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  1. nice to win, should remove some of the grasshopper sky is falling fans' posts for a bit. Good job team, showing some improvement.
  2. Need to get the smell off from the last game. Show up for 60 minutes and crash the crease. GCG
  3. It reads as though we already lost the game. Carry the momentum from the last minute over to the third and I like our chances. GCG
  4. Yes, not many fans in Kanata, too bad the team botched it recent attempt to bring the rink to the people in Ottawa. I can drive to Montreal in about the same amount of time. Perhaps a new home in Quebec City...
  5. Heaps of gratitude for the GDT! Well done and it's nice to close off that last thread with fresh optimism. Here's hoping the team takes a unity step forward. I like what I see but still see a work in progress given the lack of experience together. GCG
  6. Here we go, time for a comparative analysis on two completely different hits. What would today's DOPS say about them. Based from memory alone, Nasland was more victimized.
  7. Despite the shot clock, the nucks were off their game. The officials sucked and showed home town bias. The Nucks sucked and showed the special teams still need to be better. Onwards and upwards.
  8. So true, too many years no identity and playing down (or up) to other teams.
  9. Keep rolling and grinding and the PP will only get better once Brock and others (Miller etc.) sharpen their puck control. Small sample size but this season is starting with way more promise--Garland is such a beauty. GCG
  10. perhaps once they start to gel. now it's more about default structure.
  11. FU NHL game management--want to please the fans--goofs. GCG
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