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  1. I agree with the fact one ref sees it different from another, but unless there is a league standard that is upheld, then the players have no basis to what they're playing against
  2. I don't think it's about calling every single infraction. To me it means, setting a league standard and calling it consistently, which will likely ever happen.
  3. Thing is, he wasn't even elbowed in the smacker. Garland was aware of his incoming presence, braced himself, and threw a reverse hit without throwing an elbow.
  4. Totally. That was not a penalty. What do you expect, Garland not to brace himself and not throw a reverse hit? Zadina hit his head on the # 8. Goes to show how strong that little bugger is!
  5. I said it earlier today, we are a strong team once Boeser and Motte return. There's a lot of depth on this team. It's all about consistency.
  6. In which way is he an improvement other than his experience? He doesn't fight and stand up for his teammates. Zack protects his team.
  7. And Rathbone. I want to see what we have first.
  8. I like this idea. Having Miller as 3c is no disrespect. You have so much depth where you can roll the top 3 lines evenly. It's an onslaught of talent coming right at you.
  9. I suggested that months ago. A net front presence who plays tough in front of the net, has a great scoring touch and would be a deterrent to anyone thinking about taking liberties on Petey.
  10. Plus, this year is his contract year. He's playing for money. He should be completely ashamed, but apparently he's not. You're right, what a disaster. And that's not on Benning. If he performed anywhere near to his contract year in Boston, no one would be complaining. But he didn't. He's milking it. Edit: What this does show is complete lack of professionalism. He should be playing his heart our, period.
  11. OJ is clearly the more composed, better defender. But even his shot is strong and accurate. OJ doesn't get PK time for nothing. I really like Rathbone, and suggested trying him on LW. 5'11 and 190 isn't small. Smyl and Wendell Clark did quite well.
  12. Olli will not make it to Abbotsford. He'll be grabbed off the waiver wire in a heart beat. Guaranteed.
  13. I completely agree. Most of the best players play a complete 200 foot game, and EP40 does that better than Marner. Especially when push comes to shove, in the playoffs.
  14. I say, trade Kane to Calgary! Haha! He will fit in well with Tkaschmuk! Haha!
  15. Two completely different players. Both potentially great, but I like the fact Podz plays with the heart of a lion. He's not going to be easy to play against.
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