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  1. Could they be trying to trade him and get some value back in a young RH dman that is also a prospect?
  2. Maybe do a little homework first before replying. Bailey is bigger, stronger, faster, scored more points in Utica and was a 2nd round draft pick. It’s okay for people to be upset at us losing a prospect but I disagree that he is NHL ready.
  3. It’s not a bad thing that he isn’t ready yet to contribute at an NHL level it just sucks for us that he doesn’t get to develop in Abbotsford
  4. No one called him elite he is just an NHL player and Gadjovich isn’t yet
  5. He has promise and with the guys we still have in camp he still isn’t better than DiGiuseppe, Bailey, Lockwood or Petan. Yes those guys are coming back and yes they will be key members of our team because of what they provide.
  6. Speed is the new NHL and it does win games but I ask again where does he fit in our lineup: Garland-Pettersson-Boeser Pearson-Horvat-Höglander Dickinson-Miller-Podkolzin Di Giuseppe-Sutter-Motte He isn’t better then anyone on our 3rd or 4th line here. He wasn’t better then Lockwood in camp and he isn’t as strong and physical as Bailey who also showed the scoring touch and has some NHL experience.
  7. Go ahead and throw Gadjovich on the Penalty kill then remind me why we have guys like Di Giuseppe on our team.
  8. Where does he fit in our current lineup? Getting an “A” for effort doesn’t guarantee you a job in the NHL. Sure he was faster than last year but certainly not faster than Bailey, Lockwood and Podkolzin. This is the best league in the world and positions just aren’t handed out no matter how much you like the player. He seems like an incredible person, hard worker and has some upside so I hope he carves out a career in the NHL but we have been waiting to be in this position where it is difficult to make the team.
  9. Only 12% of 3rd Round Draft picks make the NHL. Perhaps DiPietro and Klimavich are our 12%.
  10. He was a stand in for Boeser yesterday and it’s very safe to assume that “PP1 Chaisson" doesn’t take the place of Hughes, Pettersson, Horvat, Boeser or Miller. He was basically a pylon yesterday.
  11. Klimovich heading to Abbotsford as well
  12. Our current lines this morning and I would choose McKeown over Burroughs. He had Covid in September so just started to play in Colorado but would be a low risk acquisition. Garland-Pettersson-Chiasson Pearson-Horvat-Höglander Petan-Miller-Podkolzin Di Giuseppe-Dickinson-Dowling Extras: MacEwen, Bailey OEL-Myers Hughes-Poolman Rathbone-Schenn Hunt-Burroughs Demko Halak
  13. I think McKeown would make a great depth signing and give us more flexibility on the right side.He played for Skelleftea last year in the SHL and before that was trying to break the Hurricanes lineup which was difficult because of who was in front of him. He skates well, solid defensively and would help us in a time where we need more quality RH dmen.
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