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  1. Absolutely zero percent chance. Sutter 50% retained for maybe a 2nd but likely a 3rd. Tyler Motte has term and Tampa Bay set a nice high price (Goodrow and Coleman netting 1rsts) and if Edmonton or somebody offered a 1rst for Motte I’d take that.
  2. Don’t really pay attention to the KHL but I can’t imagine Kravtsov being glued to the bench every other game during his run. Podz has looked stellar yet somehow has I think 2 games in these playoffs with under 4 minutes of ice time.
  3. You can only retain on 3 contracts. Canucks still have some pieces like Sutter and Benn that are on peoples lists with a very off chance of guys like Motte and Edler. Maybe Benning didn’t want to waste one of his 3 retention spots this early for only a 4th round pick until he see’s what’s going to develop for his trade deadline.
  4. Well if we were one of the top teams in the league and needed to find ways around the cap. If anything from where our team is you should be upset that Detroit was the team involved over us that got a pick to retain a little more salary for Tampa. However at the end of the day you can only retain on 3 contracts and maybe Benning has plans with our own trades coming up that he’ll need all his retention spots.
  5. Love the trade! Bolts putting the pressure on other teams to buy! Makes for an interesting trade deadline weekend irregardless of what Benning or the Canucks manage to do. Here’s hoping Benning can get in on the action but should be entertaining either way.
  6. Would be nice to add some high picks at trade deadline but I just can’t see it happening. Some very intriguing names at the back of the 1rst round.
  7. Trade deadline coming up he should only be answering other gm’s calls!
  8. Benning has a better rebuild plan and it’s stay the course. Re-sign half those guys, let the other half walk for nothing and overpay 1-2 guys in free agency while plugging in another awesome rookie or two to make the salaries workout. Only draft with our own picks is the way he likes it.
  9. The thing that sucks is the rumours of teams closer to a playoff push move superior players than Pearson every year and here we are near bottom of the league and we clutch onto middle 6 players like they’re untouchable. It’s depressing year after year how long it takes to fully rebuild a contending team because the gm can’t sell high during a trade deadline when we’re out of it.
  10. Should have traded him at the deadline. Most likely would have got him back in the summer with that deal plus the 2nd round pick you may have gotten at the deadline. This front office is just so bad at accumulating assets.
  11. I’d say pretty comparable players to Pearson and Sutter.
  12. Going to need some lottery luck! Maybe we should trade for Taylor Hall or facilitate a trade where we take some of his cap hit. He’s the lottery lucky charm. I think his team has won 1rst overall like 4 times I believe.
  13. Sucks seeing him get no time on the ice. At least he’ll be out of the KHL very soon.
  14. Sometimes it feels like we’re the only team that re-signs our expiring vets instead of trading them for the inflated TDL prices. I do like Pearson and I guess trading and bringing him back as a UFA is a little too unrealistic.
  15. With us sitting out this last week and all the other teams making up their games in hand we’re sliding. Hopefully Benning can work some trade deadline deals to add more picks and prospects. Also some of these names look a little more realistic while holding onto the 8th overall pick at the moment.
  16. I mean if Benning starts the ball rolling on trading some vets for prospects and picks this guy would be a nice claim.
  17. If you’re talking top 6 role sure. However Sutter will bring more intangibles to a team than a 36 year old Staal. Sutter is a pk1 face off machine and at 50% retained would be considered a fantastic price for a bottom 6 center.
  18. Sutter 50% retained I think can net a 2nd from a team. Like an above poster said Edmonton should be calling as he’s a great fit for what they need. If Pitts doesn’t want to use their 2nd round pick I think somebody else will.
  19. 1 year left for DeAngelo at 50% I feel like I’d do it. He’s got to feel like he’s on his last chance and smarten up. If not it’s not that big of a commitment from us at 2.25 mill for 1 season and he could be a 50-60 point dman. If he’s bad just send him down like NYR did this year. We’ve spent money in worse ways.
  20. Lots of average pieces doesn’t get you top pieces. I wouldn’t give up a dollar for four quarters. You’re basically saying this Liljigren Robertson 1rst round pick for Quinn Hughes does that deal sound good to anybody?
  21. Where does Kyle Pitts go? The pro day and everybody’s write up on the guy I’m on the hype train. Only problem as a Cowboys fan it’s very unlikely he’d fall that far and that’d be way too much of a luxury with so many other needs to be filled.
  22. I don’t think they even get the chance I can’t see both the Kings and Senators passing on Ghost. Not a huge dollar amount and both teams have tons of cap room and bad defences.
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