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  1. Whichever team gets to pick first in the 2017 NHL draft will be stupid not to pick Nolan Patrick.


    Future #1 C with elite vision, playmaking ability, high end NHL caliber shot, great skater and mobility along with great Size.


    Full package and a franchise player.

    1. Boeser6


      Yes - issue of concern really is injuries but I believe his two injuries were different (not a knee then same knee kind of thing). Regardless, it does give teams pause that he may be 'brittle'. I doubt it is enough to prevent someone from ignoring the points you made but I 'could' see a team wanting Hirschier. Issue on him is weight not 'size' so if a team thinks he can get up to 190/195 ish they may do it. He could be a Joe Sakic type player so don't discount his impact. I would think most teams with a legit shot are watching both very closely. Could even come down to interviews and how they come across.

    2. smithers joe

      smithers joe

      JB will have a complete book on both players and probably have issues on each that we don't consider. 

      back in time, montreal wanted the big power center in wickenheiser and passed on dennis savard. savard became a super star, while wick never lived up to his junior promise. hopefully get us a good player.