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  1. Canadian Division just for the next season or two? Don't know how to feel about this. There's the potential for heated rivalries, but fewer Canadian teams will make the playoffs. I'd like to be in the same division as Seattle during their inaugural season.
  2. In a couple years when Hughes and Pettersson's ELCs expire, we'll be laughing. Patience, Benning is playing the long game.
  3. Really surprising we couldn't match that offer. Benning seems really averse to term.
  4. Not a bad idea actually. However, I think the Devils like the leadership Subban provides, and have faith he will rebound from a bad season offensively. That said, Sutter also provides leadership, and the flexibility to play wing or center. Could be a replacement for Blake Coleman. So, it's two bad contracts for one, but Subban's lasts a lot longer. We know that Benning has tried to trade for Subban in the past. He could believe that playing with Hughes would wake him up.
  5. That line up looks great. Would be a huge improvement on last year.
  6. Yeah he would be good with Juolevi come to think of it. They'd feast on the offensive zone starts leftover from the Hughes pairing. He'd give us much more flexibility than Stecher imo.
  7. He could be a good partner with Edler on even strength as well as the 2nd unit power play. However, I would want to give him offensive zone starts, but we need to give those to Hughes. Although I think Juolevi has a lot of potential as a defender, we should shelter him as a rookie. So, the ideal is getting a good reliable top 4 defender. Vatanen is not a bad fall back option though.
  8. He's good offensively. Has put up points at a good pace almost his whole career. He's just had bad luck with injuries, and as such I wouldn't offer him more than two years. But, it doesn't seem like Benning wants term unless it's a top pairing defenseman anyway. An underrated reason for Hall's MVP season was his chemistry with Vatanen.
  9. As a Devils fan I would love to add Vatanen. He's better than Stecher.
  10. Of those three who do you think they are the most likely to trade? I don't think Sergachev, because they have invested the most in him. He's one year younger than Cernak, but has an extra season under his belt. They also traded for him. Cal Foote and Cernak are both right hand shots with size. Foote was a high draft pick, but Cernak has actually played at the NHL level. Could one make the other expendable? Sergachev and Cernak are both RFAs now and Foote is an RFA next year. I guess the common assumption is that they are most likely to trade Cernak?
  11. Another good signing by the Maple Leafs. Dubas is adding toughness on cheap contracts.