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  1. I'm so stoked for this year. Hoping Motter and Conor stay healthy and pest all season and post season long. Don't think Benning is finished rounding out the roster with size. GCG
  2. Perhaps this is our first, First-overall-year! Play the youth and keep smiling. I'm happy for next year and know that the team will be resurgent
  3. I wish I felt the same way. Our physical battle is pathetic. I'm not suggesting players stop trying to win, I'm suggesting management needs to start developing for next year by inserting rookies and the coaches need to put an end to "may them pay on the PP mentality" in meaningless games. Long history of being soft continues and the other teams take advantage. I'm bullish on next year and now is the time to set a new toughness identity.
  4. This. I just wish we would be more physical and stop bending over for a W. I know coaches and player want to win, but a what cost. Sacrificing their reputation and lowering draft position. Let's embrace next year already. They did the same a few years ago, kept riding vets and bending over for a few meaningless Ws at the end of the season.
  5. How many first overall picks have they had. It makes me sick that the nucks were thrown into a lottery when they needed picks the most, yet Edmonton gamed the system to find another Great one and screwed the rest of the league. No dig on Mcvid, he is the real deal, just plays for a team and in a league that is trying to get richer through using him like a pimp with a hooker. I had to turn off the sound because it was too nauseating.
  6. Well, being a soft as butter teams calls for such punishment. Nucks have no push back. Why didn't someone grab Marner and throw heymakers.
  7. Makes me angry to think what Edmonton did to land him. I hope the Oilers never win a cup with him on the roster, the organization does not deserve it.
  8. I've been jumping on it for months now but the team keeps pushing me off like sadistic torture. Like a cat playing with a mouse until the dog arrives.
  9. Funny how when the team is not coached to sit back, dump and chase, and play rope a dope, they actually get some chances. Perhaps do that during the first 58 min. and if the team lacks the talent to play up beat, expose the weak links, get higher picks, and try again next year with new coaches.
  10. I believe I'm lucky to not pay for the admission in Ottawa for this one. Normally I would have and felt even more let down by my Coaches and team.
  11. so painful to watch. Is this the same team that wanted to win after the Covid break? Green style does not work for teams that carry the puck and skate fast. Guys are content to dump and change or rag the puck. Hey green, pull the goalie so the Sens can score the open net and put an end to the Nucks misery. Just brutal hockey, brutal effort.
  12. Game story: are the Nucks attempting a play-off push or are they content to treat last year as luck.
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