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  1. Him and Nick Schmaltz reunited for 2/3rd of that disgusting UND line minus Boeser. Great pick up for ARZ
  2. I see him ending up in Chicago most likely! He was a good soldier and will be missed. But I don’t mind letting him walk I’d prefer some more size on the backend in our bottom pairing watching teams getting easy zone entries was frustrating hopefully we can get someone with size that can punish.
  3. I might be out to lunch on this but I’d like to see him on the wing with petey and miller next year, he reminds me a lot of burrows when he was starting out. He’s got the wheels to get in on the forecheck to retrieve pucks while having the skill/IQ to create offence and after his playoff performance this year I think he deserves a chance to show what he’s got in a larger role.
  4. Garlic toast is better than regular toast. Period.

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    2. BettyWhites44


      @goalie13 Cheesy garlic toast grilled cheese sandwiches are even betterest?! lol


    3. goalie13


      There's a food truck in town called Grilled to the Mac.  They do a Grilled mac & cheese sandwich.  So imagine a Cheesy garlic toast grilled mac & cheese sandwich.  That might be the bestest.  Period.

    4. BettyWhites44
  5. I see your morbidly obese cat and raise you another... This is also a metaphor for me trying to get through this thread!
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