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  1. Anyone else remember the Luongo game that used to be on this site?

  2. I think Innisville (near Barrie) has something planned like this
  3. A couple screamers scored in the ManU v Leicester match
  4. They need a vaccine for headaches

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    2. warrchief


      I suffer from terrible migraines and I fully agree!


      I am getting my eyes checked and seeing if there is any Migraine proof lenses.

    3. -AJ-


      I've had headaches for about a week now. I usually have almost none. I'm thinking it may be finally time to get some wisdom teeth out and hope that's the problem.

    4. drummer4now




      As a chronic headache suffer I have three things that have worked.. 


      1) Toradol medicine for serious headaches 

      2) Zomig nasal spray or pill (triptan medicine) 

      3) Head band (compression bands) tightened on the head.


      Ask your GP for some of these meds. 


      They work way better than Tylenol or Advil. 

  5. Hope the White Sox find a way to beat the Astro, and then the BoSox
  6. Thanks for claiming Skinner
  7. It’ll interesting to see what will happen with Newcastle if they go down.
  8. I'll be able to recycle this list next year
  9. Newcastle gonna be announcing Haaland, Davies, and Mbappe transfers during the next window Leicester Cities start to the season has been less than desirable, I was hoping that they'd challenge for a Champions league spot again. They bottled two 2-0 leads so far. I guess I shouldn't have had such high hopes considering their two best defenders (Evans, Fofana) are out with injury. To add salt into the wound Ndidi is expected to miss 4-5 weeks with a hamstring injury. Hopefully the Foxes can finish mid-table and win Europa league, but that may be too much to ask due to the injuries. On a more positive note, Canada drew to Mexico last night 1-1. We're currently sitting at 3rd in the CONCACAF table to qualify for the 2022 World Cup. The squad is heading to Kingston to play the last placed Jamaican team, where we should pick up three points. If Canada can continue with these results they may just qualify for the World Cup.
  10. 7-8 to weeks seems to be the sweet spot for your second dose, the 1% increase in effectiveness waiting 16+ weeks isn't material enough to wait that long between jabs IMO. I got my second shot 28ish days after my first, I hope I can get a booster to increase the effectiveness from 82% (give or take with that range) to 100%. @thedestroyerofworldsdo you have a photo of that graph with the y-axis labelled?
  11. https://www.cnn.com/2021/10/07/europe/rome-elections-mussolini-intl/index.html Rome are you doing okay?
  12. Why is October the 10th month and not the 8th…

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    2. Drive-By Body Pierce

      Drive-By Body Pierce

      Originally, or at least previously, the Roman calendar started in March, and at some point the Roman Senate changed it to where January was/is the first month. I believe it was changed to somehow avoid interfering with some religious ceremony or ceremonies.

    3. The Lock

      The Lock

      Makes sense actually that it would have originally been the 8th month. Sept wouild be 7. Nov would be 9. Dec would be 10.


      The intention for it to be the 8th month was definately there.

    4. Curmudgeon


      July named for Julius Caesar; August for Augustus Caesar. Don't know what those months were called before that. Julius Caesar was born July 12, so maybe that's why.

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