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  1. Our GM should be smart enough to take advantage of loopholes like that.
  2. Rittich has comparable numbers to Holtby over the last two years.
  3. It will help free up cap space to do other stuff with.
  4. Goals saved above/below expectation is a stat based on the quality of shots against. The defence is definitely put into account here. For what it's worth, Holtby also put up awful numbers in his last year in Washington and was clearly declining before coming here. Even if the cheap backup is worse, the $2-3M difference mitigates it. And I don't think a guy like Rittich/Raanta/Mrazek would even be worse.
  5. He had a .900 or below SV% in 13/21 games, and had terrible goals saved above expected numbers. You can find any cheap backup to do these things.
  6. Graovac absolutely has earned our 4C spot as of now. Perfect guy to have there.
  7. Holtby easily has the most buyout-friendly contract of the buyout candidates on the team. He was terrible last season, he's currently a liability at his cap hit.
  8. The fact that our attendance stayed similar while we finished 29th and 28th in 2017 and 2016 should suggest that this market can tolerate losing hockey and that the idea that this market couldn't stomach a rebuild was baseless.
  9. No, some teams try to actually stockpile picks/prospects and properly manage their cap situation to set them up later in the future. Going all-in to make the playoffs and botching your long-term cap situation like we did because "you just never know" is an extremely unlikely recipe for success. I agree that random luck can play a part in the post-season, but these playoff underdog stories are the exception and not the rule -- very often an anomaly. Here's the regular season placement of every cup-finalist team in the standings during the cap era: 2020 Lightn
  10. Do you know what also leads to fans not coming to regular season games? Spinning your wheels and playing like absolute $&!# while aimlessly trying to make the playoffs. Our attendance and merchandise revenue has sucked despite trying to make the playoffs in those years. The team would've been better off biting the bullet on a rebuild in ~2016. Now the team is facing a massive consumer confidence issue and has continued to lose money.
  11. Because Aquilini wanted to try and make the playoffs. The fans was always just a garbage cop-out. Do you really think stockpiling on picks/prospects and sucking is any worse for the fans than the garbage we were doing in 2016/2017?
  12. The team clearly doesn't listen to the fans that much and blaming them for this is pathetic. Benning is trying to save his job for his stupid owner. That stupid owner is the reason this team never fully rebuilt. Vancouver is currently a "pressure market" because fans are tired of watching the team constantly make predictably idiotic decisions over the past 7 years without any accountability. No other market would tolerate that garbage either. Literally everyone around the league thinks this organization is a joke at this point, it's an embarrassment.
  13. I literally said that they MAY be different in another situation. But you can't/shouldn't take on a negative value asset in hopes that he can play better in your organization's situation. And we're probably the closest team to Buffalo organizationally at this point, I don't think this is the team to get the best out of players. He's the kind of player you MAYBE take a 1x1 on in free agency and hope it works out. But Schmidt is killing it defensively in the toughest minutes on the team, moving him for Ristolainen is ridiculous.
  14. If Benning doesn't overpay for garbage like OEL/Barrie and actually attempts smarter, cheaper moneypuck-type signings, I will take back what I said. But come on now, he's literally never done this before.
  15. Ristolainen is definitely not meant to be playing the high leverage minutes he plays at all. He's absolutely terrible at 5v5. Playing Buffalo's system probably doesn't help either though, yes. At the absolute best, he's a 3rd pairing defenceman who can run your PP. We don't need that. We have several defencemen capable of playing the PP. We need a defenceman who isn't godawful defensively.
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