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  1. Hey Timrafan, JD got 2 goals the other night for the Sharks. First 2 goals in the NHL. Glad to see him come over as it will be interesting to see how Jonathan Dahlen does after the way things went in Utica. I am looking forward to playing the Sharks and seeing how he stacks up next to Pete.
  2. With so many new players and Pete and Quinn only playing 1 preseason game did you think they were going to come out with a 4 - 0 start? I don't even look at the standings until November. I think by Nov. 1 they will have worked out the kinks and be on the right track. I am a little concerned about our Right side defense. I know it is early but the few Abby games I've watched, Jett Woo has looked real good. I think he is the best Dman in Abby right now. He looks ready to me and his physical game would be nice to see in Vancouver.
  3. I was really impressed with Woo's game last night. He sure is closer to being ready for the Big Club than I thought he would. Looks like he could step in right now and look like he belongs there. Tonight should be fun.
  4. Ty is a local kid that would be a good AHL signing. He may never play in the NHL but he could become a favorite of the Abby Faithful.
  5. All along I have been concerned about Quinn's defensive game. If Quinn doesn't get stronger and more effective defensively, I am thinking trading him could be a good idea. It is so easy to get excited about his incredible offensive skills and skating but if he doesn't get better defensively it will limit how much he will sign for in the long run. Pete seems to be a little better rounded than Quinn and could be signed to a longer deal. Just some thoughts I have had as I have been in and out of the hospital this summer.
  6. Cox Vs. Probert. ( I think I might have miss spelled Bob's last name).
  7. The Marcus Naslund trade is my choice for the best Canuck's trade ever made.
  8. I can't remember whether he killed penalties last year. I think he did but I can't remember if he did last season in Utica. I do agree that Inspector Gadjit is looking better than Big Mac. Jonah looks to be in better control when skating at top speed.
  9. Inspector Gadjit is a left winger and Big Mac plays on the Right. That could mean they may both be on the 4th line. I think Jonah has more of an offensive up side compared to Big Mac as well.
  10. Woo really improved on the defensive end of his game last year in Utica. He seemed to be used on the PP and PK last year as well. He and Rathbone were a great pairing when Rathbone was in Utica.
  11. I have liked Woo so far. I would not be surprised to see him in Vancouver at some point this season. How has he looked to you all?
  12. Quinn better sign soon or Rathbone could take his place.
  13. He sounds a little like Paul McCartney. Check out the album "Mystery Highway" With Randy Stonehill.
  14. As far as instrumental music I really like Phil Keaggy. The guy is probably in the top 5 of best guitar players in the world. His instrumental music is in different genras from Rock to Meditative instrumental and Spanish to Folk music.
  15. I love Blues Music with Prog Rock would be my runner up. We have a great blues guy right here in the Vancouver area by the name of Jim Byrnes. Personal favorites are: John Lee Hooker Muddy Waters Darrell Mansfield Rev, Gary Davis Blind Willie McTell Robert Johnson and others. Also like some of Colin James and the Little Big Band along with other more modern guys like Stevie Ray Vaughan. I have always had a soft spot for Prog Rock and Prog Metal (Rush, Genesis and Queensryche).
  16. It is going to be great (as a chilliwack resident) to see Mikie play more regularly but I think he will spend maybe to the trade dead line in Abby but after that he will be Demko's Back-up, He may even just play a few games in the "A" while Jim finds a trade partner to take Halak off our hands. I think Mikie is going to be a great goalie that will give Thatcher a run for his money in a couple years.
  17. I am thinking that a forth line of Mac - Sutter - Podz. If Big Mac can improve his skating (Sometimes he doesn't look like he is in control when skating at his full speed.) If he could just improve his balance and side to side speed he would be right where he needs to be. I don't know enough about skating and whether he can still improve in these areas as he is what he is at his age. Maybe someone with a better understanding of Power Skating could way in on whether he can improve much more for a player of his type and age.
  18. I think that OEL is going to be rejuvenated by this move and will be a big contributor for the next few years.
  19. Didn't the Canucks choose not to resign him. I thought PP was no longer in the system.
  20. I thought he signed in Carolina this week. Correct me if I am wrong but I just thought I read it somewhere this morning.
  21. From what I saw this season out of Woo included time spent on PK & 2PP. I would be fine with him in Abby this year but I think he could be one who surprises a lot of people at training camp in September. Rathbone and Woo were a great pairing.
  22. I thought Woo looked good in Utica last season and would not be surprised if we see him play in Van this coming season.
  23. I think the MacTavish kid looks interesting as a future 3rd line center.
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