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  1. Seattle dropped the ball. I thought they were snatching up goalies for currency and when somebody desperately needed one they weren’t in on it.
  2. Bluffed free agency and wanted to stay all along! Likely would have got more on the market!
  3. Good on FO and penalty killing. Honestly 1M would be nice but even at 1.5 mill he’d bring good value.
  4. Was Bennings whole plan to clear enough cap to also get Hamilton? He did say he was going to be very aggressive this summer.
  5. He has a NTC it was his choice. They tried before but he wouldn’t waive for another team so they put him on waivers to try and lose the cap with no return but nobody wanted him.
  6. I can’t believe he left! Win two cups in a row while playing for a no tax state. I would have stayed until my contract ran out.
  7. If Benning can get nice bridge deals done for Pettersson and Hughes he could do this. Might be scary having both OEL and Hamilton locked in at huge cap hits. Gotta have room for a Hughes when and if he does sign a bridge deal.
  8. Can you just imagine the amount of times NJD GM will be calling Jim to see the trade status on Quinn Hughes!
  9. With Seth Jones getting 9.5 I bet Hamilton wants close to that which is far too rich. Hamonic would be great! Other than Hamonic no name really gets me excited for RHD that I’d pray if it was either of them it’d only be 1 year deals.
  10. Wonder if we get more had he not vetoed the trade last night and the Jets spending 2 2nds on Dillon first.
  11. Fleury in the last year of his deal! He’s going back to Vegas at the trade deadline for goalie depth for the playoffs!
  12. Great deal! Nice and long deal! Guy had a 65 point pace shortened season last year if he can even replicate that on this deal he’s a steal!
  13. I like the idea of moving Schmidt because I feel like you gain an asset in return and free up the cap space for Hamonic who I felt helped this team more! You could get Hamonic and a bottom pairing dmen signed for the money Schmidt makes.
  14. Also could you imagine how silly it would look to lock the thread and minutes later Schmidt is dealt lol
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