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  1. Haha it always ends with a shade at virtanen. Love it.
  2. Boys had heavy legs on a back to back; these are times you wonder if using taxi squad extras for some extra energy would make a difference.
  3. Big opportunity for Jake. Big time performance needed. we are already seeing how an injury to the top six f group will be testing our depth.
  4. We’ll need to wait and see but more talented line mates naturally leads to more scoring opportunities and once they start setting VP up with scoring chances look out. think of Quinn Hughes , Petey and Schmidt sending apples his way on the pp.
  5. Wow podz is a tank love it . Still 2 periods left. 3-0 lead most dangerous lead in hockey.
  6. Jokes on you. Green checks these forums everyday.
  7. Even in this bipolar market people will truly come to appreciate VP as an all around player and a true difference maker. The subtleties to his game at this age is astonishing which makes him a serious candidate for Vancouvers top two lines. When the dam finally bursts open for Podzy it’s going to be fun to watch. What are the historical comparables for Podkolzin? It’d have to be players with the same playing style and output/60 minutes and adjusted for differences in league difficulty. Ultimately I personally believe Vasili is going to have a distinguished career. Wait and see.
  8. He is now destined to become a great player the likes of which no one has ever seen.
  9. Another sneaky pick by JB. Gotta love this kids fire.
  10. I love this schedule. it’s like having an original six league except that there’s 7 teams and they are all Canadian. if you think about it we’re about to experience what it must have been like in a league with just a handful of teams competing against each other.
  11. JB will wait as long as it takes to get Nikita over here. He knows the value this behemoth player has In terms of presence alone that it’s worth the wait until he can legally come over from Russia.