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  1. Some good teams to. Montreal, penguins come to mind. I can't remember his 2 teams oops
  2. I'm busy I am not playing Sorry yall. Maybe next game. Keep tagging me. Yall haven't seen the talent I have developed. I'm gonna be Gretzky good at mafia. Even better then that.
  3. Who is expected to make the roster this year? Really feel we can make conference finals if not the finals this year. I really like the direction of the team especially in a shorter season that will help us with our injury luck.
  4. Your comment after my retirement is class HAHAHAHA
  5. Legendary game for so many reasons
  6. Aladeen isn't a mafia candidate at all. Give yo head a shake if u think. Me and him are definitely tp Falcon or duce are biggest suspect . I don't buy nik claim Also that blue Jay is simply to cautious for his tp meta
  7. Lewitelli troll me sorry boys Legit said he was gonna sign up 100% then got random promotion and got busy. He is also a gym lad now that's going si buff on treadmill Anyways I really like Aladeen posts Falcon and duce are scum targets for me Vote Falcon I'm probably a scum target for most people but I am just a tp. Go tp go. Very convincingly go tp go My apologies for coming in late. I forgot I was playing tbh