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  1. Kesler had a tendency to park his butt in front of the crease on the power play if I recall correctly.
  2. I think Miller to New York is worth considering…. If by New York we mean Islanders and the return is Dobson
  3. I've actually thought he's been okay.... several shots, that tip almost went in. He's the least of the problems anyways....
  4. I think you should consider changing your username… pretty sure there’s no hair to combover at this point, not when you light it on fire in every other thread :p
  5. I’m not sure if most teams melt down over their list as they add names to it though :p
  6. Shinkaruk….. I forgot about that guy lol.
  7. I think you’re right… I also think he’s a been a bit of an odd fit so far. It would be fantastic if somehow he and OEL could play well together…. While I’m not sure about that pairing on paper it would certainly help our defence if they could make it work! OEL Myers Hughes Poolman/Hamonic/Schenn Juolevi Poolman/Hamonic/Schenn
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