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  1. I think we should put Myers with Hughes, and Schmidt with Juolevi, and play the hell out of that top 4 until Edler and Hamonic come back. Spreading our talent out has not worked out. It is unbelievable how bad our defense has been. But, Myers has not been the problem. He has shown he cares, and can play aggressively. If only he didn't get penalties for being too big.
  2. I think Columbus wins this trade. Laine is the better player.
  3. Just saw the Myers hit (I stopped watching after the 1st cause my friend told me it was a blow out). Looked like a good hit to me.
  4. Juolevi was pretty much the only defenseman who had a good game last night.
  5. I wouldn't worry too much. He went through the legs and almost scored, is hitting posts, and screened the goalie on the game tying goal.
  6. He acted in the heat of the moment, and didn't even do it high up. He did not deserve a fine.
  7. What followed a very promising 1st period was one of the worst periods I've ever seen. Unacceptable.
  8. In the first two games he's had some bad giveaways, but he's also had some heady takeaways, and good shots. Do I look at him as a 1st line player? No, he's a 3rd liner. But do I look at him as someone we should give up on? Hell no
  9. All the Jake hate is nauseating.
  10. Apparently the new mask is based on the common Indigenous legend that orcas transform into wolves to hunt on land, and back into orcas to hunt in the sea. Pretty cool.
  11. His mobility looked fine to me. He stopped Draisaitl from walking him several times.
  12. That was an amazing game. First NHL goal for Hoglander. Juolevi played real calm and steady. Boeser has his shot back. Koskinen had no chance on either of those goals.