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  1. Did y’all see the new vid of our newest signing? Trying to watch JB’s post draft Presser video but keep getting redirected to this guys interview
  2. Imagine 18,000 fans shouting in unison a deafening chant to officially welcome him back Ni ki ta Ni ki ta Ni ki ta Ni ki ta Ni ki ta Ni ki ta Ni ki ta Ni ki ta Ni ki ta Ni ki ta Gonna be epic.
  3. That’s not an issue at all then Due to the extenuating circumstances they will change the dates to fit this new NHL schedule and so many RFA’s get an opportunity to sign.
  4. What is the issue? Russian season is finished by the time nhl season starts. He can sign then
  5. A portion of Fans will never be happy with what happens and they are revisionist historians for ex. None of you remember that We were down Boeser and we were in the fight for the playoffs that’s why Benning went out and got toffoli that move gave us enough to stay in the fight and make it to playoffs where we played 3 rounds. appraently success isn’t based on performance of the team but rather based on players contracts.
  6. We have so many options on d I don’t understand how everyone one is losing their minds. By my count we have OJ with a spot, then Rafferty, Brisbois, Chatfield, Rathbone and maybe even Tryamkin. That’s 6 extra defencemen in addition to Edler, Hughes, Myers, Ben. we’ll be ok
  7. If only Jake used his size and skating to play more like ovechkin we’d have an unstoppable beast one can dream
  8. 5 days since there was any news on the toffolli situation I will take that as a good sign.
  9. Rathboner made Troy expendable. It’s simple as that. Love Troy he played his heart Out every night. Hope we can bring him back at some point.
  10. Quinn Hughes will have his name on cups and win Norris trophies. This Calder trophy is the climax of Makars career.
  11. Better Coaching decisions would have given us a boost in the fuel tank. i just don’t get it. Why didn’t green swap in Mcewen & Erikson for the b2b? why not call a time out with a 5 min pp why not use our t/o at all ? like wtf is he doing back there. Day dreamin I guess. Absolutely clueless. The boys carried this coaching staff this far & NOT the other way around.
  12. Man green has no in game instincts and that’s what makes him an a mature coach