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  1. Niedermayer is one of my favourite players of all time, but I don't think he's better than Stevens.
  2. Robinson. Although I was very close to voting for Potvin. Would be okay with either winning this round. While Potvin was more offensive along with being a rugged body checker, Robinson was just so steady, and mobile for his size.
  3. When I saw this deal I immediately hoped we could get Cernak.
  4. Voting Harvey. Always raised his game in the playoffs.
  5. Sorry didn't see the first entry. Yes, I nominate him. I think it's a joke he never won a Norris. However, he did win the Conn Smythe. I don't think any Devils fan would say Niedermayer is better than Stevens, although to be fair he had his most productive years in Anaheim. I'm a big fan of both.
  6. Voted Harvey. Led his team to 6 Stanley Cups, including a record 5 in a row. He was before my time, but you have to respect Harvey. As a Devils fan, it pisses me off that Stevens is not on the list. While Harvey was the cleanest hitter, Stevens was the most devastating. However, it's hard not vote for Bourque. Although my Devils lost, I was happy Bourque finally won a Cup in his final season. It was a bittersweet moment for me, but Sakic passing him the Cup is one of the best moments of all time.
  7. Thanks for looking at it this way man. In order to grade the '15 draft, we have to consider the big picture. Benning is a great talent evaluator, and while some of the trades he has made look questionable, you can see that he has a plan. For example, we needed to trade Lack, and ended up with Brisebois with the 66th pick, when he was projected to go 20 earlier. That was a guy we targeted, and we got him.