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  1. Not going to sugar coat it. Adam was never really put in a position to be a scorer. It’s one thing to try to mold a player to fill a positional need and another to recognize at which part of the game they excel at early in their career and give them the opportunities to succeed there. Gaudette on the 3rd line centre, anchored by underwhelming wingers is not a great opportunity for a young player to succeed and refine their game. Under these circumstances Adam never quite found the high octane offensive game that he excelled at in college.
  2. No need to. It’s become clear they are not upto the task based on their previous decisions.
  3. If Travis (Coach dumb) and Baumer (coach dumber) decide to ride one horse as they line to do most definitely we will get injuries. Regardless of a good or bad game 2 -3 players need to be rotated out every game to give maintenance days and opportunities to other similar players waiting on the sidelines. it’s not hard to see why this needs to happen. The schedule. This season. Yet the coaching staff has shown incapable of the noticing this in the past they were adamant to go with a set of players that showed poorly for a good chunk of the early 2021 season. Once their hand w
  4. Lot of uninformed opinions about Tanner in this thread. He’s been a consistent player during his time here and compliments Bo really well. With the addition of VP were gonna have one of the most affordable and rock solid second lines in the league. And media once again blowing a regular comment into a scandal. Seems like a lot of people fall for the drama.
  5. I don’t visit NHL.com often but when I do, I get annoyed as fxxx. Can’t watch any videos  without first having to watch a 20-30 second  advertisement play. 

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    2. Setyoureyesontheprize


      Which do you recommend?

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      i got mine through google chrome extensions, but its called "uBlock Origin"

    4. nuckin_futz


      I could barely use the internet without an ad blocker.

  6. The spacing is a little off, specifically when a member quotes someone and starts writing their response. Most people will not take the extra time to go down one line to then begin writing their response. As you can see in Example 1 this puts the response too close to the quote box making it slightly difficult to read. Especially if it’s a long paragraph. Ex 1. At least for me and based on what I’ve learned about design principles. Also not trying to rip on Hamhuis Hip Check here just for learning purpose, that hip got us to the 7th game of the Stanl
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