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  1. How quickly we forget. The trip to India dressed in wedding attire. He made an ass out of himself. Mr. dress-up ! Thank god we have some hockey stuff to focus on. Pod looks like he is ready.
  2. They have made it so clear that the provinces are the ones who decide how money is spent . All they are saying is that they won't interfere. Medical is provincial. The Libs are doing the same thing but are scared to admit it. Trudeau will tell you what you want to here but never follow through. Let's face it, most of what is said in an election never happens.
  3. Are electric cars really the answer? Their manufacturing foot print is way higher than conventional. It takes 3 years before you start to see a benefit. So their initial carbon foot print is going to be right at the worst time in mans history. There are some reports that say they don't balance out until around 150k depending on how the electricity is produced. I think they are just another cash cow for big business. Society needs to change the way they do things. We should be working closer to home or from home. Covid has shown us how. Mass transit , walking , bicycles and electric bikes , ect. Limit the amount of petroleum each family can use each year. Change to more local economies rather then shipping things all over the world. Stop producing products that can't be reused or recycled. I remember when bottles were all recycled. Communities had glass manufacturers , small dairy's and other small to medium size companies servicing their local population. Now we ship materials one way and products the other. We produce things in countries with minimal environmental controls . Not to mention how the workers are treated. I wonder if the global economy has caused our current problem.
  4. There is a billion dollars being spent on wind and solar right now in southern Alberta. They are investing in hydrogen and nuclear. I will bet you that the west will lead the green revolution. People always try to fight change for a while then they jump on the wagon. They have also been quietly building a co2 pipeline through the province. Carbon capture will become part of their approach.
  5. The Libs are already allowing a lot of private healthcare services. Quebec is even doing elective surgeries in private clinics. Not one Lib has been jumping up and down and won't. They all know that it is the only way to reduce wait times. So, it is OK if the Libs allow it but if the Cons do it , oh my god. LOL
  6. The only thing this current government has come up with is to tax carbon. Make our daily energy costs so expensive that we all use less. All they are doing is taking money from the middle class and dispersing it to lower income people. It has nothing to do with building a new economy. Building the infrastructure to allow us to transition away from fossil fuels is what needs to be done. We need to transition from one to the other. There is no need to kill fossil fuels. Carbon fiber, plastics and so on will still be needed. This has been turned into a political emotional smoke screen that is only for acquiring votes. People will do the right thing. What they need is to have cost effective choices. If you make using gas to power my car so expensive that I can't afford to drive it but you don't give me an alternative then all you will get is an irate population. The key word is "transition". The world needs leaders with an actual vision. With an actual plan. Keep an eye on Afghanistan. There is more going on there then meets the eye. That country has the second largest deposit of Lithium in the world. I wonder if the changes there are all about getting at the Lithium. I wonder if the mining of it will be done in an environmentally sound way? I wonder if there will be a high level of human rites practiced. The green revolution may come at great cost to some people. I would willingly pay a carbon tax the wasn't returned but used to build mass transit. It would probably just end up in some ones pocket!
  7. Alberta said no to controlled prices and so they should have. The east wanted to milk them. Alberta is doing just fine and will come out of the slow spell better than anyone else. They will also land on top of the green economy. Massive solar and wind projects are now being built in the southern part of their province. They can generate electricity with 0 emission gas plants. They will end up leading the way in nuclear and hydrogen. The east talks about things but the west gets it done.
  8. The main reason that Canadian oil is not used in the east is access. There should be a national corridor to move oil, electricity, gas and people. Some day we should be able to get on a train in Toronto and be in Calgary ten hours later. Or Halifax in 5 hours.
  9. When you have discussions with people you begin to understand why nothing ever gets done . LOL No one expects a country our size and one that is so diverse to see things the same way. But there are some things that should be important to all of us. One is the need for energy. No, that does not mean national energy board or any body to control prices. What we do need is a means of transporting energy from province to province. Whether that be pipelines or power lines. Our country has all the energy we need but no way to share it from coast to coast. You would think that the federal and provincial governments could get together and create a energy corridor from coast to coast. Just put together a means for our energy to be transported and then let the markets do their thing. I would also like to see that corridor have room for high speed trains. If Canadians want reduce our carbon foot print we need to start to look at mass transit. Calgary to Edmonton could become the first in Canada. Soon
  10. The point I am making is that we need a national energy system for suppling the entire country. You would think that it should be part of a national security plan. The talk about closing down line 5 should show the importance of being self-sufficient.
  11. World trade sounds good and in a lot of cases it works. Certain events lately have shown that there are some things that as a country we need to maintain our own supply chain for. The covid pandemic has helped us to see the importance of producing our own medical products . The need to be doing research and development for vaccines. To be able to produce what we need here should be a priority. We used to be leaders now we must wait in a lineup like everyone else. The political football around line 5 that supplies petroleum products to the east is another concern. We have all the energy we need but no way to get it there. We are relying on someone else to supply our largest population with fuel.
  12. Yes. As long as there is enough Canadian oil. Canada has enough oil.
  13. The resources are already developed. I think less government involvement is always better. How about some simple rules, laws or taxes that encourage the use of our own resources. Maintain regulations to see to it that our resources are developed with the highest environmental laws possible. Reward companies who continue to raise the bar and develop new tech. I work some in the oil sands and they are continually finding ways to lower their carbon footprint. To minimize their environmental impact on the land and water. At the same time they are finding ways to reduce their cost per barrel. Most of those companies see the target of net 0 as being in the near future. There are lots of large companies who have no problem working in a tightly regulated environment. They are showing that they can do this and be profitable. What they need is consistency in the rules. Not for a few years but for extended periods. The oil sands are a prime example of what can be done. The rules are tightening. The gantlet was through down and they have excepted the challenge.
  14. Canada should be 100% self sufficient for all of our petroleum needs. The workers are paid well and treated with respect. It dumps billions into the federal economy. The problem with Canada is that our politics has created a divided country rather than a united one. The hatred the east has for the west has stopped the development of a national pipeline system. There is 0 reasons for us to import one drop of oil from outside.
  15. Deficit spending is here to stay. I agree but kept within certain percentages of GDP. The cost of servicing the debt is very low right now. That will change when interest rates go up. I also agree with your comment on where the money has gone. Six years and this county has made no progress toward the new green economy that was promised. Half a trillion spent and no new green infrastructure to be found. Where is the mass transit , high speed trains or upgrades to electrical grid? What is this new green industrial revolution that they talk about? Put a price on carbon so no one can afford it and the alternatives will miraculously appear. Or, those who have been investing in the dreaded petroleum industry will pack up and leave and we will be without another industry that supplies high paying jobs. That will leave us looking to China for the green tech while struggling to pay for it with our minimum wage jobs. I see no leadership from the current government to transition us into a new green economy. I am not suggesting that there is a better choice out there. I have very little love for politics or politicians. However, there is no politician who has lied more than our current leader. Nothing that he says can be trusted. His embarrassing trip to India . The black face stuff. The coverups and his treatment of very competent women in his caucus. My stomach turns every time I see his face. FYI The one province that is beginning to take the lead in green energy is Alberta. Wind and solar investments are on the rise and the southern part of their province will soon be the leaders in electrical production from these sources. My guess is that it is being done for carbon credits.
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