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  1. Hahahahahahahahhaahhahahhahhahahahhahahahahhahahahahah OMG this must be a joke. Right? This league is a ******* disgrace. Are we even surprised anymore. We all spend our precious time watching games that are inherently rigged to feed a few power hungry individuals ego pretending that they are conducting business with integrity and with outmost care and consideration. With what we’ve seen of the NHL’s past scandals and what we’ve witnessed the past few months with the corruption in the refereeing ranks in example the Tim Peele firing,
  2. So the saga continues when it comes to Jake. Bennings first pick with the Canucks, an entire Canucks fan base clamouring for toughened up hockey. Jake was supposed to be this franchises first move in that direction. Yet everything has gone wrong since the beginning. So sad. Asking for a friend, what’s the longest running thread count in CDC history?
  3. Not even a hockey play... it did happen after the whistle though which makes it ok I guess .. that’s the message being sent. Collide knee on knee with another player is a hockey play gone wrong and like so many people pointed out, but this was simply a mugging on two unsuspecting players with a player who has long history of dangerous hits (raffle Torres es que) can’t stop laughing at this decision
  4. Lol that was bad ; he’s a repeat offender and gets a 5,000$ fine nhl player safety is TOOO good.
  5. This is a terrible outcome. NT and TD just gave the Canucks a huge middle finger and payback for failing to sign a contract prior to this season. Who else is Todd Diarrhea representing ?
  6. Overall : 5 Current season: 2.5 We look lost out there. He arguably beats all the creativity out of players by forcing players into following the same old systems and patterns. He waits too long to make adjustment and has trouble making adjustments during the games. EP40, QH43, BB6, NH36 would have succeeded with or without Travis. I could argue that he’s actually detrimental to players development. Furthermore He is not just the coach for the players but the head honcho of the coaching staff yet the defence, offence and pp, pk look ever more disjointed. He doesn’t
  7. This team is going on a magical run, will make it to the playoffs and then will win the elusive cup, for the sake of my bet...
  8. Need to sign this guy
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