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  1. Tell the boys to get the stream goin. This is lookin like a fight you dont want to miss
  2. You can thank the Sedins for having an imput on who they wanted to sign. Jason Spezza recieved a 7.5m contract extension fofollowing his 30 goal campaign in the same year. Spezza has been far more useless since his contract extension, compared to Loui. Despite not scoring and not being put in a role to score, Loui is excellent defensively and one of the more reliable PK and 5v5 defensive specialists. No one could have predicted 2 injuries in his first 2 seasons that limited him, then having the Sedins retire. Leaving no real decent players to fill that void. its pretty easy to shut down a couple players when you have no legitimate first or second line. All any other teams have had to do is shut down a couple players and Vancouver was ineffective. NOW we have two good lines and its not so easy to deal with us. Can you imagine if we tacked on an extra 1.5mil to Erikssons contract without a NMC or M-NTC. His contract would be just as immovable and would be taking up a very much needed extra 1.5mil. If you want to cry about his contract based on hindsight, then maybe open your eyes and look at the lack of a supporting cast there was and his change in role. He has not been used for scoring, he has been used for PK and defensive zone draws Like I said, this teams window to win is JUST now opening. To this point, his contract has not caused casualties and wether or not he is moved now or plays out his contract, its like have a 6mil savings for the UFA we NEED to put us over the edge and win it all.
  3. Okay, first off.... Loui had posted 30 goals, before signing with Van. That was fair value for what he had just accomplished. Secondly, he had great chemistry with the Sedins internationally and they wanted Eriksson. It was a no brainer choice to go for a guy who posted 30 goals and was a fairly good player in the league and to put him with guys he had success with on international ice. His point total would have been expected to jump significantly. Lastly, he was signed to play with the Sedins in the twilight of their career. It wasnt exactly a fair shake for Loui, to expect him to come in and resurrect the careers of the Sedins and for everyone to put up 80-90pts. The Sedins retired shortly after and the team was in a rebuild stage. Loui also suffered 2 big injuries in his first 2 seasons with the Canucks. He missed 17 games in his first season and 32 in his second season. Which at that point the team was a shell of its former self. We had Horvat as the one bright spot on the team, with nothing much to follow. The team hasnt been competitive in years. Loui is no McDavid and couldnt carry this team from the day he was signed. He was signed to an old, stale, shallow team, with no real prospects in the pipes. But his contract at the time was fair for what he had accomplished, he unfortunately had injuries and the Canucks have been a very weak team over the years. Get over it. It wast a bad signing, it was bad timing and bad luck. Its not like it stopped us from winning a cup in the past 4 years. Our window is just opening now and Eriksson will soon be gone, either via trade or retirement. Regardless the team is now in a competitive stage and that 6 mil that comes off in 2 years, will leave a nice juicy spot for the UFA we need
  4. The quote that really gives me goosebumps is when Toffoli said “its a very exciting time in Vancouver and people want to be part of it.” Reminds me of the 2011 run, where we were a sought out destination for free agents the years leading up to that cup run.
  5. In bold - I’ve been a Virtanen supporter, but every other player on the team came in to the playoffs ready to play and played well, so there is no excuse. Virtanen lacks consitency period. He looks like a player without passion, he coasts around and fails to get engaged in the game more often than not. When he DOES, he either takes a stupid penalty, or on the odd occassion he becomes a fast, physical force. But its never consistent long enough. To me it just seems like there is some sort of distraction interfering with his game. I will say that in the playoffs this year, he did make several smart defensive plays that prevented a great chance or a puck in the back of the net a few times. He never seems to like to carry the puck and he doesnt drive the net and use his body, strength and speed to his advantage. He instead tries to chip it and retrieve it, when he could use his skating to beat the dman. Hes a gifted skater, he’s so powerful and smooth when he skates, but he seems afraid to try and take the puck at the dman. I really want to see that light go off in his head and for him to figure out how to stay engaged a game from puck drop. He looks like he just doesnt care to play half the time. Wether hes lost the passion for the sport, frustrated with how Green plays him, his ice time, the negative media that follows the hometown kid and always seeming to be in the dog house. But something is in the way of Jake staying mentally focused. I hope for his sake that he figures it out, unfortunately I believe for him, a change of scenery may be the much needed answer for him.
  6. Travis Green made the right choice to start Marky in the back to backs. Down 2-1 in the series to a very strong Vegas team. The risk of putting in Demko who had played 9 minutes of hockey after seeing no game action for months and going down 3-1 is too great of a risk. Unfortunately We still lost that game, depsite leading going into the 3rd, Marky tweaked something. But logically he would have been our best choice to try and win a pivotal and critical game. Had we put Demko in and lost that game, Green would have been skinned alive as to why the f*** was a backup goalie in net in a crucial game. A guy who played a total of 9 minutes of game time in 5 months. Marky was playing lights out throughout the playoffs. Its easy to play your 2nd string goalie in a back to back when you are leading in a series. Its not such an easy choice when you trail 2-1 and face the possibility of going down 3-1 which is devastating task of overcoming. However, what New York Islanders did differently in their series was play their back up in game 3 and their starter in game 4 so that if game 3 slipped away, they could have their starting goalie fresh for the pivotal game 4. Boston and Colorado were screwed and didnt have their true starters.
  7. Having Meyers for the entire series, we likely would have won. The moment meyers came back, their odd man advantages and slot opportunities disappeared. We kept them to the perimeter and didnt allow many grade a chances.
  8. Not going to lie, in the first 5 minutes of the game, I knew it was going to be a very long uphill battle. The team looked tired from the moment the puck dropped. We had a long hard grind to get to that game 7, when you include the two prior series, the war of attrition began to show, the longer the series went, the slower we were to the puck. And you know what? I am 100% okay with how game 7 went. I saw guys beaten down and burnt out, STILL taking hits to make the play, STILL diving in front of pucks, STILL winning faceoff battles. A team that gave it every single ounce of energy they had, against a top seeded, much bigger, faster and deeper Vegas... we still took them to the 54 minute mark of game 7 before they could finally break us. This is a measuring stick for Benning to fill the holes and a great experience for the Canucks to know what next year will be. you can look at it many ways, had Marky not played injured and a few bounces did not go Vegas’s way in game 4, game 6 would have been an elimination game for Vegas. We were leading going into the 3rd and some bounces went Vegas’s way. None the less, we didnt roll over and play dead being down 3-1 in a series to a top ranked team. We dug deep and forced a game 7 into the final moments where we eventually came up short. Next year will be better
  9. Yes his friends werent in Edmonton, I was mentioning the seasonal lack of consistency and then now in the playoffs, he still shows the same tendencies. Gets a goal or gets a little involved physically and then disappears. I was thinking for a long time it was being in his home city and having several distractions and then getting in $&!# for it and that led to his inconsistency, but now there are no distractions and maybe its just his inability to adapt to the 3/4th line role
  10. Ive tried to remain patient Virtanen but I feel this might be his last season with Vancouver. All the tools and potential to be a game changer, but lacks consitency and confidence. A trade out east may help him ressurect his potential. Idk if hes struggling to adapt to a bottom 6 role or if being the hometown guy plays to his disadvantage with all the distractions, Its never easy to say no to hanging out with buddies or celebrating moments with friends when you’re all in the same city. Idk if he feels a sense of guilt if he says no and feels obligated at times. But i think right now, for him he needs a change of scenery. He might get his head on straight and come to play with more intensity and consistency with less distractions around him and maybe put in a role to succeed.
  11. Markstrom had an MVP season for Vancouver this year. He finished 7th in Vezina votes and out of every single goalie in the league, he allowed the FEWEST clear sight shots in, a clear sight shot is when a shooter is in position with half a second of clear vision on the puck before it was released. Markstrom didn’t allow one of those to get past him. Marky would like to stay in Vancouver, his best chance of staying is by signing a 1 year deal to avoid the ED. After the draft he can re-sign with Vancouver and both sides can agree on a fair contract in both term and dollar In the 1 year contract, 60/40 split between Marky-Demko we will be able to evaluate Demko with a larger scale of games played. We are able to protect both goalies due to a 1 year contract from the Seattle draft. After the expansion draft, we work out a fair deal for both Vancouvers future and Marky's value. A goalie under contract is far more valuable than a goalie who is a pending UFA. So if we are able to re-sign Marky after the draft, Depending on how each goalie performs, we can move the goalie who loses the starting job if we need to. if we let Marky walk, Marky, there is not much to back up Demko if he is to miss any chunk of time. Can you imagine this playoff run, without Marky and having Demko go down for the same amount of games as Markstrom. Domingue would be the next guy in net. We NEED a 1a 1b sort of goaltending duo in order to succeed. Injuries are a thing and we cant get by on luck forever, we need the proper players in place for those circumstances, and Domingue is not that guy, nor is DiPietro ready for that. Ideally I would like us to find a way to keep both Demko and Markstrom, and in a few years allow Demko to slowly take on more games each year until he is the permanent #1 with Markstrom moving towards back up as his career approaches the decline and having DiPietro marinating in the minors and ready to be called upon to start his NHL career