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  1. Ask HF boards CDC ain't the place. There are people here who thought Raymond Ballard and 1st could get us something decent back in the day smh . CDC has it time and place and pros and con's but for fair value and learning other teams HF board is decent. Avoid reddit and YouTube comment and ofc twitter
  2. Maybe I pick him up 5 years ago Tom sesito is my fav waiver player ever
  3. This might be dumb but is Deb actually your name? Been wondering for years
  4. How bad r we??? Hockey guy was right Oh well a decent draft pick is always nice for future especially if boeser or someone does gets traded
  5. Sorry folks. My greatest and prime is long gone. Even then my prime was as good as Kyle Wellwood aka not that great
  6. Unfortunately it's Christmas time which means I'm ultra busy. Then I'm going camping! Then I got something after that. Maybe in February or something I will join. Cheers Milk and cheerios
  7. I wanted Murray so bad to. I don't follow nhl much anymore but how is Seth Jones doing?
  8. A bust for spot in the draft but had his moments and made enough to retire comfortably
  9. I understand what you are saying. I don't go on social media to get informed. Just amazed that people have even suggested this
  10. Lol Social media, and protest videos I saw. Also people who said that lived in Okanagan, island, Fraser Valley, prince George and other northern towns.
  11. I honestly can't believe people are calling the government communist because of a pandemic and shutting down churches. Just shows how bad our education system is. For the record my dad comes from Czechslovakia and have studied it a decent amount. Absolutely disrespectful
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