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  1. Hello, I formally resign my position as the BFHL Vancouver Canucks GM. It has been fun so far, and I know we have a nice list of GM's wishing to get in on it. Best of luck, Somethingvery
  2. The Vancouver Canucks round out our top four D with the selection of Jacob Trouba. @Phil The Thrill
  3. Do we think that @Master Mind not picking within minutes means he wants to skip his turn?
  4. Another good choice WSA - I get little stomach cramps each pick people are making!
  5. We're going off the board or at least our plan with this pick, but the Vancouver Canucks welcome our first forward (you're welcome @Art Vandelay) to our team - Viktor Arvidsson @Captain Azzy
  6. Your think tank takes moments, it doesn't need advance warning
  7. And to get advanced warning for their careful-thought thinktanks, a couple picks away for @inane @wallstreetamigo @Phil The Thrill
  8. The Vancouver Canucks select Alex Pietrangelo. @Phil The Thrill
  9. For PO, ^ = 'please select BPA for me'
  10. ... And maybe even the BFHL 'Nuck's too!
  11. @wallstreetamigo and @Phil The Thrill, who's turn is it?
  12. The Vancouver Canucks are pleased to select Ryan Ellis. @Captain Azzy
  13. Who's up again - can't remember? Looking forward to getting a few more players drafted so the first thing I see when checking in on the thread isnt a dude deepthroating a popsicle
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