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  1. How many times do I have to say it?? WHAT PART OF OWNERSHIP CONTROL DO YOU NOT COMPREHEND. Its pretty well known that Aquaman is a hands on owner and very involved. THE REBUILD WILL NOT HAPPEN UNTIL THE SEDINS RETIRE. THAT IS NOT IN BENNINGS CONTROL. Look at it from this perspective. In 2013 what was the future? Horvat In 2016 what did the future look like? Horvat Boeser, Virtanen, Juolevi, Demko in 2018 what did the future look like? Horvat, Boeser, Virtanen, Juolevi, Lockwood, Demko, Pettersson, Rathbone, DiPietro, Gadjovich, Lind How about the future in
  2. Haha they can say what ever makes them feel smarter, which isnt hard to do because the posters coming at me arent that bright. See I appreciate a poster like yourself who can be civil and at least see some of the light at the end of the tunnel even if we dont fully agree or see eye to eye. But if someone cant see a god damn thing infront of them and see the direction we are heading now as opposed to previous seasons and previous tendencies of JBs such as signing vets for overpaid contracts with term. Then they have zero f***ing clue. Prior JB tendencies: sign vets to play with the Sed
  3. Comin from the 27 rep poster you never had a say. How do you not comprehend that the rebuild didnt start until the Sedins retired in 2018. Talk about trying to have a conversation with a flat earther. Its hard to articulate a clear point to the blind deaf and daft. You cant get it through your thick head that the organization was a tire fire when Benning was hired. He made a lot of change in the first offseason and made the playoffs in a very succesful season. Unfortunately the fire was still burning, there were no prospects from previous drafting/development to help put
  4. Nah I dont feel like im getting shredded. Im sick of repeating myself. The stupidity of a few posters here have been wearing my patience thin and they came at me to start, which stemmed from a joke. One poster just follows my every post like a lost puppy. Im looking at the bigger picture, too many people are focusing on today and not thinking about tomorrow or next week. 2014 to the end of 2018 were re-tooling years. 2018 onward have been rebuilding years. Sure we made it into the play-in rounds on a technicality. But we EARNED a playoff spot. In which we managed to beat
  5. Either we compare our season with teams who had the same obstacles (there are no other teams who missed a month mid season) we had the highest amount of games played by 5 games on most teams in the league before we got shut down for COVID at the 37 game mark In a normal season thats nearly 2 weeks of games. We sat for a month and went cold. We finished the season with the harshest scheduling to make up for lost time. this is not a season to gauge the canucks. Next season is when all teams have the same preparation, no delays and same scheduling. Put every sin
  6. You are delusional. You are actually an idiot. Even Murph just said prior to puck drop how challenging our scheduling was to start. We came out slow and we had a hard time catching up because we played more games in less time than every single team in the league and we were battling conditioning and fatigue. Thats fine and fair, the whole league had to deal with that. We started to find our feet and over a 15 game stretch we were one of the hottest teams in the NHL before COVID. When we got shut down due to COVID, we had played 37 games... the average team in the league was around 32 game
  7. I totally agree that Petey and Hughes arent enough to carry a series. Its who we surround them with. So yes Horvat, Boeser, Hoglander are all important players for the future. We also have an up and coming star goalie in Demko, theres the development of DiPietro to back that up as well. There is Podkolzin on the horizon, another top 10 draft pick. Guys like Karlsson, Gadjovich, Lind, Lockwood, Jurmo and a handful of other prospects who could take the next step and blossom into NHL players. We have lots to look forward through strictly from how we have drafted. When the time is right, we will m
  8. Basketball court is ———> @wallstreetamigo this is my last response to you.
  9. Go look at the draft cycle I posted a few pages back as to how all cup winners in the last 12 years were built by drafting 6-12 years prior to their cup win. Tampa and Washington are the perfect examples of how rebuilding takes time. It took 10+ years for both franchises to win a cup after they started their rebuild in 04 and 08 respectively. We are in year 3... i repeat year f***ing 3. missed playoffs the first year, made a decent run in the 2nd year, this year was NOT AT ALL A FAIR SEASON FOR THE CANUCKS WITHOUT HOMERISM. WE HAD THE TOUGHEST SCHEDUL
  10. And as its been mentioned before, prior to the Sedins retiring Ownership was still hanging onto the hopes of playoff revenue. This is why it never happened when he first arrived. It wasnt until the Sedins retired that Ownership HAD TO accept a rebuild.
  11. you are actually the dumbest person on earth. ive told you why he made that trade. Stick to basketball you are as dumb and naive as can be to believe that because Toffoli put up 28g in a COVID season with some weak ass teams that he will replicate this next year and continue to build on that. Go shoot some hoops You are the biggest f***ing liar if you say that you knew Eriksson would turn out to be a complete shamble when we acquired him. There was a lot to be hyped about and believe in when we signed Eriksson to play with the Sedins, NO ONE saw it panning out the
  12. THE F***ING SEDINS WERE ON THE F***ING TEAM AND WERE THE ONLY SCORING LINE WE HAD. They had ZERO supporting cast thanks to Gillis. Kesler had good seasons on a GOOD team. He lasted 3 seasons and that 4th season was an absolute atrocity GILLIS’S LAST SEASON 2013-14 25th 36-35-11 https://www.hockeydb.com/ihdb/stats/leagues/seasons/teams/0000392014.html BENNINGS FIRST SEASON 2014-15 8th 48-29-5 made the playoffs https://www.hockeydb.com/ihdb/stats/leagues/seasons/teams/0000392015.html The lack of Gillis’s drafting and holding onto th
  13. You’re right, he left him with Horvat, zero other prospects and a bunch of older and declining players. Had Gillis or even Nonis been able to draft, you could make the argument that they left something for Benning. But the main core was from the Burke era It was Burke who left things behind for Benning, unfortunately that core was drafted between ‘99-04. Gillis and Nonis acquired other pieces, but they were all 30+ by then. Aside from Horvat. He may have had a solid base on the ice, but he didnt have any reinforcements outside of that.... like maybe another prospect
  14. Okay I understand how you feel about the Toffoli situation. But you just arent getting it. We looked like we had an opportunity to make the playoffs the way things were going. Benning made a trade to acquire Toffoli to push for playoffs which IS the goal ultimately. Adding Toffoli to our top 6 makes us a threat in the playoffs if we make it in. We ended up making it into the play-in round and we earned a spot in the playoffs. Hooray!!! We played the defending champs and we dusted them in 6. HOOOORAAAAY we won a playoff round! We met up with Vega
  15. Did you see a future before the Sedins retired? Do you see a future after the Sedins retired? I can see a future now and its not too far away. Petey, Boeser, Horvat, Miller, Hoglander, Hughes, Demko, Dipietro, Lind, Gadjovich, Lockwood, Woo, Rafferty, Podkolzin, Juolevi, Rathbone, another top 10 pick. And many more up and coming prospects with potential. we are lightyears ahead of where we were 4 years ago.
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