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  1. Rathbone has 9 points in 8 games. He is a plus 6. Gad has 11 goals in 13 games. Two young players that Jim needs to make room for in the near future. At least give a shot to. Hopefully Lind and OJ get time this year. These players show why every draft pick is important. If this club can get to the point where they are continually supplying quality players from within. Then they will always be able to have their cap structure under control. How well a team drafts and develops young talent is so important. I would love to see their
  2. I hope the guys just ride this year out. Let's not hurt anyone and just get the year over with. If our goal tenders are not 100% then play a rookie who has been playing. We don't Demko to get injured. He should have plenty of practice time before thrown in. I would be fin with losing every game.
  3. They should decide the first overall draft pick based on the number of players who had covid. Come on Gary, give the Canucks the first overall pick.
  4. So Gaudettes wife destroyed the Canucks season. No wonder they booted him back over boarder. Maybe she has help us get a really high draft pick. Always a silver lining.
  5. They would be smart to use the games left to look at a few prospects. Lind, Gad and Rathbone.
  6. We gained a sixth round pick and swapped our 4th for a 5th. I think that is right.
  7. Bowey gives them a D to fulfill their expansion requirements but he also gives them a very cheap D man for next season. It is no accident that both of the players coming in are signed for next year at around 750,000. Jim says they have no cap issues. Lol.
  8. All of the deals have one theme. Their cheap and carry over into next year.
  9. Let's give this a few games to see how the guys feel. Through Lind in so we can get a look at him. Don't over work Denko.
  10. I will bet Jimbo finds cap space to sign this kid. They must be drooling over the chance to get his signature on a contract.
  11. They have around 24 mil with Ferland on LTIR. We are now hearing that Beagle may not be back because of injury. (Just a rumor at this point.) If Jim has been given the go to do buy outs then they can free up a fair amount for next year. They will also lose someone in the expansion draft.
  12. He is only owed 1 mil of actual money.
  13. The only thing that can protect a player from the expansion draft is a NMC. Players with a NTC clause can be left unprotected.
  14. It would be nice to resign Hamonic for something under 2 mil per.
  15. If you run it through capfriedly and take off Ferland we actually have around 24 mil. He has a NTC for the first year and a M-NTC for the last two. I also been have been thinking this through. I think the money for Pearson and even the term is fine. He is 28 not 33. I think we will see a lot more rookies next year. They will need some cheep players. They could use a vet or two. Someone will get bought out. I wish they had cap space to take advantage of other clubs issues next year. (expansion) Something will need to give if they want to add to fill some hole
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