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  1. Rumor has it he was fighting teammates after the loss last night? He really isn't worth the headache, wouldn't be shocked if he clears.
  2. Looking forward to tomorrow night's game. With all of these rookies scoring, it has to be Brock's turn tomorrow.

  3. You look like the guy that runs the Canucks podcast thing on YouTube

    1. nucksguy


      He is the hockey guy

    2. ChwkCanux


      True on the hockey guy part.

  4. NXT is amazing every week whereas RAW has hits and misses. I think the third hour is the problem. If they dropped to two hours and stopped with replays of what happened three minutes ago every three minutes, the show would be better. I wouldn't blame Dolph for leaving. He has been outspoken on a few items and won't get a title run no matter how much the fans want to see it. As a fan of ROH, I think he could have some great matches there with Lethal.
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