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  1. And right there you have it. Perhaps he is focusing more on proper stride instead of speed? Rehabbing through repetition, reducing chance of re-injury. It is just the beginning of training camp… no need to go all out and potentially have a set back.
  2. I seem to remember a couple of calls because Myers was the bigger guy too… He did take a couple bad ones tough, but also got nailed for being big. Its kinda BS when Chara is able to excercise his size and take some “bad penalties” but everyone praises him for being big and nasty, Myers tries and gets crucified by the reffs AND the fans.
  3. This is my personal view on these teams LAK is still a couple years away, not to mention Kopitar and Doughty’s careers are winding down. They have a ton of youth, but like all young teams, they need some experience. I give them a couple years and they are going to be a good team NJD have a fair amount of young talent. Once again though, they need some time to marinate OTT is pretty damn close to being a seriously competitive team. Goaltending is where they are a bit weak, for now. CHI could be a pretty good team, but how is Toews going to be when he comes
  4. I was actually moreso going at another fan, i just threw in the Jack Hughes comment at the end. Also being his brother, you think he would be privy to what the Quinn Hughes and the team went through with COVID. Calling us one of the worst teams is incorrect, we were a better team than where we finished and we finished ahead of 7 teams while we battled COVID, no star player, the handsdown worst scheduling for an entire season (thanks to the timing of COVID hitting us) and we still only missed the playoffs by 9 points. Thats pretty impressive considering all that we went through.
  5. 100% this team is going to be exciting to watch. I feel confident about the roster we have and that we can be a playoff team and make some noise. Our window is just opening and I think with just a little bit more experience playing at the NHL level to go with all the talent, heart and perseverance this club has… we are going to be headed for a great run. If you look at some of the usual contenders, they are pretty old… we are closing in on the careers of Ovechkin, Backstrom, Malkin, Crosby, Bergeron, we are only a handful of years away from seeing some of the most dominant players the last 15
  6. I dont care as much about Jack’s comments as I do comments from our own fan base. I said F U to Jack, I am more disgusted with “fans”for saying this team was one of the worst teams. To follow this team and call them the worst team in the league and completely dismiss what this team went through, as a team is downright ignorant. The boys went through absolute hell and I will not stand for anyone bashing this team as a fan after what they went through. They finished low, but they were a lot better than what the standings if it wasnt for COVID.
  7. Well maybe you should have at least read the last paragraph. It was the most important one. Unlucky season =/= bad team You are merely going off standings. They are not and were not the worst team. They had the hardest obstacles to overcome, unlike any other team in the NHL. I think you are getting your lingo mixed up. Calling a team the worst team is saying they flat out sucked at hockey which is not the case.
  8. First off we were a winning team the prior season and we were not a laughing stock of the league. Thats Buffalol and Toronto. Buffalo has been in a perpetual rebuild. Toronto finds ways to choke harder than Riley Reid each time the post season comes around. Tanner Pearson and Poolman are on pretty cheap deals. Would you rather pay more for a declining Toffoli? He is turning 30 within the next year and is on that inevitable downward slope. And instead of Poolman, how about we keep Tanev and pay for a guy whos had a lot of mileage and a tonnnnn of injuries… those injuries are gunna c
  9. Worst division went to the finals lol? What does that say about the conference? If you want to describe the Canucks as one of the worst teams in the league based on last season, you can just head on over to the Maple Leafs forums and hangout with those guys. What do you base your analysis off of? What makes Vancouver one of the worst teams? Please tell me more than just the overall standings, because if all you have to point at is the standings, you arent much of a fan or a follower of the team and you are more of a bandwagoner. ‘The team is winning, they are good, I better hop on!! Hm
  10. Yea Vancouver finished low in the standings… but do you really believe thats how “good” our team is? We missed playoffs by 9 points with all the hurdles and crap we had to go through, which I am aware every team has hurdles such as injuries and scheduling… but COVID??? No one else, other than Dallas had a similar situation to our season and Dallas also missed the playoffs after being in the SCF. Vancouver was better than where they finished, it wasn’t a fluke we went 36-27-3 the season prior and we EARNED a playoff berth by winning a play-in round and then beat the defending champs in 6 games
  11. Its simple, party like a rockstar, be a complete dbag, develop a gambling problem, file for bankruptcy, knock up the same chick 3 times, say you will pay for abortions and then only pay for 1 of them, get divorced and then investigated by the NHL for betting on games.. and thats all in less than 20 years… can you imagine another 10+ years of that life style?
  12. Holy f*** this kid sounds terrifying. I see why they call him the lion.
  13. Petey scored at almost the exact same rate in his first 2 seasons. 2018-19 .39gpg 2019-20 .40gpg 2020-21 .38gpg Keep in mind Vancouver played 18 games in 30 days to start the season and 30 games in less than 50 days I think? Fatigue is definitely a contributing factor, plus no real training camp/pre-season. Sure everyone battled the same training camp/pre-season hurdles to prepare for the season and hit the ground running, but no one had the same scheduling as the Canucks and I did a huge breakdown of the whole season a little while back. Perhaps the scheduling and
  14. Yes Pettersson had a “slump”, but as I said in my post, despite being in “slumps” he is getting tons of chances. He had 2 broken sticks on his one-timers in back to back games. He stopped using his one-timer for awhile after that, he lost confidence in the sticks, however he still hit countless posts all in the opening few games of the season. It wasnt for a lack of chances that he was in a “slump”guys who regress or come back down to reality just do not get those chances night in and night out. He is consistently getting grade A scoring chances. His PPG has remained pretty much in each season
  15. His RFA deals have been excellent. Demko, Boeser, Horvat all paid team friendly deals. UFA signings are always going to be a little higher, they are unrestricted and have the choice of where they want to go. If you look at a lot of Benning’s UFA signings thats what the market was. People can go and b*tch and complain about the Beagle and Roussel deals and say he overpaid, but the timing of those contracts and the term of them were rebuild signings, not signings to try and win a cup. The biggest indication of a rebuild is when your top 2 scorers retire and instead of finding some goal scoring i
  16. I’d have to disagree about the unproven youth statement. Our youth has proved a lot, sure its only been a couple seasons, but they have consistently put up the same numbers and didnt get hit with a sophomore slump. You can see the talent and potential each night, its not like they have flashes here and there and then disappear for extended periods of time. Even when they are struggling, they are making great plays and getting solid chances. However with that being said, I do agree that I do not want to see JB go full Dubass or Chiapet and hand out monstrous deals that handcuff the teams fut
  17. ROH not HHOF. Kesler was one of my absolute favourite players, but if Kesler makes it into the HHOF, its setting the bar low for what it takes to be entered into the Hall of fame. If that was the case there would be 1000 more guys in the HHOF. The Hall of Fame is meant for guy who were famous for dominating the league, winning and being a legitimate legend of the sport whos legacy will be remembered by more than one organizations fan base well after they retire. We’re talking special players, not beasts. Love Kesler but hes nowhere near that conversation especially when guys like Turgeon, Roen
  18. Dont gotta worry about size, gotta worry about heart. Hogs has the heart of a f***ing Lion and goes into corners with some pretty big animals but he comes out with the kill quite often. Same goes for Garland, he seems like a pretty tenacious player and goes to the dirty areas. As long as these guys dont shy away from the corners or front of the net, it gives us a chance to win each night, we arent gunna be pushed around or intimidated. Also, look at TBL, they have quite a few small forwards.
  19. Dude thats like talking about vietnam to a war vet. You dont bring that sh*t up. Im having f***ing flashbacks. MAKE IT STOP
  20. I wouldnt say that JK has a booming shot. He doesnt have the type of shot to beat a goalie clean. His shot is decent, but its no rocket of a wrister like Boeser. He is not anywhere in the realm of Kesler. 4 seasons in, Kesler was 11th in Selke votes and has been a top 5 in Selke votes 6 times as well as Hart votes. Kesler was also a full 200 foot player, had insane takeaway numbers, strong in the faceoffs, 50%+ dZS …Kesler was an absolute animal. Not only that, but each season Kesler showed progression in point totals and goals. I would compare him much closer to Turris… same point traj
  21. Well I mean he did have back issues and neck issues that kept him out for quite a bit, probably from whiplash playing with Hutton and MDZ
  22. Well you said the only way was to draft a player in the top 15. There are zero guarantees in the draft. Just better odds. That 12th OA pick that Montreal is giving up for Dvorak could be a complete nothing. At least Dvorak has proved success in the NHL and did it on a garbage Yotes team.
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