D zone.
  5. This team has impressed me right out of my tank. Fix the gap control and PP fluidity and the Nucks will make some noize. GcG!
  6. Son's Bday party, will miss this one. Have fun everyone and don't get too enraged by whatever the outcome. It's still a win win year. We need a Power D Pick, more cap room, and more experience to start contending. That said, another play-off stint would be good for the boys...the cup in 22 sound's like a great year to me. I don't want to wait for 33. GCG
  7. Two words to describe last night: STATIC: TANK the team plays a static system. No fluidity, no creativity. Just set up a box and try low percentage passes. So easy to play against. Good new is we may have more Power next year with a high D pick coming our way. Just need to get off the pretend fence and start developing next year's renewal squad. Green and others should have their mandates revised.
  8. Move to Gatineau. It's a respectable time over here. 11 is when you start the evening.
  9. Agree, the Habs change their coaches more often then their bed sheets.
  10. The team showed great resolve and hung in there for a win despite the abysmal PP. I Gave up after the first period and jumped back on the tank, good to see they didn't. GCG
  11. Tank master is at work. No movement, no screen, no fluidity. Can we hire Burrows
  12. Wtf was that, the worst display of a 5 on 3 I've seen in years. Yuk
  13. Odd to see so few posts. I won a beer despite my tank ways. The boys may prove me and so many others wrong this year. And so I hope.
  14. Green can stop driving the tank against Toronto anytime. I have a standing beer wager with a die-hard leafs fan and I'm down a few.
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