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  1. Sutter Macewen Virtanen is a good looking line. Motte is picking up where he left off. Playing well. Beagle was better last night but he has been awol. Not sold on Rousel but I see why he is there. Gaudette good resource to have in the press box I guess no room for him right now.
  2. Joulevi is not terrible on the power play either. He won’t dazzle like Hughes with end to end rushes but he can throw a skip pass and break someone out for a shot on goal on occasion.
  3. I think he played hurt and was literally hobbled but he looks sharp so far.
  4. Schmidt looks solid. 4th line doing their thing. Boeser skating looks good. that period seemed quick.
  5. Greetings from Utica! So good to be catching the Canucks on the tube. Good looking power play surprised to see Hoglander not Bo with Miller out
  6. He was very good again last night. By all accounts he has good character too and should have a long professional career at some level.
  7. Virtanen has had to begin to agitate and drop the gloves from time to time and Bailey may have to add some of that to his game. He is big so some expectation that he can go when called upon but fairly lean. Every once in awhile he puts on a burst that makes you raise your eyebrows ala McDavid or Mackinnon. He might want to trade a bit of that for some more heft if he can develop more anticipation and game sense with time in the NHL. I recall him scoring against the Canucks a few years ago for Buffalo and I seem to recall a thicker player back then.
  8. It is true Bailey has been a fringe player until now, but he has taken a step forward, and this is where coaching comes in. Bailey might be the kind of player who can find a niche with the Canucks under Travis. I watched LA last night and Travis never liked Ben Hutton, but Hutton looked very good on the 2d pairing and is doing ok with LA. He had an incredible assist on LA's first goal. Bailey might be able to contribute, but you won't know until you throw him in there and see if he is playing the way Travis wants.
  9. Bailey was seen heading to airport or maybe even the train station this morning. Canucks are coming east to face Islanders so he will beat the team there. He could actually drive there in 4 hours. Might be an issue if the farm was out west. Better keep it in Utica.
  10. Two hat tricks in three nights, not bad for a guy someone called a plug. He has been good for the Comets this year and could be a nice little surprise. Just no room for him really but they should let him get a cup of coffee up in the bigs at least.