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  1. Hard to believe he only has 1 point in 21 games, but I've actually liked the play of Virtanen. He's been getting takeaways, clearing the puck, and shooting more. I like the looks he's been getting on the second line. Now, if only he wasn't so snakebitten.
  2. I like the defensemen at the top of this draft, but there is very little separating them right now. I hope the draft is pushed back a year so we can actually scout them properly.
  3. That was painful to watch. Virtanen, Hogz, and Demko were the only ones who seemed to care.
  4. Congratulations Burrows!! Maybe you can coach for us in the future!
  5. He definitely needs to work on his defense, but he is leading defensemen in points--and is tied for 10th overall--and isn't getting the recognition for it.
  6. He's gone at the end of the season.
  7. Guess Dubois wasn't kidding when he said he's never been more ready for a game. But Holtby should have saved some of those. We are now 3rd last in the league in point percentage. I say we just keep Green and tank for a good pick. This is not really the season for a new coach to implement his system. Trade some of our bottom 6 for draft picks.
  8. I thought we played well tonight, but it was maddening how many times we missed the net on a grade A chance. Those crosschecks on Hoglander not being called is unforgiveable.
  9. I think we have another Calder finalist on our hands. Hoglander has an amazing combination of skill and tenacity. He's become even more confident the past few games, and I think he'll start scoring at a higher clip as that line is starting to gel. I'm also really excited with Ty Smith. The Devils are my second favourite team, and he's been amazing. This Calder race is more wide open than it's been in years. Kaprizov, Lankinen, Kurashev, and Suter have been really good as well. It's kinda crazy the last 3 are all on the Blackhawks. Maybe we'll have a renewed rivalry with Chicago in a few years.
  10. Boeser for sure. His shot is back to what it was as a rookie, but his all-around game is better. He's second in goals to Matthews, and I think he'll finish top 5. Just last game he saved us a point in more ways than one. He assisted on Horvat's goal; dove to save a breakaway; and scored with 30 secs left. However, I think Hughes should get more love. He is leading all defensemen in points, despite not playing with a good or stable partner.
  11. I really liked Juolevi with Myers last game. Hopefully they stay together.