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  1. ♪ ♪ I'm just a poor boy...from a poor family... ♪♪
  2. Trump has done lost the last marble.....the plot AND the whole damned cavern where his brain would live,....if he actually had one
  3. Too busy protesting the low income housing being built in my neighbourhood!
  4. Somebody fill me in again why there is even a moderator present or a kill the mic option.....
  5. Insanity in the same sentence he shoots himself full of holes
  6. Absolutely.Trump keeps overtalking the moderator who gives him another 10 seconds and then the next time, another 10 seconds. I know if he kept raising his finger at me, I'd take the bloody thing off at the wrist.
  7. My view is that Joe is pissed and is not so much stumbling as heading off a stutter trip over words because he's so pissed off
  8. This is a bloody farce...Trump keeps talking and apparently he's the only one allowed to talk on and on and on
  9. The witch hunt...the Russia hoax....I did nothing wrong....Joe is so corrupt &^@# me sideways
  10. AGAIN with the &^@#ing hand gesture to the moderator to hush while Trump keeps spewing.Disgusting &^@#ing farce of a debate. Was there not the ability to shut down mics when time was up???? This is the daily grievance airting...ohhhhh no, the IRS is so mean to me
  11. That hand motion to tell the moderator to be quiet is just so much &^@#ing bull$&!#.....this is melting into another $&!#show with Trump talking over and taking over. BUT, he's getting pissed...Joe needs to just laugh all the way through Trump's spew and Trump will totally lose his $&!#
  12. EXACTLYY He contradicted himself three times in one soliloquy on the availability and arrival of vaccines, FFS
  13. Aaaaaand the lie-fest begins. Holy crap, this asshole wouldn't know the truth if it bit him on the ass. Loving the look on Joe's face as the bull$&!# spews.
  14. Do you have a point or just spamming in the Trump thread?
  15. Not confused at all. If you'd spent any time previously in this thread, you'd know that that is my WTFingF face and my disgust and absolute amazement that anyone could post something so full of $&!# response. I've been far more involved in learning and paying attention to what's been going on in US politics than any Canadian should ever have to be. You will continue to receive my WTFingF emoji every time you post something ....well....full of $&!# ....so do expect to receive more if you continue to post it. You are so over the top in nothingburgers and have overdrunk the Koolaid to the point that such an emoji is all you deserve in response. Also, the WTF emojji carries no value for rep count. I'd use the laughing one (as most of your posts are quite laughable) but nope, not adding to your rep count to express my disdain for your posts, Do have a lovely evening....
  16. And just because it's 2020 and we're counting down the days til the squatter in the White House is gone....IT'S SNOWING OUT AT MY HOUSE!! Phew, sorry folks, in the excitement of the newest dupe being gone, I had to just vent that weather forecast!
  17. You're not fooling anyone.... should probably have waited a little longer for launching a new dupe