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  1. Very sad to hear this. Rest in peace Jason Botchford.
  2. A good meal, a roof over my head, a safe neighbourhood, peace and quiet.
  3. Brutal giveaway in the game today vs Vegas in the 3rd. I don't blame him though. Live and learn. Still, brutal giveaway in own end resulting in a goal.
  4. I wonder if we can acquire Burrows after his contract ends? Either as a player or an assistant coach, or something.
  5. In that case Mittlestadt is an awesome consolation prize.
  6. I expect the following: 3rd: Mittlestadt 4th: Vilardi 5th: Liljegren We'll end up with and excellent PP Defenceman, the best in the draft. Could have rivaled Nolan Patrick this year, if he was healthy. These guys don't grow on trees. Some complaints will float around, but great defense is what championship teams are built around.
  7. The good news from this survey is there is a clear top 3: Glass, Vilardi and Mittlestadt. (Honorable Mention: Liljegren, who I would probably take.) Any way you slice it, we're going to get one of these guys. Can't lose this draft.
  8. Oh yeah! Have a great game Brock!!!!!!!!! And about 5 months earlier than expected .
  9. Ok, Ok, I get it. If we had taken Ehlers instead of Virtanen, and Tkachuk instead of Juolevi, we would have 2 very good 20-30 point forwards playing in the NHL right now. Sometimes trying to be too clever during the draft backfires, and who the consensus bpa is is really the bpa. That being said give it 3 years. Then we'll know way better what we have.
  10. Thanks for you efforts Burr. Knock it out of the park in Ottawa. Ottawa in the running for the Cup this year. Maybe this is your year!
  11. Banned for being from NorCal. Even though I love NorCal.
  12. Bobby lou! A very young one at that.
  13. Right! That didn't take long. ah memories of him hitting the post repeated during the playoffs.... Craven shoots... HIT THE POST!
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