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  1. Benning came to Vancouver May 21st 2014 which was 5 weeks prior to the draft. Benning made the selection, but Eric Crawford was the head of the scouting department and department of player personnel and was here from 2008-2015 in which our drafting was horrendous. Benning addressed that issue. He definitely wasnt gifted anything, a few shifts is not being gifted a season long opportunity and playing less than 13mins a game isnt going to get you anywhere, especially when you dont see PP time and your zone starts are 50/50. Virtanen was far from being gifted anything.
  2. Well considering we didnt draft Leipsic, Goldy, Dahlen or Rafferty… I’d say @Wolfgang Durst’s IQ is showing too.
  3. Glad there is cap retention too. I think this trade is going to pay off for both teams. We added a 15-20goal scorer to help and OEL may have had some “rough” numbers the past couple seasons, but lets just remind everyone HE PLAYED IN F***ING ARIZONA and everyone had rough numbers.
  4. I think its more like a back room deal thing and things are agreed upon and then after the roster freeze guys will get shuffled around. Sorts like a “If you dont take this guy, I’ll give you that guy” sorta thing
  5. My question is, with UFAs is their any sort of rule against players re-signing with their respective clubs during the expansion draft if it is publicly known they do not wish to sign elsewhere and refuse to sign with the Kraken, its almost like they are a protected player…. And ironically all UFAs do not want to resign with their current club and they all seem to be “confirmed” to head to free agency. Like idk why Landeskog would want to walk away from Colorado, Edler made it clear in his last negotiations he wanted to remain a Canuck which is why he took a 2 year deal so that he protects hims
  6. 100% And hes such a down to earth nice guy. I really hope he can find his game again and his knee gets back to normal
  7. We are years away from concern when it comes to the prospect pool. First off we have a pretty good prospect pool, outside of our current NHLers that have been drafted in the last 5 years. Teams build through the draft and fine tune the team through trade and FA. I wouldnt say we are giving up “the future”. Horvat, Boeser, Pettersson, Hughes, Podkolzin, Demko, Hoglander…… these guys are the future. We will recoup talent in the years to come. We have solid core and that core will hold down the fort for the next 8+ Years. 4-5 years of consecutive good drafting to assemble y
  8. I dont give a flying f*** about Dickinsons stats. What I love most and what gives me a lot of excitement about this kid is his belief in himself and his desire to play the match up game and how much he yearns for the task of shutting down the top players and how he is so deeply driven to be better than the guy across from him. I am going to say it now,with Dickinsons mindset and his drive, he is going to score a big goal at some point either in the regular season that gets this team through a struggle or at some point in the playoffs ala burrows slaying the dragon. Maybe not a SCF GWG series c
  9. Actually Carolina is kind of in a sticky situation. 29 mil in cap space but only 12 guys signed and 0 goalies signed. So their contract situation is a little complicated right now. They cant afford to add anyone from the outside quite yet. They need to figure out how they can sign 11 more players with 29.5mil cap space
  10. Im pretty pumped up about this kid. We got a former 1st rounder, young, good skating, heavy body and he has confidence in himself to rise to the occasion and be better than the guy hes tasked with shutting down. “Offensively, I have a lot more in me,” he told Sportsnet after Saturday’s trade to the Canucks. “But my defensive game, I feel like that is where I’ve been able to solidify myself. I’ve found my game. I know where I stand there and I love the matchup game. Once I’ve got a guy I know I need to outplay, that’s when my game starts to shine and I play at my best.
  11. Happy birthday Loui! I hear uncle Benning got you press box tickets for the season!!!
  12. Benning has moved out as many picks as he has moved in. He has acquired 1st round talent for 1st round picks. Toffoli was the only exchange where we lost picks and got nothing out of the deal and that is 100% due to the flat cap. Tofu was acquired prior to COVID, the cap was expected to rise to 84.5 to 88 mil for this upcoming season. It wasnt until July that the announcement was made that the cap was going to remain flat for the next couple years. Pearson was already under contract and came in at a cheaper extension than Toffoli, we had to brace ourselves for the Petey, Hughes and
  13. Actually no I didnt. On a low scoring Dallas team he was projected for 11goals in an 82 game season… on a low scoring team…..in the bottom 6…. Compared to TBL, VGK, COL who were all high scoring teams. He was on the same pace as guys like Carrier, Roy, Cirelli, Johnson, D. Toews, Jost, Bellemare and Goodrow. All projected to score between 10-12 goals in a regular 82 game season. He wasnt acquired to be in the top 6 and provide goal scoring he was acquired to be in the bottom 6 and provide the role of bottom 6 players while occasionally contributing goals.
  14. Haha, ok. I’ll tell you who, Bottom 6 lines need goals from a bottom 6 player. Look how great it worked for Tampa to win back to back cups with contributions from the bottom 6 and the prices they paid for bottom 6 scoring. Any time Jim can flip a pick for an actual NHL player, it gives us an actual NHL player and not the hopes of an NHL player. Trust every cup winning team, you need scoring in the bottom 6. Its not a blockbuster deal that puts us over the top, but its a step in the right direction. Also… look how great it worked for Edmonton?? Their top line got shut
  15. There is zero need to be aggressive prior to the expansion draft, it will just end up in lost assets or someone else of value being exposed. Wait until the draft passes.
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