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  1. Heres what yours and that other posters ideal move is for Gudbranson - skate onto the puck on his backhand and hope to be able to handle it in tight on his backhand and hope to not overskate it - carry it on the backhand and make a backhand pass. You have on option, a backhand pass Heres what a veteran move is - take the puck on the backhand - move the puck laterally to the forehand and cross over towards the inside once Ive crossed over, ive taken the puck on my backhand from 3 feet to the left to 6 feet across my body and onto my forehand - I have stepped to the side of the forecheck at this point - i now have the puck on my forehand - no forechecker directly infront of me - From here I have 3 options - get a shot on net - pass it to the forward on the wall - dump it in My 3 options are far better and far more useful and higher chance plays than your 1 option of trying to dish a puck on the backhand across your body as a poke check is coming in the from the opposite side of the puck and going to meet head on with your backhand, you are stranded and stuck with no more options. You think because the puck is on your backhand side that you have to carry it and move it with the backhand. A veteran would know that they have more options, such as moving it from the backhand to the forehand for better control and being on their strong side. Go grab a stick and try to make a 2 handed backhand toe drag in tight and across your body. You cant, your bottom hand will tie you up. With your top hand on the stick and your bottom hand off the stick, you can pull the puck in tight and across your body in tight. Its the forwards fault Guddy had no time. Straight up that play broke down and fell a part on the drop of the puck
  2. Oh… my god…. If you watch the clip again, Gubranson wasnt reaching 10 feet out to get the puck, it was in tight to his reach, he had to stop and try to bring the puck back the other way because it was in too tight for him on his backhand and being under pressure, its just as easy of a poke check, gubranson would have to carry the puck in his backhand, which puts the puck on the side of the attacker, he would have to move the puck tight along the blueline to keep it in on his backhand, while not pulling it back and away from the forechecker. tie up your guy on the faceoff for .2, seconds and this whole issue is avoided. There is time for gudbranson to move it to his forehand and make a play. Instead he is stuck on his backhand awkwardly in tight, cant make a proper pass in tight on the backhand like that, one stride too much and he overskates it. Its a broken play and a forechecker who was free to walk up the middle and attack. That is on the forward to buy his dman time.
  3. Agree to disagree. I say a rookie forward could have tied up his guy off the draw for a split second which would have bought Gudbranson enough time to make the play he was trying, moving the puck from the weakside to his strong side to make a play.
  4. but he was waaaaaaay over by the bench, he should have stepped back and closer to guddy to take away the middle of the ice incase anything went wrong. Which it did… leaving the entire middle of the ice wide open. Sure Gudbranson could have exited the zone and started a regroup, but he still needed to get control of the puck. He had to pull it in a bit to actually put a bit of mustard on the pass to send it to the other dman. Either way, guddy was put in an awkward spot, the forwards failed to buy him a fraction of a second to maybe get that puck pulled over to the forehand or to dish it outside the zone and to his partner who was in no mans land
  5. The problem is the forwards leaving their dman in a pickle. Its plain and simple. Once again… on his backhand, in tight… any more strides towards the middle and hes overstepping the puck on his backhand which is the most difficult to play the puck in tight. Its why its best to have rights on the right side and lefties on the left. Your stronger along the boards in puck battles, its easier to control the puck coming off the boards from your forehand and you can send the puck over to the other dman. You cant make that play on your backhand side, you need to move it to the forehand, which is exactly what Gudbranson tried to do. the coach is going to rip the forwards a part for letting a guy take a straight line to a dman who is the last line of defence. If he doesnt have enough time and loses the puck its a free skate into the other end, which is exactly what happened. End of story
  6. And look where the oilers stick is. Its taking away ANY backhand play. First off like i said a few times now. Look at where Gudbranson took the puck, it was in tight on his backhand side. If he keeps skating like you want him to, he is going to overskate the puck and its goint to be in even tighter to his feet and even more awkward to deal with on his backhand. If it was his forehand, SURE he could possibly skate onto it and push it forward and skate with it. It is not so easy to skate onto a puck in tight on your back hand
  7. STAND YOUR GROUND!! BATTLE FOR THE LANE. Dont give the up the god damn highway to hell. Make him go around you, its buying your team time on the the ice to make a play. ITS NOT INTERFERENCE Guddy moved to the bloody middle to get the puck, he tried to step back the other way and get around the checker. If Guddy keeps going to the middle, on his bloody backhand he is an easy check. No lateral movement whatsoever. He is a sitting duck. What do you not understand about that. If he keeps going to the middle, on his backhand, he is stuck on his backhand and has very little options, far less options than trying to pull it to the forehand and dish it down low. I really get the sense you played hockey for fun and not competitively, no offence, but you are a bit confused.
  8. DUDE HES ON HIS BACKHAND THE FORWARD IS BEHIND HIM. The puck STILL has to move LATERALLY BACK TOWARD the forward. He is still under pressure and has to move the puck in a similar path as his attempt to drag it back in. So you played Hockey.. good to know, I still do and I am a Dman. So let me just walk you through this one more time. Guddy took the puck on his backhand, correct? It was in tight on his backhand, correct? He got poke checked trying to shift it from backhand to forehand, while the puck was still on his backhand, correct? Okay now that we broke down that play, lets break down the play you wanted him to make. Puck is on his backhand, he should move it on his backhand to the forward on the wall. Right? How do you move the puck on your backhand behind you? By moving the puck across your body. If he makes a backhand pass, he has to somewhat follow through, you cant make a pass without moving your stick. HE WOULD STILL BE POKE CHECKED. ITS A BACKHAND PLAY EITHER WAY. Passing or shifting it to the forehand And now Im the pissed off Dman because you are the goal scoring forward who parted the bloody seas and is looking to chisel a tip in shot from the point. Meanwhile im dealing with a puck in tight on my backhand with a guy coming almost full speed and Im still just trying to get control of the puck. 100% that is your fault for putting me in that situation and not buying me any time, the only way I can possibly buy myself a split second of time is to try and make lateral movement to open up space because YOU left your man free to walk right up the middle and attack me.
  9. Exactly. You can line up tight to the guy off the draw and tie him up for a brief second, engage forwards. Im not saying grab the guy and get both hands on him. Just engage him and he cant come straight out. Dont step to the side and let him skate straight at your dman whos on is still moving for the puck on his weakside. .2 more of a second for Guddy gives him enough time to move the puck laterally across his body, avoid the poke check and get the puck on his strong side. Its simple hockey from the faceoff that was a huge breakdown. Guddy is moving laterally to get the puck, while the oiler forward is skating a direct path. Guddy needs to move laterally back the other way to relieve pressure and separate himself from the checker, his forwards didnt buy him ANY time
  10. If Guddy had less than half a bloody second.. .2 of a second more of time, he would have safely made that play. But because the Flames let the Oiler skate right through with a direct path, not having to go through or around anyone, Guddy was instantly under pressure. Its a pretty peewee level play to TIE YOUR MAN UP
  11. How does a guy take a puck on the backhand and face towards the player behind him? And NO It is not interference to tie a guy up for a split second off the draw. Watch tonight, you’ll see guys battling off the draw. Its interference if you go out of your way to step into the guy and stop him. Why and how the f*** is the oiler forward able to skate a completely straight line at Guddy. The flames forwards basically parted the sea’s for him Guddys one and only “outlet” pass is on his forehand side, not his backhand. If Guddy keeps going to the middle, the wall is further and further away and he is on his backhand. Its not an easy chip to make because the has to send the puck over THE SAME way he tried to carry it. do you play hockey or at least play defence? Honest question.
  12. No actually its not interfere off the draw. You can tie a guy up for a split second. You’re both stationary. If the guy was already in stride and you go out of your way to step into him and hold him up, its interference. Even if he doesnt “tie him up” he could get in his way and force the guy to take a different route that might buy Guddy some time to make that play. Instead of allowing a straight run at him 1) Gudbranson had to take the puck on the backhand and get control. If he has to reach out on his back hand with 2 hands on the stick, he is not set up to make a pass. Hes reaching for control. Using 1 hand to stop the puck and pull it in gives him better control. He doesnt have to turn his back to the play. edit: The reason using 1 hand to pull it in gives better control is because he can open up and move the puck. 2 hands on the stick for that play, Guddy cant open up and step laterally which is what he was trying to do. To step to the side of the forechecker and give himself space and open up a shooting lane or passing lane. 2) if he turns his back to the play he has no options. He cant move laterally and he can easily be checked, which is why I will go back to my first point about using 1 hand on the back hand. He opens himself up to move laterally. He has options IF he has time. He can either get it to his forehand and make a strong pass or dump in to the corner or get a shot on net. 3) the reason why he is moving before having full control of the puck is to separate himself from the checker even further. If he had less than half a second more, the puck would have been moved from backhand to forehand and he would have been able to move the puck to the guy on the boards. But because the forwards did not tie their guy up off the draw for half a second, Guddy was under pressure without full control of the puck and on his backhand. Even if he reaches with 2 hands, his only play to make is a backhand dump in through the middle where there was another coiler waiting.
  13. I blame the forward 100% The puck came back and he had to take it on his backhand and got poke checked as he was trying to get actual control of the puck. He was caught in an awkward position and tried to get it on the forehand to dump it back in deep. The forward should have had his guy tied up. Thats not entirely on Gudbranson, winger let his man through and Guddy got poke checked. Thats being blown out of proportion because of who it is. edit: Also wtf is the other dman doing at the bloody bench?! He shouldnt be 70 feet apart from his dman who is under pressure and on his back hand. Guddy has no one to dish the puck to. Zero. zilch. If he backhands that its going to the coiler forward in the high slot and its a break out
  14. So because Rathbone had a goal and an apple on the PP he’s head and shoulders above the rest? Yet OJ killed JRs piss poor tripping call on his bad positioning, OJ stifled the oppostions NHL roster PP, won puck battles on the PK and got the puck out of the zone.. OJ made up for the the lack of D the team had. Hunt played great as well. But Rathbone was getting worked in his own zone. He’s great in the ozone, but not ready to be an NHL caliber Dzone guy. Until he learns the dzone, he is a liability. We cant have him AND Hughes getting bent over.
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