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  1. The Canucks are built to win on the power play because they're horrendous at controlling play at even strength. That's not a good thing.
  2. Sure, but we also just lost to Buffalo (badly) and Detroit teams missing far more important players.
  3. If a 4D (at best) and 4C derail your team's chances of making the playoffs, you're not a good team. Also Benning is the one who extended Green, so that falls on him.
  4. There's being an optimistic fan and then there's just blatantly making $&!# up and moving the goalposts to blindly support your GM.
  5. Why did he get embarrassed? He got decent value for what is currently a flatlining middle 6 player and Carolina is now paying way too much for him. His draft position is completely irrelevant in terms of evaluating who the player is today. Did the Islanders get embarrassed when they lost Reinhart to Edmonton in 2015? I'm not totally sure if trading for Dvorak makes sense for a team in Montreal's position (and I personally probably would've just kept the picks), but at this point he's very likely to be a better asset than Kotkaniemi moving forward and a young 2C for an 11-15 pick isn't even a bad trade.
  6. It's pretty much the opposite of damage control. He's publicly admitting to being wrong about that pick and is cutting his costs while he can get maximum value. Damage control would be force-feeding Kotkaniemi undeserved PP minutes to boost his point totals to make the pick look better or whatever. We would've been better off moving on from Juolevi or Virtanen (even excluding the off-ice stuff) similarly, when we saw that their development wasn't going particularly well. The best trade of the last decade came from when Islanders admit that they were wrong about Griiffin Reinhart in 2015. On a smaller scale, Pittsburgh got a 4th for Pouliot and they sure as hell wouldn't have been able to if they held onto him for another year desperately hoping that their top 10 pick would figure things out. There are lots of teams that still stupidly bite on a disappointing/flatlining player because they were drafted high and it usually doesn't work out well for the buyer.
  7. Sure, but in terms of manpower and financial investment it doesn't compare to baseball. Regardless, there've still been some significant developments. People now realize that a defenceman generating very good shot differentials in tough deployment is a good thing, and we previously didn't really have the ability to quantify the effectiveness of non-flashy defencemen like Tanev. There'll continue to be developments, even if I doubt the sport ever becomes like baseball in any of our lifetimes.
  8. Hockey analytics are still in VERY early development stages and at this point I think it's fair to be skeptical of WAR models. These kinds of things need to be developed for years. However, any of the shot-based metrics and rate (per 60) stats definitely can be useful tools and shrugging them off is just being oblivious to reality. I also think analytics are probably significantly more accurate for goaltenders than they are for skaters.
  9. Two things can be true. 1) Moving on from Tanev due to injury/age concerns is, at the very least, a defensible decision. 2) Tanev was a ridiculously good defensive player and expecting Poolman to even come close to that is both insane and unfair to the player. Hell, even expecting him to compare to how Schmidt did in shutdown minutes is unfair.
  10. I never said I would've added Ceci/Barrie, I said I would've preferred them to what we did. However, I would absolutely rather have Dougie Hamilton at his contract than OEL and it's not even close. Dougie is more productive, way better defensively, and younger. Hamilton received a ton of Norris votes this year. Additionally, OEL's defence is extremely sketchy as well. He's likely going to get scored on a ton here. I've googled Martinez and found nothing about any sort of "behavioural history". Am I missing something here? Hamonic is slightly overpaid for a bottom pairing guy. He did fine last year but if he's asking for 3M AAV you show him the door. 2.5 isn't cheap for a player who hasn't been able to play more than bottom pairing minutes in his career. We've already seen Benning get burned for overpaying at the bottom of his lineup, we can't have it happen again. All of these arguments seem to hinge on how OEL is valued as a player. I think it'll be pretty obvious that he isn't an all-situations 1D anymore when he comes here.
  11. OEL has a worse contract then all of those guys, so yes I'd prefer any of them. Doing that trade for Brenden Dillon would've been smarter. Maybe would've offered St. Louis something for Vince Dunn. Winnipeg had Demelo exposed, possibly could've offered some sort of package for him. Not that I would've liked this move, but I would probably rather offer Martinez a big deal than give one to OEL. Guys like Hakanpaa and Pysyk are going for far better deals than Poolman. A GM never HAS to make a move. What "reliable players at reasonable costs" are you referring to? I'm not complaining about contracts like Schenn/Hunt.
  12. I liked the Dickinson pickup, the fact that he finally starts caring about our AHL team, and that he isn't dramatically overpaying for 4th liners anymore. I hated what he did with the defence and it makes it impossible for me to call this offseason good.
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