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  1. Habs.  Les ouch.  Down 4-0 early to the Sharks.  

  2. This guy gets two games and Anderson (Flame) gets zero games for his obvious head butt?
  3. With every team, even the great Habs of the 70’s, there will be faults. Why point out faults, when there are so many positives? What are the good things Green does as a coach? Can you see those, or are you too blinded by negativity to notice?
  4. Poor Jacob, not so great, Chychrun. Add minus four. Early run away leader for the Green Jacket.
  5. Coyotes lose and the great Jacob Chychrun adds minus four to his bid for the Green Jacket. Great Chychrun is now a wonderful minus 7!
  6. Never heard of this guy, but clearly he’s an IDIOT. Next week we will be reading he’s in hospital on a ventilator.
  7. Marky lets in a bad one. Long shot, no screen. He looked awkward.
  8. Cool to see all the red Flame’s jerseys in the crowd, but they 100% need a new anthem singer. That guy was AWEFUL
  9. Loser Leafs LOSE!  :lol:

    1. JM_


      its always fun when the Leaf's lose. Not 1st round loss fun, but still.

  10. Linesmen just stood and watched a Seattle guy get repeatedly punched in the head. They should have definitely stepped in, but for some insane reason just let the Krakhead get pounded. That was seriously ugly.
  11. Good points. Where are these posters? Is fishing season over?
  12. Watching Seattle getting pounded by Philly 5-1.  Lind is struggling.  When Seattle puts Lind on waivers do we put in a claim?  

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    2. NewbieCanuckFan


      McCann with another point.  4 points in 4 games now.  We got rid of the wrong 2014 1st round pick.

    3. Dazzle


      @NewbieCanuckFan 2014 McCann was not like the player he is today.

    4. chon derry
  13. Are there trades between the leagues? Could Klim get traded to the WHL from the Q? Not that he's going to Junior. But a local team might want him, just in case.
  14. posters come here to write nasty things about our young players, so it's time we equal the storyline. This is the Canuck's home site after all. Alf posts the truth about Chychrun. He's a minus 3, and on his way to a Green Jacket.
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