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  1. Great to see the Rathboner really giving it
  2. Gaudette with 1 goal and 2 assists in Utica's 7-4 win over the Marlies today. Looks like he's gaining some traction.
  3. Yea, I noticed his body as well. Looked NHL sized. I was expecting him to look smaller, somehow. His puck handling was also really smooth. Probably had the sexiest move in the shootout but rang it off the post. He's got an intriguing combination of attributes. Exciting debut of sorts for the Rathboner.
  4. Going to the showcase tonight. Excited to see how much the Rathboner has grown with my own eyes.
  5. Gotta get a Yandle on that Rathboner
  6. The Wrath Boner. Or the Boner of Wrath.
  7. Can't wait to see the Rathboner in action. Have a good feeling about him.
  8. If I recall correctly, he was just explaining his surprise to its prevalence in the city, and a bad translation lead many to believe he was very put off by it.
  9. These broccoli farts smell like ass

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      Ok I'll play



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      Brussel sprouts n chili !

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      You have yet to feel the wrath of protein farts..

  10. Yea, that really stood out for me as well. Looks like he's actually fairly fast once he gets that big body moving. It must be terrifying as a dman to see that train coming at you full speed!
  11. Sounds like he's packing a monster
  12. Would draft Saucerman for the name alone
  13. I think a lot of it has to do with getting used to the smaller rink. Forecheckers get on him way quicker here than what he's used to in Russia, from rink size alone. Combine that with a system he's still learning and mistakes will happen. Though I'm just impressed he's able to keep up at all, considering the context of his nhl start.
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