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  1. What a game tonight in Utica. Mikey looked like he had been playing all season. Inspector Gadget and Lockwood are looking real good and I am starting to wonder if Woo could actually be ready sooner than later. Fun game and a good win.
  2. After watching Keppen play, I didn't realize how big he is. He's huge and seems to work hard too. I could see him maybe, one day, will make a good 4th liner.
  3. I am kinda' hoping Mikey might get a game in the next few before he is reassigned to the Taxi Squad. It would be good to see him play as if Holtby was taken in the ED I think Mikey has a shot at being the back-up next season.
  4. Right now, I think Jack is a better Dman than OJ and should be in the line up. Jack and Jett were a great pairing in Utica during his short time there.
  5. I like JT but has anyone else wondered if last season is the highest production he will have in his career? Just curious.
  6. Way more lately. Jake hasn't been that bad defensively lately.
  7. I just finished watching tonight's game and Woo is paired with Rathbone. They are the Comets best pairing and Woo got his first goal of the season. I believe he is +6 or +7 this year and has looked real good. I thought he may struggle with his foot speed but he looks quick on his feet. I think the Rathbone Woo pairing is good enough right now to be the Canucks 3rd pair. They both have looked good so far in their first Pro Seasons.
  8. Jonah had a great game last night. Many had him written off but I see him as a great LW prospect who will play NHL games. fun game to watch. I think Rathbone is better than OJ right now. He is an amazing skater and he and Woo are making a great defensive pairing.
  9. I think not signing those players was the best thing for the team. It is forcing other leaders to emerge among our younger players.
  10. Oh Man, That's the s__ts. I was hoping for a bit of luck and a good night of hockey (Double header of our teams).
  11. I've mentioned this before but I really think that until Quinn is able to put on some muscle, he will continue to struggle containing larger players barreling down on him.
  12. I am sorry but have been out of touch the last week. Does all this mean the game is canceled tomorrow? Just wondering as the Comets are playing on Wednesday as well.
  13. Jake has had a rough start to the season but the last 15 games his confidence has improved and His defensive game has also improved as well. he doesn't look lost in the D-zone anymore. His physical game has also improve (Third in hits). He is finely having consistency in his game as well. The hyper focus on Draft position is not realistic. The draft will always be a bit of a gamble trying to determine what an 18 year old teenager is going to be when he is 25 or 26. No one gets it right all the time but JB seems to have been right more than he was wrong when it comes to the draft.
  14. I think I would be interested RNH. What would that cost us?
  15. They play Saturday and Sunday I think. Dose it look like those games will be postponed as well?
  16. Oh man, I was looking forward to watching the Comets game and then just slide into the Canucks game. Oh well.
  17. Is it possible Montreal is interested in Brezzer? Just curious about what his value would be if Montreal was interested (we have a lot of young, good left dmen)?
  18. I have thought over the last year as Lind has played center more, he would make a great third line center. Responsible in his own end, is a bit of a pest and is a good play maker. He has a good shot as well but I see him as a better playmaker. I think he could be Sutter's replacement next season. Maybe a line of McDonough - Lind - Virtanen would make a strong third line in a year or two.
  19. Good points but I don't think Podz will be a top 6 forward next year. We were lucky with Hogz fitting in so well right away. I can't see us catching lightning in a bottle twice in one season. Have said it before, I see Podz development going similar to Bo's. He will start in the Bottom 6.
  20. I don't know what others think about this but I am starting to think Rathbone maybe better than OJ, even right now. Watching him play and skate with confidence in Utica has been quite amazing to watch even though he has only played 3 games I think...? I think he is 5' 11" and around close to 200 lb. He is really built like a mac truck. I think strength and speed is making him look like he doesn't belong in Utica and belongs in Vancouver playing a regular shift on the second or third defensive pairing, ahead of OJ. What do you think?
  21. And now we have no TSN 1040. I feel so disjointed without being able to listen to 1040. I just can't get used to 650. There is just nothing there for me. I am left now with trying to find a good Canucks Pod Cast. If anyone has some suggestions for me I would appreciate any help I can get.
  22. As you say,, we will have to agree to disagree on this but your thoughts were good and thanks for not going overboard with your criticism. I am not ready to name a street after him yet but I just think he is doing better than some give him credit for. Thanks for the perspective.
  23. For the last 10 games Jake has been forechecking quite well. I agree with what some have said in that, people have been so negative about Jake that they just can't be impartial any more. Jake has been in checking mode with Bo and Pearson and Greener trust him there. He is out in the last 5 min. of the game defending their leads and has looked good. I think there is still a lot of hope for Jake.
  24. I would like to see a third line of Podz - Lind - Virtanen. Could have real potential. I have to admit that I am feeling a little concerned about his offensive production. I know many have said not to worry about it but I can't help being a little concerned that he will struggle with scoring in the best league in the world.
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