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  1. So we’re picking 10 or 11. We get either Cuelemans or Morrow. That’s a successful draft.
  2. I don’t think Green will take out Edler. Respect for a veteran who is likely retiring. So where do both Rathbone and OJ play? The Utica guys need to have the Comet’s season over before they can play, no?
  3. Showing leadership is the desire to win and support your teammates, especially in a meaningless game. You would prefer our players didn’t care, and didn’t try to win. Or they didn’t support one another, because the game is meaningless to making the playoffs? Don’t we want guys on our team who compete to win every game, and every shift, and every puck battle, regardless of the whether the game is more or less meaningful to the standings? Give me guys who compete every time.
  4. Exactly. This is Freidman making connections that aren’t there.
  5. Not too sure there is (or are) that great player in this draft. We got Pods at 10, and he just tore up the KHL playoffs as a 19 year old. The guy we get at 8-12 could be better than the guys taken 1-5, especially in this draft. Personally I’d rather see our guys win these last few games, and draft 10th, than watch them lose and draft 6th.
  6. We will get a very good prospect at 9-12 too. Ceulemans or Morrow would be great to have, and one of those two for sure should be there when we pick.
  7. We’re seeing the team take shape. Demko Hughes Bone OJ Schmidt Myers Petey Bo Miller Bess Pearson Hogs Pods
  8. That a way boys. I really liked Miller this game. He was 110% all game. I noticed how he celebrated that second Highmore goal too. He’s a great teammate.
  9. Oilers are seeing “Bubble Demko” this game. Hope our guys can get him the W.
  10. Are you sure? I saw him wearing a blue hat, and singing the “Smurf” song.
  11. Miller plays centre, and is good at it. Play Jack on Miller’s wing. Boeser for Jack is good for us, but Jersey will want Bo. Imagine if we had all three Hughes’ boys!
  12. As long as the Leafs don’t win who cares really if TBay wins again because they are sneaky. Until the Leafs are knocked out, I’m cheering for the teams in the US most likely to beat them. And TBay is at the top of that list.
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