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  1. Can we scratch the coaching staff for one game and have the players coach themselves, surely we won’t be worse off
  2. We have probably the best coach in the league. And we have a team trending the right Direction. What else can you ask for as a fan?
  3. I suppose you are referring to last year. That one you can see JB’s good intentions to help the boys and the locker room at the time of BB injury since we were in the thick of the playoff hunt. Not a great move but you can give him that. but this year with the way $&!# hit the fan on a global scale the complexion of the finances of hockey deals changed. Looking to the future JB decided to let guys who were a big part of our identity walk because of the long term deals and the ED implications. We basically made a bunch of unilateral moves to keep our team good on paper. JB mistakenly let go of the wrong players. Stecher, Tanev, Markstrom even one of those guys brings Heart and soul value over players we kept solely based on potential but so far disappointing progression or Vets who are not useful to put politely. So all that to say If they are standing firm on not firing Green and the coaching staff, then it’s more likely that they will not be active at the trade deadline at least one can hope right.
  4. Pretty good games huh I like pretty good games we must be a pretty good team then if we’re playing pretty good games we must be winning a lot. Except that isn’t the case. We’re near the bottom 5 in the entire league in goal differential (-21) and in reality a pretty horrific record on the road and at home. if what green is saying was actually true then we’d be a pretty good team right now and winning games on a more consistent basis. No Green were not a pretty good team, were a pretty average team, with good Players and bad systems/coaching.