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  1. If the mom is vaccinated then she’s safe, right? Aren’t these vaccines pretty near 100% effective against serious Cov disease? Its the non vaccinated who are at serious risk, no?
  2. So the blissfully ignorant. I’d guess a large proportion of these persons are grossly overweight (or even obese) so sadly many of them end up with the worst symptoms and in hospital. https://www.cdc.gov/mmwr/volumes/70/wr/mm7010e4.htm
  3. The only thing positive about the Habs winning is Leaf’s fans see what they were so close to enjoying. It’s all just more salt in the wound, which brings Alf joy.
  4. We don’t have the assets and cap space for both those guys, do we?
  5. The thing is a guy like McDavid is so gifted he could be the Selke, Hart, Richard, and Art Ross winner.
  6. McDavid, like Mackinnon, is great attacking with puck on stick. Are these guys great when they don’t have the puck? McDavid can definitely improve his game, so he uses his gifts to dominate with and without the puck.
  7. The guys you listed all have Cups. McDavid will need to win at least one Cup (as a core player) or he falls into the Dionne category of great player for his era, but not one of the all time greats.
  8. Very sad https://nbc-2.com/news/2021/04/11/florida-man-accused-of-killing-girlfriends-2-year-old-son/ Toddler murdered, and buried.
  9. The more booze I consume, the more I don’t want to trade our first for Rhino. Another couple drinks and he’s not worth our second rounder.
  10. Again, Sammy isn’t worth a pick even in the teens, so better anothe4 team makes a serious mistake than we do.
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