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  1. I honestly couldn't care less about losing MacEwen. Gadjovich on the other hand...
  2. I was high on Dal Colle before that draft. I'd rather have Jake Virtanen.
  3. You can't talk about development and exclude players that made the jump early. Those players still need to be coached.
  4. Nave

    Olli Juolevi | #48 | D

    Perhaps the worst thing about Juolevi's collapse after the bag skate is his teammates yelling at him to get up. Doesn't seem like he's endearing himself to his teammates. Then again, you could say they were trying to encourage him. Really hope he plays well this preseason.
  5. This too. I used to check always check the time when I was trying to sleep, but it was like "It's only been 5 minutes?" or "it's been 3 whole hours?"
  6. I have acid reflux so I think my insomnia was related to diet as well. I learned to try and avoid eating within three hours before bed. Another thing was simply only using my bed for sleep, reading, and sex. And reading does not include cramming for an exam.
  7. Congratulations on a great career. Glad you got to sign a 1 day contract with the Devils to retire.
  8. I had chronic insomnia for 6 months, and kept doing school. My proudest grades are B+'s in 2nd year English while going through that. Those weren't my best grades, but I know how hard it was. But I can't imagine not sleeping for weeks on end and doing a professional sport where you're exerting yourself every shift and expected to perform. Good on him for taking care of his mental health first, and coming out to talk about it.
  9. Mogilny - Pettersson - Bure Sedin - Sedin - Burrows Naslund - Linden - Bertuzzi Adams - Kesler - Smyl Gradin Ohlund - Jovanovski Hughes - Salo Edler - Hamhuis Lumme Luongo McLean
  10. Had to vote for Sid--for his Cups, Golden Goal, complete game, and offensive consistency.
  11. I wish him the best. Hopefully when his legal issues get sorted out, he can come back to the NHL.
  12. Honestly, I would say Hughes. I project that his prime will be the best we've ever had from a defenseman.
  13. Glad to see Lou and Parise back together. Bit of a Devils reunion of sorts.
  14. Have to go with Burrows. I remember jumping up and down when it happened. Beating the Blackhawks felt so sweet.
  15. Controlled entries are good and all, but Podkolzin is an absolute demon on the dump and chase, and it would be stupid to not let him do what he does best. I don't think it's a question of changing from one system to another, just having the personnel to be less predictable. We used to dump and chase constantly under Alain Vigneault, but once we had a better team we started carrying it in a lot more. It's not like we abandoned the dump and chase though. If you start trying to carry it in every time the other team will do the neutral zone trap.
  16. I'll take the greatest goal scorer of all time, Alexander Ovechkin.
  17. Rushed to vote Forsberg. Didn't even think of Lidstrom... it's really close. Sweden might be my second favourite nation for hockey. Proud to have so many great Swedish players represent the Canucks. Edit: Changed my vote to Lidstrom.
  18. My favourite teams are Vancouver and New Jersey. I think they are the most improved teams. Does that make me double the homer?
  19. The timing is so bad for me... Wanted to get a few jerseys, but I don't want ads plastered on them.
  20. Mogilny is one of my favourite players of all time, but Bure was a more consistent goal scorer. Mogilny is so under-appreciated as an all time great Russian though
  21. Bure in his prime is one of the best goal-scorers of all time. He was absolutely electrifying.
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