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  1. He knew he would be going to the AHL and decided he’d rather play in Sweden than the AHL.
  2. I was a fan of him in the draft and when we traded for him I was stoked. Sad we traded him away but we had to because he had no patience. Being in Timra with Pettersson and Petterssons early success lead him into feeling he deserved something he didn’t. When he didn’t get a roster spot he wanted out and Benning needed to trade him. Still wish this never happened though because I still am a fan of this kid and believe he has the abilities to be a top 6 winger in the NHL.
  3. I think he’s claimed before Tampa gets the chance.
  4. A year ago his value was still low. Maybe a late 2nd round pick in return at best. At that point is it really worth it to give up on a guy early. I’d rather hand walk him out of the league than give him away for pennies and watch him turn into a useful player. Some people on here wrote off a guy like Puljujarvi who is looking pretty good for the Oilers now.
  5. The one year it looks like Olli could make our bottom 6 and get some decent minutes he’s shipped out. This trade feels like it was probably 2-3 months too early. Should have given the kid a chance to really sink or swim.
  6. This guy has more offensive potential for that 3C. Definitely put in a claim and try him out.
  7. Like seeing Podz scheduled for the top line. Chiasson is fine but he’s a 4th line type guy. Give the kid with skill a chance to play with other skilled players.
  8. Somebody get this kid on PK training
  9. 8.2 mill on the cap? For somebody who seems like a complementary top 6 winger. Ottawa is desperate to keep their youth but this is too much for Tkachuk. Better hope he takes another step and isn’t just a 50 point guy.
  10. This guy was in and out of Detroit’s defence last year. I don’t know if he’s an upgrade on anybody we have.
  11. Our bottom 6 got a lot smaller. Can’t believe we waived and lost Jonah and Mac lol.
  12. Seemed like the guy with the most upside on the waiver wire. Was hoping we’d get him and try him as the 3C.
  13. I’ve been one for pointing out his hits but once you look over his full ten plus seasons being our gm he’s got a lot more misses and gafs than he does wins.
  14. Benning should get in on Eichel with all future picks! Lately it seems like we’re not really using our draft capital all that well anyway.
  15. Didn’t Juulsen just clear waivers about a week ago? So that’s the return people are to get onboard with.
  16. I thought he looked good enough this preseason so I can’t wait to see the return of what’s probably a 5th round pick lol just so we could keep Schenn and Hunt up with the club lol
  17. Somebody tell Green this kid can kill penalties lol
  18. The part I don’t get is wanting dmen so bad to kind of come of as picking for position one year in selecting Juolevi over BPA Tkachuk. Then in the very next draft in the 2nd round BPA is 6’6” Nicolas Hague who was ranked around the 20’s slipped to us and he picks a winger in Kole Lind.
  19. If they’re shopping him and can’t find takers he’ll end up getting waived and claimed. It would be a very Canuck thing to do to waive him in favour of a guy like Hunt and Schenn.
  20. Most fans don’t know a player that a team they don’t follow selected in the 2nd round 4 years ago. If we claimed a guy on waivers from another team that hasn’t played in the NHL but is waiver eligible I’d think the same thing. I do think Vancouver messed up letting him go at this point in time without a real look in to see if his game could translate. Rather him on the team over a few of these older waiver fodder NHLers they’ve kept.
  21. A guy Benning marvelled over just 4 years ago and has gotten better every year. With some of the guys we still have I think there’s a chance Benning claims him.
  22. Me and you the same! I remember when the first round ended smiling thinking we’ll be getting one of Timmins or Hague! Whoever Colorado didn’t take then Benning picked a winger and I was sad. Grew to like Lind and hope we actually put in a claim for him and waive a guy like Di Guiseppe. Kole Lind is only 22 and might be more than this bottom 6 waiver fodder. Di Guiseppe, Dowling and Petan have more years and likely are what they are now.
  23. Sucks to see Gadjovich waived. Would rather try him out over some of the older guys we do have. Also don’t we get first shot at Lind on the waiver wire. He’s a Jim Benning favourite so we could see him claimed.
  24. Maybe he really should have been picked 1rst overall.
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