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  1. If he has left the KHL camp he will more then likely be on his way to Canada. More than likely be at camp. I think that means he will play in the Q but not sure. If they have found a way for him to go straight to AHL that would be awesome. No looks like he would play where the Canucks decide to put him. AHL or the Q. They control where he goes. That is what I get out of it. His contract would slide if he goes to tge Q. I think.
  2. One thing that Nash said that caught my ear was "I hope he gets back in the gym". That makes me think that OEL sort of gave up. For what ever reasons. If he is going to be a top pairing guy he will need to be in top shape. The twins were always one and two at training camp. Edler was right behind them. You can't play into your mid thirty's if you aren't. Hopefully he is in the gym.
  3. If JP says the Canucks have cap troubles that means they want 8 to 9 mil for long term. We are looking at 7 each for short term.
  4. Hamonic is slightly over paid. Maybe, but I think he has it in him to rise to that level if he stays healthy. What I think was a hit for Jim is the term of the deal.
  5. I am very interested in seeing Danila at camp. This kid as potential.
  6. Our defense is weak. Very weak , defensively. Offensively, they should be good . Goal tending depends on the continued improvement of Demko of coarse . Should be solid. I like Garland and hoping Podkolzin turns into the stud that we think he is . Dickinson is OK. Time will tell. We need Petey back to 100%. If this team is going anywhere this year we will need to be a offensive power house. They will be very exciting to watch or the same disorganized mess that spends way too much time in their own end. It looks like they have the horse
  7. I am not really discussing the quality of the player. I have to trust our management on that side. It is there responsibility to scout him and decide if he is a fit. I am just looking at the contract and what will the effect be if he is a dud. Minimal salary to absorb if he dose not pan out. 4 year term. OEL will hurt if he turns into another LE. I like the fact that they did quite a few short term deals. They have left a fair amount of cap flexibility moving forward. They may have learned a big lesson. Even if this guy is a miss he should be able to fill a 5/6 role.
  8. Even if this guy ends up in the A it would only cost our cap 1.5 mil. His deal is up when he is 32. He has had a ruff couple of years . He had Covid last year. Didn't he take a puck in the face the year before? I think he has the potential to be one of the best signings. A RH D who can skate and has decent size .
  9. Take a look at his minutes in the playoffs . That says a lot to me. Jim payed him 2.5 mil for 4 years. He is 28 years old so he will 32 at the end of the deal. All he needs to be is a solid 5/6 guy for that money. They are paying him much less then what Tanev is getting. Now if our fan base thinks he is a top pairing guy then they will be disappointed. 12 to 15 minutes a game. PK duties .
  10. Hopefully they can score a ton of goals. I think we will need it. Demko will need to be our best player most nights to win.
  11. Maybe they can put up some banners in the rafters.
  12. It sounds like he is also a very good skater. Could be a good fit with Hughes. We are going to sign Hughes, right?
  13. Having good depth in your AHL and keeping them in your back yard is a big deal. It is also a marketing bonanza. If the team is good. It will become very important to stock it from the draft . Hopefully it encourages them to keep their picks .
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