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  1. Max Domi is struggling and not fitting in with CBJ playing around 11 minutes a game. Has a 70 point season under his belt and plays with an edge. If he came cheap he might be worth a look.
  2. Couldn’t agree more a dman is much needed! I believe in our prospect depth and think a top 6 of Pettersson, Boeser, Miller, Horvat, Hoglander and Podkolzin will be a very good top 6. So in saying that I feel like another high profile dman is needed.
  3. With no clear cut number 1 management can make a case for anyone of them and tell us that was their BPA. Also you forgot the Swedes in Eklund and Edvinsson guys I think also go in the top 7. I’ve seen some mocks with Eklund as the 1rst overall.
  4. If we do sell I’m thinking.... Pearson Sutter 50% retained Edler (if he wants a chance at a cup) Hamonic Benn
  5. Also to have multiple 2nd or 3rd round picks getting a guy that potentially wasn’t properly scouted due to exposure or shortened season and very quickly looks to be a top 15 talent. I’ll agree that there is no clear cut number 1 pick but the top 8 guys look to be very good picks!
  6. I’d pass on having him locked in on a NMC for his ages 30-36 seasons. He’s already been trending down the last couple of seasons I don’t want that anchor of a contract. I’d rather target a dman from a team that is going have to trade or lose one through the expansion draft.
  7. The kid is a workout warrior. His preparation to do the best he can outside of the rink is what’s setting him up for his early success for sure. You don’t find many kids with his effort. He’s so strong you barely recognize that he’s only 5’9” on the ice.
  8. I think you’d have to add Podkolzin and it still might not be enough.
  9. If getting rid of Virtanen is to relieve cap space and Detroit being in on it at this point I’d do Virtanen for Alex Cotton and a 2nd round pick. The pick should be around 35th overall and Cotton was one of my favourite overager dmen in this last draft who Detroit scooped up with their 5th round pick.
  10. If it’s to relieve cap like suggested above Detroit did take that overage dman I wanted last draft. At this point Virtanen for Alex Cotton and a 2nd round pick I’d do that!
  11. This draft is very exciting! For me the top 6 of Powers, Brandt, Hughes, Eklund, Edvinsson and Johnson would be fantastic in our core of players. Obviously a dman fits better as our top 6 looks very good going forward.
  12. It will be very interesting to see who gets protected for sure. Lind is very much an uncertainty as the NHL is a much different game. So would Seattle value guys that are a little bit more proven in the NHL even if they are bottom 6 players at the moment. Or would the covet good prospects instead.
  13. I don’t understand it’s great that the pick was last years. Your saying if worded better we could have kept last years pick 20th while giving away this years which is sitting like top 5 if you look at winning percentage. I think I’d gladly give away last years while looking at what this pick could be. What would hurt is if we picked last year and knowing this year we didn’t have our pick while watching the boys struggle to get going all year long and see somebody else get our lottery pick.
  14. It is funny that it seems to be working out that way but I’d request Jake Bean the player if he had a different first name lol.
  15. What about Jake Virtanen to the Carolina Hurricanes for Jake Bean. He was a top prospect and one of the better AHL dmen last year. Carolina is stacked on d so he’s only made it into 1/4 of the games this year and he needs to be protected in the expansion draft. They might want somebody that could contribute every game. Virtanen could provide speed and physical play on the bottom 6.