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  1. Well, Madden, it was nice having you here. We hardly got to know ya, good luck in LA.
  2. OSCAR FATENBERG? Golly, it's like a Fatensy come true
  3. Kypers spilled the beans on SN, so it is at least confirmed. No term yet though.
  4. Hello everyone, When I was watching the second round of this year's draft, I was pleasantly surprised to hear that Vancouver had made a trade, more so when I heard a conditional first rounder pick was involved. I thought to myself, it looks like Barrie's coming home, but was shocked when it was announced that the trade was with the Tampa Bay Lightning, and then livid that it was JT Miller as the return. Time has passed since then and I've given some time to let the trade stew in my heart and, to be honest, I really do think it's a fair trade. Queue in the title. Would you trade Bo Horvat for a depth goaltender, a third round draft pick and a first rounder? I make this comparison because there are a a bunch of similarities between the two players. Here are Horvat's stats compared to Miller's stats (retrieved from Hockeydb) And here are their contracts, again, compared to one another (retrieved from Capfriendly). Now let's begin with the comparisons. Both players have surpassed the fifty point mark in their careers, Bo doing twice (52 pts, 2016-2017; 61 pts 2018-2019) and Miller also doing it twice (56 pts, 2016-2017; 58 pts, 2017-2018). From what I have gathered, both players are considered to be good in both ends of the ice and both players kill penalties. Their contracts are actually surprising fair and similar (especially when you consider that the 27 year old Hayes was paid 7million for 7 years while only hitting above 50pts just once), with both of them being signed until 2022-2023. With the way this market is going and the fact that these two players can still trend upward in a Vancouver team that will no doubt lean on them heavily for the coming years, these contracts are an absolute bargain. While Horvat is 2 years younger, and the presumably the future captain of this franchise, it is hard not to equate him to Miller on a player to player basis. Yet how many of us would trade away Horvat for the return that Miller had retrieved? It's an interesting thought experiment because I, and many of my fellow posters here, would consider Horvat to be an untouchable, yet the general consensus here seems to be the trade for Miller was an outright overpayment. I know, I know, context matters. The Lightning were in serious cap trouble, and we seemingly gifted them a way out when they should have been forced to pay more or to demand less. No one has qualms with trading away Mazaenc, nor the third round draft pick this year. Everyone seems to gawk, to stand in awe of the conditional first rounder we surrendered to Tampa. But context matters. We have been basement dwellers for 4 seasons in a row, netting top 10 draft picks for 5 out of 6 seasons. How long are we going to remain terrible given that the talent we have drafted continues to develop? Is it fair to think that the likes of Hughes, Boeser, Horvat, Petterson, Juolevi, Demko, Lind, Gadjovich, Woo, Virtanen, Gaudette and some under the radar prospects cannot push us out of the lower echelon of NHL teams? We have grade A talent and these players are about to come into their own very soon, so we can only expect that this team gradually gets better. Gone are the likes of old core and the core supplemental players. The new generation of players start now. We may very well may miss the playoffs next season, but the first we gave up is lottery protected. 2 years from now, Pettersson will have gained another year of development to elevate his play, Hughes will have found his way in the big leagues, Demko will hopefully secure his reign in the net and we could potentially have Podkolzin join this team. All the while the core ages another year, reaching ever so closer to their physical prime of their mid twenties. This will be a good team in 2 years, and I do not think that conditional first will be picking in the top 10. Anyways, that's all I had to say on my little soap box. Let me know what you think.
  5. It is a joke of some sorts. I forget if it was during an interview, or while naming the stars of the game, but his name was misspelled as Tony. Sort of like Schenider's first career hat trick kind of gimmick.
  6. Drafted in the 3rd round, 68th overall. At 5'11" and 150 pounds, "John" Madden joins the Canucks family. He is committed to Northeastern University, where fellow Canuck, Gaudette, went to.
  7. Drafted in the 2nd round, 37th overall. Young kid who has the size and some room to grow. Clocking in at a healthy 201 pounds, I'm excited to welcome Jett to the Nucks! Loved this kid in the pre-draft interviews. Fun fact: His Chinese name means Leader on top of the hill , or something along those lines. Correct me if I'm mistaken on that. I think Sid summed the kid up pretty well:
  8. The kid looked gutted after Detroit passed on him. Glad we got him though! Welcome to Vancouver, Hughes~
  9. Don't think this has been posted yet. Pettersson joins 'best friend from home' on Canucks Center, selected No. 5 in 2017 Draft, excited to be in organization with fellow Swede Jonathan Dahlen by Kevin Woodley / Correspondent July 18th, 2017 Share VANCOUVER -- Things turned out pretty well the last time the Vancouver Canucks used a high draft pick on a Swedish center who had chemistry with a linemate already in the organization. Not that anyone is comparing Elias Pettersson to Henrik Sedin, who won an Art Ross Trophy and Hart Trophy and became the leading scorer in Canucks history since being selected No. 3 in the 1999 NHL Draft, one spot behind twin brother Daniel Sedin. But having Swedish linemate Jonathan Dahlen in the Vancouver organization figures to make life a lot easier for Pettersson, who was the No. 5 pick at the 2017 NHL Draft. "He's my best friend from home," Pettersson said of Dahlen, who was acquired in a trade with the Ottawa Senators for forward Alexandre Burrows on Feb. 27, "and to be on the same team in Sweden and get drafted by Vancouver and be in the same NHL organization is very cool." Playing with Dahlen for Timra IK in Allsvenskan, the second-highest level of professional hockey in Sweden, Pettersson had 41 points (19 goals, 22 assists) in 43 games, and Dahlen, who was picked in the second round (No. 42) by the Senators in the 2016 NHL Draft, had 44 points (25 goals, 19 assists) in 45 games, mostly finishing plays Pettersson started. "I am more of a passer, he is more of a goal-scorer," Pettersson, 18, said. "First time we played together was when he moved from HV71 to Timra three years ago and we started to play together directly and we found the chemistry directly and since that [time] the chemistry has become better and better. We think the same on the ice, we know where the other player is." Canucks draft F Pettersson No. 5 01:56 • June 23rd, 2017 Vancouver president of hockey operations Trevor Linden downplayed the role Dahlen had in drafting Pettersson, but it didn't take long to see the chemistry when they combined for the first goal at development camp. "We really look at them as separate players," Linden said. "The fact they did play together is nice. Will they be linemates in a couple years? Who knows, maybe. They certainly would complement one another. Elias has great vision and can distribute the puck. Jonathan is a guy who likes to get to the hard areas, so there's a potential that could be a fit in the future." Pettersson's immediate future includes playing for Vaxjo in the Swedish Hockey League (SHL) this season and adding muscle, even though his size (6-foot-2, 161 pounds) was not a problem playing against men last season, Dahlen said. "I remember the first game he played when he came up to the U-20s from the U-18s, there were already concerns he was too small," Dahlen said. "But he's just taken every step easily even though he was smaller than everyone else." Pettersson said being smaller made him better by forcing him to learn how to use his body to protect the puck. Whether he gets to take his next step with Dahlen remains to be seen. Dahlen turns 20 on Dec. 20, making him old enough to play in the American Hockey League this season, but he has a contract option to play in the SHL if he doesn't make the Canucks. Either way, Pettersson and Dahlen have talked about eventually playing together in Vancouver. "Not like serious talk about the future, but little fun talk to imagine how it could be," Pettersson said. "We were both very excited we could be in the same organization in the NHL."
  10. Scouting: Vancouver's 7th round pick. 18 year old D-man playing for Oshawa this year. 6'2" and 201 pounds.
  11. RW/LW | 5'7" | 179 lbs Shoots | Left Born | 1998-05-05 Draft | 2017 Round 6 #181 Overall by Vancouver Canucks Canucks 6th round draft pick, and possibly one of the smallest players we've ever drafted. Kid's 5'7", a winger, and weighs in at 179 pounds. A Fin who played in the OHL and put up stellar numbers. As of the 2017-2018 season, Petrus Palmu was chosen as the Liiga rookie of the year! Congrats to Palmers, I've heard he's Utica bound next season but no real source as of yet.