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  1. I wish he would give Juolevi some games and actual minutes. He didn’t play Juolevi when the games mattered which is fine he’s trying to ice his best team but during this stretch when the games don’t matter he still won’t get him into any games. Let the kid sink or swim!
  2. The thing is Reinhart doesn’t move the needle enough for me to want to include either Hoglander or Podkolzin and isn’t worth our top 10 1rst rounder. It would have to be a combination of Pearson, Juolevi and a future pick but I’m sure they’d get a better offer.
  3. I mean I’d take a run at Alex Wennberg for the 3C but if you can’t replace Sutter and he’s willing to sign a cheaper deal then he’s a fine player. Sutter isn’t a bad player he has value just not worth 4.2 million a year value. If you can get him closer to 2-2.2 then Sutter being back isn’t a bad thing. He can transition into the 4C when Beagles contract runs out in a year.
  4. The year we drafted Demko was the year we acquired a struggling Jacob Markstrom. Then a goalie was still a need and Demko fell. If a great goalie falls to them in the 3rd round maybe but in the top 10 when you have one of the better young goalies in the league is crazy talk! We need to help our roster now with premium picks. Later rounds sure snag a goalie every draft if your scouts tell you he’s worthy.
  5. We still have some bad contracts on the books next season. A lot of money tied up in bottom 6 players and Eriksson. With our cap savings from Edler, Sutter and Baertschi ++ that’s what you got for Pettersson, Hughes maybe Hamonic and a new 3rd line Center contracts. We’re at the cap now how are you clearing 8.25 more for an oft injured declining dman for is 31-35 year old seasons. Trades just not worth it in my eyes. OEL is okay but he’s on the declining part of his career while he’s at his highest price tag.
  6. Haven’t really gotten to watch Edvinsson. What’s his playing style? How close is his play to Philip Borberg another big kid from Sweden in their draft years?
  7. Underwhelming years to get 1rst overall but hey I’d like us to win the lottery for once in our organizations history. The 2023 lottery for Bedard though is for us!
  8. I agree that we’d go Hughes here but I feel like NJ Devils picking infront of us would probably also go Hughes there and us taking Edvinsson. Toss up for me between Edvinsson and Johnson.
  9. If it’s 8th I’ll pray for Kent Johnson or William Eklund! Or if one of the top 4 dmen fall to the 8th pick between Clarke, Powers, Hughes and Edvinsson.
  10. I think there’s a much higher chance of Powers becoming OEL or Ekblad than he does Hedman or Burns. Brandt Clarke is my choice! Also Brandt Clarke is already over 6’1” tall so it’s not like he’ll be a smaller dman out there in stature like our other 2 puck movers.
  11. The players will always play and if you sit your players to tank it looks really bad. We very well could win half our games and pick 8th which would be kind of suck to finish off the year that way. It’s a weird situation of wanting your team to lose these last few games but see them trying and playing well while doing it.
  12. I think the size and potential of Power is where pretty much every team will go with 1rst overall. I like Clarke better so hoping our Canucks get him! When I see Owen Power I don’t see the Hedman comparisons I feel he’s more of a OEL to Ekblad. Which are great minute eating top pair guys but at 1rst overall you’d want more than these guys. But I guess that’s what this draft is lacking a true elite prospect.
  13. Wow that 2021 1rst could be a top 5 pick! Likely the best player in this deal in 2 years time! Arizona missed their chance to get rid of that aging contract. We got Schmidt and moved on. Once we sign Hughes there really isn’t much cap space for that big of a contract on the defence side of things.
  14. Most likely what will happen and we pick 9th or 10th but we can dream can’t we lol
  15. So 7 games left Calgary 4 Winnipeg 2 Edmonton 1 If we go 2-5 in the remaining 7 games then we finish with the 5th overall pick!
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