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  1. I thought u soyboys were against homophobia ? Don’t gay jokes go against your pc cult brainwashing ?
  2. Poor libtards . They’ve been programmed into thinking Russians are hiding under their beds and are being whipped up into a blood lust frenzy by broke back War propagandists and neocon maggots on cnn
  3. Amen brother. These leftist lemmings are zombies. Regurgitating whatever "narrative" CBC / CNN tells them. These clowns said nothing about Clinton paying millions to the Kremlin for the Steele Dossier , didnt have a problem with Obama sending almost $2Billion to the mullahs in Iran in palettes of cash, didnt have a problem with Obama destroying Syria , Libya or causing the migrant rapist problem destroying parts of Europe. Nah....but Trumps the "traitor" for wanting peace in Korea and with Russia ?? Libtard morons.
  4. Peace with Russia is nonsense says the brainwashed Hilary Clinton muppet. Keep watching CBC and CNN. Waaaaaa 2 scoops of ice cream ........Waaaaaaa Stormy Daniels ........Waaaaaa the illegals kids.......waaaaaa...waaaaa lol. The left wing muppets are being programmed by Operation Mockingbird 2.0 into hysterical zombies.
  5. If you cant see the concerted effort by the "intelligence agencies" , MSM and DNC to push War vs Russia there is no hope for you, your IQ must be less than 50pts. Shameful chicken hawking by soy boy leftist cucks. China is the threat , its not Russians.
  6. Left Wing scumbags are a joke The Unhinged and violent Left in 2018 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eFRHX6glTSM
  7. Liberal support group "Not Everyone Thinks Exactly the Same As You Do" Support Group https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kkUOwBCt_0g
  8. Every single one of these pathetic leftist cucks pushing War vs Russia for the last 2 years would pivot to rabid peace activist the second that war broke out. Thank God for Trump or we would have exchanged nukes by now had H.Clinton pulled off her rigged election.
  9. Left wing morons want War vs Russia. Disgusting. As far as Trump calling out US. Intelligence , good , these morons have killed millions overseas with their "intelligence" these neocons scumbags have gotten everything wrong and now the muppets are pushing War between USA and Russia. This Trump Derangement Syndrome will be a zombie apocalypse by 2020.
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